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x264enc: remove leaking "optimization"
[glsdk/gst-plugins-ugly0-10.git] / configure.ac
2013-05-17 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.18.2 pre-release
2013-05-17 Tim-Philipp Müllermad: remove id3tag dependency used by in practice unrea...
2013-05-17 Tim-Philipp Müllerwin32: define GST_PACKAGE_RELEASE_DATETIME in win32...
2013-05-17 Tim-Philipp MüllerBack to development
2011-05-10 Tim-Philipp MüllerRelease 0.10.18 freedesktop-RELEASE-0.10.18
2011-04-30 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.17.4 pre-release
2011-04-27 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.17.3 pre-release
2011-04-16 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.17.2 pre-release
2011-03-22 Luis de Bethencourtconfigure.ac: redundant use of AC_MSG_RESULT()
2011-03-11 Tim-Philipp Müllermad: build the mad plugin even if libid3tag is not...
2011-02-28 Mark Nauwelaertsconfigure.ac: export plugin description more platform...
2011-01-27 Tim-Philipp Müllerwin32: fix DEFAULT_AUDIOSINK, should be direct*sound...
2011-01-24 Tim-Philipp MüllerBack to development
2011-01-21 Tim-Philipp MüllerRelease 0.10.17
2011-01-18 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.16.4 pre-release
2011-01-11 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.16.3 pre-release
2011-01-07 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.16.2 pre-release
2011-01-07 Tim-Philipp Müllerconfigure: use $LIBM instead of hardcoding -lm
2010-12-12 Leo Singerx264: uses pkg-config to locate libx264
2010-09-23 Tim-Philipp Müllerconfigure: set plugin release datetime
2010-09-07 Tim-Philipp MüllerAdd gstreamer-plugins-ugly-uninstalled-0.10.pc file...
2010-09-06 Tim-Philipp Müllerconfigure: re-enable use of -DGST_DISABLE_DEPRECATED...
2010-09-05 Sebastian Drögeconfigure: Require orc >= 0.4.6 for --compat
2010-09-04 Tim-Philipp MüllerBack to development
2010-09-02 Tim-Philipp MüllerRelease 0.10.16
2010-08-30 Sebastian Dröge0.10.15.6 pre-release
2010-08-25 Sebastian Dröge0.10.15.5 pre-release
2010-08-21 Sebastian Dröge0.10.15.4 pre-release
2010-08-11 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.15.3 pre-release
2010-08-10 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.15.2 pre-release
2010-08-04 Sebastian Drögeconfigure: Check if the compiler supports ISO C89 or...
2010-06-28 Tim-Philipp MüllerBump automake requirement to 1.10 and autoconf to 2.60
2010-06-14 Sebastian Drögeconfigure: Update required GLib version to 2.20
2010-06-14 Sebastian Drögea52dec: Use orc for CPU feature detection and don't...
2010-06-14 Sebastian Drögeconfigure: Use GLIB_EXTRA_CFLAGS
2010-06-01 Tim-Philipp MüllerBack to development
2010-05-30 Tim-Philipp MüllerRelease 0.10.15
2010-05-30 Tim-Philipp Müllerconfigure: make implicit GLib and liboil requirements...
2010-05-26 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.14.3 pre-release
2010-05-14 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.14.2 pre-release
2010-04-15 Thiago Santosconfigure: Drop -Wcast-align
2010-04-12 Edward Herveyconfigure: Remove -Wundef flag
2010-03-24 Sebastian Drögebuild: Add all kinds of compiler warning flags and...
2010-03-10 Benjamin OtteUpdate CXXFLAGS, too
2010-03-10 Benjamin OtteUpdate for recent changes to common submodule
2010-03-09 Sebastian Drögeconfigure: Use automake 1.11 silent rules instead of...
2010-03-09 Tim-Philipp MüllerBack to development
2010-03-06 Tim-Philipp MüllerRelease 0.10.14
2010-03-03 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.13.4 pre-release
2010-02-24 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.13.3 pre-release
2010-02-19 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.13.2 pre-release
2010-02-16 Tim-Philipp Müllerconfigure: fix up GST_CXXFLAGS properly
2010-02-15 Stefan Kostconfigure: base GST_CXXFLAGS on --cflags from pkg-config
2010-02-01 Tim-Philipp Müllerwin32: change how win32/common/config.h is updated
2009-10-24 Edward Herveyconfigure.ac: And back to development we go...
2009-10-21 Jan SchmidtRelease 0.10.13
2009-10-15 Jan Schmidt0.10.12.3 pre-release
2009-10-12 Jan Schmidt0.10.12.2 pre-release
2009-10-02 Mark Nauwelaertsx264enc: adjust configure checking to changed upstream
2009-08-17 Sebastian Drögeamr: Use opencore-amr pkg-config files if possible
2009-08-10 Tim-Philipp Müllerconfigure: bump core/base requirements to released...
2009-08-04 Sebastian Drögeconfigure: Remove all mentions to the id3tag plugin...
2009-08-04 Marvin Schmidtmad: make check for mad independent of the check for...
2009-07-27 Iago Toralamr: Add AMR-WB decoder and AMR-NB encoder and decoder
2009-07-22 Tim-Philipp Müllerdvdnav: remove dvdnav plugin
2009-06-23 Tim-Philipp Müllerasfdemux: use new bytereader functions for image tag...
2009-06-18 Jan SchmidtBack to development ->
2009-06-18 Jan SchmidtRelease 0.10.12
2009-06-05 Jan Schmidt0.10.11.2 pre-release
2009-06-05 Jan SchmidtMoved 'x264enc' from -bad to -ugly
2009-05-30 Tim-Philipp Müllerconfigure: bump core/base requirements to released...
2009-05-30 Tim-Philipp Müllerautogen: move the -Wno-portability for automake into...
2009-05-05 Tim-Philipp Müllerlame: fix compilation with LAME versions < 3.98
2009-04-14 Wim Taymansconfigure.ac: require git -base
2009-04-08 Michael Smithasfdemux: link to all required libraries including...
2009-03-22 David Schleeftwolame: bump requirement to 0.3.10
2009-03-22 Jan Schmidtback to development ->
2009-03-21 Jan SchmidtRelease 0.10.11
2009-03-13 Jan Schmidt0.10.10.3 pre-release
2009-03-10 Jan Schmidt0.10.10.2 pre-release
2009-03-10 Jan SchmidtMoved twolame from Bad to Ugly
2009-02-25 Jan Schmidtbuild: Update shave init statement for changes in commo...
2009-02-22 Jan SchmidtUse shave for the build output
2008-12-04 Sebastian Drögeconfigure.ac: Apparently AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR breaks...
2008-12-04 Sebastian Drögeconfigure.ac: Set AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR to common/m4...
2008-11-29 Sebastian DrögeRequire gettext 0.17 because older versions don't mix...
2008-11-20 Jan Schmidtconfigure.ac: Back to development ->
2008-11-19 Jan SchmidtRelease 0.10.10 - "Under the House"
2008-11-12 Jan Schmidtconfigure.ac: pre-release
2008-10-24 Jan Schmidtconfigure.ac: oops, forgot to bump the version back...
2008-08-26 Jan SchmidtRelease 0.10.9
2008-08-12 Jan Schmidt0.10.8.2 pre-release.
2008-07-08 Sebastian Drögeconfigure.ac: Don't include ERROR_CFLAGS in GST_CXXFLAG...
2008-07-03 Tim-Philipp MüllerUse correct error code for encrypted streams.
2008-05-25 Jan Schmidtconfigure.ac: Back to devel ->
2008-05-21 Jan SchmidtRelease 0.10.8
2008-05-19 Jan Schmidtconfigure.ac: pre-release
2008-05-19 Jan SchmidtCommit pre-rel marker
2008-05-10 Jan Schmidtconfigure.ac: pre-release
2008-05-07 Tim-Philipp Müllerconfigure.ac: Error out if we don't have the required...