some cleanups in regards to requirements
[glsdk/gst-plugins-ugly0-10.git] / REQUIREMENTS
2004-10-01 Christian Schallersome cleanups in regards to requirements
2004-02-16 Johan Dahlintiny cosmetic changes
2003-11-22 David Schleefapparently we require a newer version of gnome-vfs
2003-07-28 Thomas Vander Stichelesecond attempt fixing gdkpixbuf stuff
2003-07-03 David Schleefadd pango and gtk
2003-01-23 Christian Schallerfix swfdec link
2002-12-15 David I. Lehnrequire libmpeg2 0.3.1
2002-12-15 Christian Schallerapply Jeroens patch to move us to mpeg2dec 0.3.1, also...
2002-12-05 David I. Lehnmpeg2dec req 0.3.0
2002-09-18 David SchleefFix libswfdec info. Update flac to reflect 1.0.2 backport.
2002-09-15 David SchleefAdd swfdec autoconf stuff
2002-07-09 Andy Wingocompile fixen, and prepare to move MAINTAINER_MODE...
2002-07-09 Thomas Vander Stichelemerge from release branch
2002-04-15 Thomas Vander Stichelemore mergeback from the latest release