add test for amrnbenc, enable test infrastructure, and fix a leak
[glsdk/gst-plugins-ugly0-10.git] /
2006-04-10 Thomas Vander Sticheleadd test for amrnbenc, enable test infrastructure,...
2006-04-01 Thomas Vander Sticheledisable use of AS_LIBTOOL_TAGS, it doesn't work correctly
2006-04-01 Thomas Vander rework similarly to other modules
2006-03-31 Thomas Vander Sticheleback to HEAD
2006-03-31 Thomas Vander Stichelereleasing 0.10.3
2006-03-27 Christian Remove CXX tag from AS_LIBTOOL_TAGS,...
2006-02-27 Jan Make the id3tag and mad checks check...
2006-02-26 Tim-Philipp Mü Disable dvdnavsrc for now.
2006-02-26 Tim-Philipp Müllerdvdnavsrc ported to 0.10, for the most part at least...
2006-02-22 Tim-Philipp MüllerPort dvdsubdec to 0.10
2006-02-20 Jan Bump nano back to CVS
2006-02-20 Jan releasing 0.10.2, "Season to Taste"
2006-02-19 Jan releasing prelease for 0.10.2
2006-02-17 Jan releasing prelease for 0.10.2
2006-02-15 Tim-Philipp Müllerasfdemux ported to 0.10. Does still need a bit of work...
2006-02-09 Tim-Philipp MüllerHalf-baked port to 0.10. Needs some love in the seeking...
2006-01-13 Thomas Vander Sticheleback to HEAD
2006-01-13 Thomas Vander Stichelereleasing 0.10.1
2006-01-11 Thomas Vander Sticheleprerelease
2005-12-05 Thomas Vander Sticheleback to HEAD
2005-12-05 Thomas Vander Stichelereleasing 0.10.0
2005-12-01 Thomas Vander Sticheleback to HEAD
2005-12-01 Thomas Vander Stichelereleasing 0.9.7
2005-11-27 Thomas Vander Sticheleno need for an AS_LIBTOOL call
2005-11-24 Thomas Vander Stichelefix AS_LIBTOOL call
2005-11-23 Thomas Vander Sticheleback to HEAD
2005-11-23 Thomas Vander Stichelereleasing 0.9.6
2005-11-14 Josef Zlomekpartially port the mpegstream plugin to GStreamer 0.9.
2005-11-14 Andy (GST_PLUGIN_LDFLAGS): -no-undefined for...
2005-11-11 Thomas Vander Sticheleback to head
2005-11-11 Thomas Vander Stichelereleasing 0.9.5
2005-10-24 Christian Schallerport plugins listing changes
2005-10-23 Thomas Vander Sticheleback to HEAD
2005-10-23 Thomas Vander Stichelereleasing 0.9.4
2005-10-20 Tim-Philipp MüllerPort AC3 decoder to 0.9 (#318849).
2005-10-19 Tim-Philipp Mü GST_DOC has been renamed to GST_DOCBOOK_CHECK
2005-10-19 Thomas Vander some docs I had
2005-10-16 Tim-Philipp Mü Fix glib check
2005-10-03 Thomas Vander Sticheleback to head
2005-10-03 Thomas Vander Stichelerelease time
2005-09-06 Thomas Vander Sticheleback to HEAD
2005-09-06 Thomas Vander Stichelereleasing 0.9.2
2005-09-04 Thomas Vander Sticheledocs for ugly plugins
2005-09-01 Michael SmithAC3 -> IEC958 (S/PDIF) framer, based on Martin Soto...
2005-08-31 Thomas Vander Sticheleadd plugin documentation
2005-08-31 Thomas Vander Sticheleit's ugly but
2005-08-31 Michael SmithPort LPCM decoder to 0.9
2005-08-30 Jan Remove plugins that should have disappeared.
2005-08-30 Jan SchmidtMake autogen work again.
2005-08-30 Thomas Vander Sticheleall these plugins are moved to gst-plugins-good
2005-08-30 Flavio OliveiraPorted to GStreamer 0.9. Need to fix performance issues.
2005-08-25 Andy Wingoext/ladspa/gstladspa.*: Halfway-ported. Doesn't compile...
2005-08-24 Thomas Vander Sticheleenable more; update for basetransform
2005-08-23 Ronald S. BultjePort speexdec. Leads to some unfamiliar warnings on...
2005-08-22 Ronald S. BultjePort flacdec (seeking is still slow'ish).
2005-08-19 Christian Schalleradd mpegaudioparse to
2005-08-17 Wim Added mpegaudioparse
2005-08-16 Wim TaymansFix compile warning.
2005-08-09 Ronald S. Bultjeext/faad/gstfaad.c: Sign/unsign mismatch.
2005-08-08 Tim-Philipp MüllerPort jpegdec to 0.9; handles 'progressive loading'...
2005-08-04 Andy Wingosys/oss/gstossaudio.c (plugin_init): Second-class citizen.
2005-08-02 Edward HerveyPorted pngenc , still have to port pngdec...
2005-08-01 Stefan Kostdeactivate and remove dparams (libgstcontrol)
2005-07-23 Edward HerveyPorted silence to 0.9 using GstBaseSrc ... 180 lines :)
2005-07-20 Edward HerveyPorted wavparse to 0.9 . Playing, seeking and state...
2005-07-20 Ronald S. BultjePort auto/gconfsinks to 0.9. They actually appear to...
2005-07-19 Edgard LimaPorted to 0.9 (faad, amrnb, mpeg2dec)
2005-07-16 Philippe Kalafgst/fdsrc/: Moved fdsrc 0.9 port from gstreamer/gst...
2005-07-10 Thomas Vander Stichelemore macro splitting; fix po problem
2005-07-08 Andy Wingogst/avi/ (libgstavi_la_CFLAGS): No gettext...
2005-07-07 Wim TaymansPorted DVdec to 0.9.
2005-07-07 Wim TaymansPorted the 1394 source to 0.9.
2005-07-05 Christian Schallerfix disting and spec file
2005-07-05 Edward videofilter must be compiled first, since...
2005-07-05 Andy Wingogst/videobox/gstvideobox.c: Clean up, port to 0.9, use
2005-07-04 Andy Wingoexamples/level/: Examples moved out of the source dir...
2005-07-01 Jan SchmidtRoll gstreamer-interfaces-0.9.pc into gstreamer-plugins...
2005-06-30 Thomas Vander Stichelefixes for new pkg-config files in gst-plugins-base
2005-06-30 Ronald S. BultjeAnd, too
2005-06-29 Andy (GST_CFLAGS): GCC strikes back!!! Let...
2005-06-27 Owen Fraser-GreenRewrote to use gstadapter and extract properties from...
2005-06-23 Christian Schallerremove videorate from this module as its in base now
2005-05-19 Ronald S. BultjeDisable tcp elements and esdmon (they don't compile).
2005-05-18 Wim TaymansPorted goom.
2005-05-12 Wim TaymansAdd working plugins to build.
2005-05-10 Arwed v. MerkatzPorted esdsink plugin.
2005-05-09 Zaheer Abbas MeraliPort shout2 plugin
2005-05-08 Zeeshan AliPorted the libcaca plugin.
2005-05-07 Zeeshan AliFixed a few things to enable the mad and effectv to...
2005-05-07 Zeeshan AliFixed the build by fixing a small mistake of Wim.
2005-05-06 Wim TaymansPorted 2 more plugins. usgly hack in the
2005-05-06 Christian Schallersome sidplay fixoring
2005-05-06 Christian Schalleradd gst-plugins-libs
2005-05-06 Wim TaymansPorted sidplay.
2005-05-06 Christian Schallermake mad and effectv work with gst-register
2005-05-06 Christian Schallervarious fixes to make it possible to build rpms from...
2005-05-06 Christian Schalleradd ported videofilter to cvs head
2005-05-06 Christian Schalleradd law plugin to build
2005-05-06 Christian Schallerported mad and effectv plugins