lame: fix printf format in debug statements
[glsdk/gst-plugins-ugly0-10.git] / ext / lame / gstlamemp3enc.c
2013-05-17 Tim-Philipp Müllerlame: fix printf format in debug statements
2013-05-17 Mark Nauwelaertslamemp3enc: ensure parsed output
2013-05-17 Mark Nauwelaertslamemp3enc: do not leak merged tags
2013-05-17 Vincent Penquerc'hvarious: fix pad template ref leaks
2013-05-17 Sebastian Drögelame: Don't get the parent class again, GST_BOILERPLATE...
2013-05-17 Sebastian Drögelame: Fix variable 'gstelement_class' set but not used...
2013-05-17 Mark Nauwelaertslamemp3enc: use some more boilerplate
2013-05-17 Mark Nauwelaertslamemp3enc: really report bitrate rather kbitrate
2013-05-17 Mark Nauwelaertslamemp3enc: port to audioencoder
2013-05-17 Sebastian Drögelamemp3enc: Post CODEC and BITRATE tags
2011-02-03 Tim-Philipp Müllerlamemp3enc: implement sinkpad get_caps() function to...
2010-10-19 Stefan Kostvarious (ext): add a missing G_PARAM_STATIC_STRINGS...
2010-06-01 Tristan Matthewslamemp3enc: implement latency query
2009-12-02 Thiago Santoslame: Avoid crash when seeking before negotiating
2009-05-14 Sebastian Drögelamemp3enc: Improve debugging a bit
2009-05-13 Tim-Philipp Müllerlamemp3enc: add Since tag to gtk-doc chunk
2009-05-10 Sebastian Drögelamemp3enc: Don't write a Xing header
2009-05-07 Christian SchallerAdd ranks to mp3 encoders
2009-05-07 Sebastian Drögelamemp3enc: Fixup the bitrate only for CBR
2009-05-06 Alessandro Decinalame: fix format string in debug statement
2009-05-05 Tim-Philipp Müllerlame: fix compilation with LAME versions < 3.98
2009-05-04 Sebastian Drögelamemp3enc: Add a note to the encoding-engine-quality...
2009-05-04 Sebastian Drögelame: Implement preset interface
2009-05-04 Sebastian Drögelamemp3enc: Remove fast-vbr property and rename vbr...
2009-05-04 Sebastian Drögelame/lamemp3enc: Fix memory leak on FLUSH_STOP
2009-05-04 Sebastian Drögelame: Update example pipelines with the new properties
2009-05-04 Sebastian Drögelame: Add lamemp3enc element with much simplified interface