add test for amrnbenc, enable test infrastructure, and fix a leak
[glsdk/gst-plugins-ugly0-10.git] / ext / amrnb / amrnbdec.c
2006-04-08 Stefan KostFix #337365 (g_type_class_ref <-> g_type_class_peek_parent)
2006-03-02 Wim Taymansext/amrnb/: Further fancyfication.
2006-02-15 Wim Taymansext/amrnb/amrnbdec.c: Some more comments.
2006-02-06 Wim Taymansext/amrnb/amrnbdec.*: Fix amrnbdec, handle events,...
2005-10-06 Wim Taymansext/amrnb/amrnbdec.c: Mark invalid frame sizes
2005-09-06 Wim Taymansext/amrnb/: State change function updates.
2005-09-02 Andy WingoAll plugins updated for element state changes.
2005-08-19 Wim Taymansext/amrnb/: Update caps with audio/AMR.
2005-07-19 Edgard LimaPorted to 0.9 (faad, amrnb, mpeg2dec)
2005-05-25 Wim Taymansext/amrnb/: Core already took the lock.
2005-05-18 Wim Taymansext/amrnb/: Ported AMR decoder/parse.
2005-01-28 Ronald S. BultjeAdd support for AMR-NB (mobile phone audio format;...