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x264enc: remove leaking "optimization"
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2009-07-22 Tim-Philipp Müllerdvdnav: remove dvdnav plugin
2004-11-09 Christian Schallerupdate these two files to contain recent additions
2004-09-20 Christian Schallerfix license information
2004-09-17 Stéphane Loeuillet- clarify (i hope) faad and faac plugin licencing
2004-08-19 Brian CameronCorrected minor errors.
2004-08-12 Brian CameronUpdated so it isn't so amazingly out-of-date. Please...
2004-05-01 Stéphane LoeuilletLICENSE_readme: typo
2002-09-13 Iain Holmesmimetype patch from iain holmes, thanks dude
2002-08-14 Christian SchallerFixes and addition to license overview file. Contacted...
2002-07-07 Richard BoultonLICENSE_readme: Mention that synaesthesia is derived...
2002-07-04 David I. LehnAdd license files. LICENSE_readme moved here from...