more mergeback from the latest release
[glsdk/gst-plugins-ugly0-10.git] /
2002-04-15 Thomas Vander Stichelemore mergeback from the latest release
2002-04-13 Thomas Vander Stichelespec fixes gst-launch-ext additions trying to fix up...
2002-04-06 Benjamin Otteadded -Werror
2002-03-31 Andy Wingocorrect a condition in check-libheader.m4 remove gst...
2002-03-30 Andy Wingoalphabetization fixen a jack caps fix
2002-03-30 Andy Wingoadd notify back to filesrc, it's needed for MVC applica...
2002-03-30 Andy Wingoadded check for 0.7.3 a52 api
2002-03-30 Wim TaymansChanged to the new props API
2002-03-29 Andy Wingocheck for the proper dxr3 header aphabetization fixes
2002-03-29 Andy Wingosome s/KHz/Hz/ fixes in osssrc consistency-with-the...
2002-03-21 David I. Lehnacconfig.h usage deprecated
2002-03-18 Andy Wingos/gst_element_install_std_props/gst_element_class_insta...
2002-03-05 Thomas Vander Stichelefirst prerelease
2002-03-04 Andy Wingortp back in experimental, it doesn't build for uraeus...
2002-03-03 Andy Wingomoved rtp out of experimental
2002-03-03 Andy Wingomove smoothwave to broken for the time being
2002-03-03 Thomas Vander Sticheledon't do testsuite atm
2002-03-02 Thomas Vander Sticheleadding videosink is there any good reason why the video...
2002-03-02 Richard BoultonAdded esdmon plugin.
2002-03-02 Richard BoultonI'm too lazy to comment this
2002-02-28 Jeremy Simonadding modplug
2002-02-21 Thomas Vander Sticheleuse gst-debuginfo.m4 macro so plugins are actually...
2002-02-19 Thomas Vander Sticheleputting it back
2002-02-16 Andy Wingo--enable-plugin-builddir means nothing to the plugins...
2002-02-16 Andy Wingoadd 'toolsdir' to the pc files add our first plugin...
2002-02-16 Andy Wingoquiet a warning from autoconf
2002-02-10 Andy Wingochanged libgst -> libgstreamer to comply with namespace...
2002-02-10 Thomas Vander Stichelefixing aclocal
2002-02-10 Thomas Vander Stichelesyncing with as-version
2002-02-10 Andy Wingofix mad check, add defaut options properly
2002-02-08 Andy Wingofix build issues
2002-02-06 Thomas Vander Stichelevarious additions
2002-02-06 Thomas Vander Stichelemore build fixing
2002-02-06 Thomas Vander Stichelertp conflicts with current gstclock.h, moving back...
2002-02-04 Richard BoultonRevert aclocal invocation to do cat m4/*.m4 > acinclude...
2002-02-04 Thomas Vander Stichelegst-launch-ext
2002-02-04 Ronald S. BultjeAdd the v4lmjpeg plugins to the configure file
2002-02-04 Thomas Vander Sticheletarkin fix
2002-02-04 Thomas Vander Sticheleback to cvs
2002-02-04 Thomas Vander Sticheleadding tarkin to build to try building it run configure...
2002-02-04 Thomas Vander Stichelevarious fixes
2002-02-03 Wim TaymansAssorted fixes.
2002-02-03 Erik Walthinsenadded back goom to after syncing with...
2002-02-03 Erik WalthinsenCommitting differences between CVS and the 0.3.2 releas...
2002-02-02 Bastien Nocera- add goom to the build system, dunno if it works,...
2002-02-02 Thomas Vander Sticheleupdates for release
2002-01-31 Thomas Vander Sticheleupped prerelease number
2002-01-31 David I. LehnRevert lame include dir change. Upstream uses $prefix...
2002-01-30 Thomas Vander Sticheleprerelease
2002-01-30 Thomas Vander SticheleI checked lame packages and source code and they seem...
2002-01-30 Thomas Vander Stichelecvs versioning
2002-01-27 Andy Wingoadded -Wall to GST_INT_CFLAGS
2002-01-25 Andy Wingobunch of deletions
2002-01-18 Wrobell- use GST_CHECK_MPEG2DEC macro when mpeg2dec detecting
2002-01-18 Wrobell- plugins are built without versioning info
2002-01-17 Thomas Vander Stichelemjpegtools stuff
2002-01-17 Thomas Vander Stichelecosmetics
2002-01-17 Thomas Vander Sticheleplease don't try to change what is going to be build...
2002-01-17 Ronald S. Bultjejpegmmx addition and some small changes
2002-01-16 Thomas Vander Sticheleadded jpeg_mmx check
2002-01-14 Andy Wingounrevert taaz's 0.3.1 patch
2002-01-14 Andy Wingodoc and configure updates, and the beginnings of gst...
2002-01-12 David I. Lehnremove win32 path stuff (not used anymore?) check for...
2002-01-11 Thomas Vander Sticheleback to dev
2002-01-10 Andy Wingoapparently some older (2.2) videodev.h files don't...
2002-01-08 Thomas Vander Stichelefeeling confident ;)
2002-01-08 Thomas Vander Stichelegetting ready for release final tests
2002-01-07 Christian Schallerupdated to 0.3.1 for release
2002-01-07 David I. LehnBump lib version to 2.
2002-01-07 Andy Wingofix for gsm
2002-01-07 Rodney DawesA couple check fixes
2002-01-07 Andy Wingomissed one fix
2002-01-07 Andy Wingohopefully fix a problem.
2002-01-06 Andy Wingosiddec checks that work not extremely robust, but funct...
2002-01-06 Wim TaymansAdded a check for sidplay
2002-01-05 Andy Wingochanges to allow apps outside of gstreamer/ to use...
2002-01-05 Andy Wingouse the proper version of GTK
2002-01-03 Thomas Vander Stichelefestival check
2002-01-03 Thomas Vander Sticheleadding sidplay and festival "checks"
2002-01-03 Thomas Vander Stichelecheck for mcopidl
2002-01-02 Thomas Vander Stichelesmall fixes
2001-12-30 Thomas Vander Stichelesmoothwave fixin
2001-12-28 Wim TaymansAdded our beloved mpeg1videoparse
2001-12-27 Thomas Vander Stichelethis might do it
2001-12-26 Andy Wingono need to check for pkg-config or munge its search...
2001-12-26 Andy Wingoadded --with-pkg-config-path option try not to run...
2001-12-26 Thomas Vander Stichelethis makes more sens donnit ?
2001-12-26 Thomas Vander Sticheletaaz's virtual patch
2001-12-26 Thomas Vander Sticheletaaz's virtual patch
2001-12-26 Wim TaymansFixed the smooothwave madness removed a yield from...
2001-12-26 Andy Wingomuahahahaha. gstreamer-compprep initializes every plugi...
2001-12-25 Thomas Vander Stichelesomething stupid
2001-12-24 Andy Wingomake arts stuff work, i think
2001-12-24 Thomas Vander Stichelechanges to make xvideo work again
2001-12-23 Thomas Vander Sticheledisabling arts stuff for now
2001-12-23 Thomas Vander Stichelemore fixes
2001-12-23 Thomas Vander Stichelemore more more
2001-12-23 Thomas Vander Stichelea52
2001-12-23 Thomas Vander Stichelefixing some fixes
2001-12-23 Thomas Vander Stichelefixes