[glsdk/gst-plugins-ugly0-10.git] /
2004-03-01 Thomas Vander Stichelefix spec file
2004-02-27 Christian Schallerkeeping the spec humming
2004-02-15 Christian Schallercommit fix for correctly depending on gstreamer07
2004-02-14 Christian Schallerlatest updates and includes
2004-01-21 Christian Schalleradding NAS plugin
2004-01-16 Christian Schallerfix libcaca compilation and update spec file
2004-01-10 Christian Schallerlatest spec file updates
2003-12-18 Christian Schalleradd missing tah.h file
2003-12-17 Christian Schallersmall fix
2003-12-14 Christian Schalleradding my latest fixes. The xvid stuff prolly need...
2003-12-13 Christian Schallersome fixes to work again
2003-11-23 Christian Schallerfix faad plugin
2003-11-23 Christian Schallercommit my batch of build and spec fixes
2003-11-23 Christian Schallerlatest and greatest news
2003-10-16 Christian Schallerfix or no fix, we will survive
2003-10-16 Christian Schalleradded colorbalance to spec added mixer to spec added...
2003-10-16 Christian Schallerdeath to kde-audio-devel, long live arts-devel
2003-10-03 Christian Schallerupdate with latest typefind changes, spec should once...
2003-09-27 Christian Schallerupdate with latest fixes
2003-09-19 Christian Schalleradd versioning to gst-launch-ext and gst-visualise...
2003-09-13 Christian Schallerfix v4l elements as they have been merged into just 2
2003-09-13 Christian Schallerlatest fixes to get everything disting and building...
2003-09-11 Christian Schallermisc minor build and rpm fixes
2003-08-19 Christian Schallerneeded fixes to enable building of RPMS of gst-plugins
2003-08-04 Ronald S. BultjeRemove mpeg1enc because A) it's FUBAR and B) we've...
2003-07-18 Christian Schallerfix spec file to work with new combined esound plugin
2003-07-12 Thomas Vander Stichelevarious spec file and build fixes agogo /me kicks ds...
2003-07-07 Christian SchallerA big rewrite of the spec file and some ffmpeg disting...
2003-04-23 Christian SchallerRemoving avifile and http plugins, also fixing some...
2003-04-07 Ronald S. BultjeThis one needs to be adapted too
2003-03-11 Christian Schallerfixes for monkeys audio
2003-03-02 Christian Schallerremove obsolete requirement from rtp plugin
2003-03-02 Christian Schallercommit RTP fixes to spec file
2003-03-01 Christian Schallerremove videosink from spec
2003-01-26 Christian Schalleradd asf plugin
2003-01-23 Thomas Vander Sticheleclean up spec file, more virtualprovides
2003-01-21 Christian Schallerremove aviparse again
2003-01-19 Christian Schallerupdate with latest changes
2003-01-11 Christian Schallerupdate spec file
2002-12-27 Thomas Vander Sticheleadding virtual provides
2002-12-15 Christian Schallerapply Jeroens patch to move us to mpeg2dec 0.3.1, also...
2002-12-12 Christian Schallerfix removal of .a and .la files
2002-12-11 Thomas Vander Stichelemerge back from release branch
2002-12-08 Thomas Vander Stichelemore fixes
2002-12-08 Thomas Vander Stichelepeep
2002-12-08 Thomas Vander Sticheleparallel install fixes
2002-11-28 Christian Schallerfix some disting and rpm building issues
2002-11-18 Thomas Vander Sticheletoo soon to put this in
2002-11-15 Christian Schallerfix media info locations
2002-11-15 Jan Schmidtadd media-info to spec commit patch from Jan Schmidt...
2002-11-05 Christian Schallersmall fixes to swfdec req and gstplay lib
2002-11-01 Thomas Vander Stichelebackmerge
2002-10-29 Thomas Vander Sticheleok, redo from start
2002-10-29 Thomas Vander Sticheleintegrating the play library
2002-10-29 Christian Schallerfix missing >, doh
2002-10-28 Thomas Vander Stichelefix oopsie in spec files if anything, arch optimization...
2002-10-27 Steve Bakernew libgstplay location now builds
2002-10-26 Christian Schalleradds swfdec plugin to spec file (conditionally built)
2002-10-24 Christian Schalleradd missing m4 to extra dist and add wavenc plugin...
2002-10-23 Thomas Vander Stichele.m4 to check for presence of an element let me know...
2002-10-20 Christian Schallerlots of fixes to the spec based on the more strict...
2002-09-26 Ronald S. BultjeThis adds a generic video functions library
2002-09-23 Thomas Vander Stichelefinal backport
2002-09-09 Christian Schalleradded v4l2 plugins
2002-08-27 Christian Schallersmall fixage to get latest gconf stuff etc.
2002-08-27 Christian Schallerfix as DV has become LIBDV
2002-07-14 Thomas Vander Stichelefix silly version requires
2002-07-11 Thomas Vander Stichelethis was wrong
2002-07-09 Thomas Vander Stichelemerge from release branch
2002-07-08 Thomas Vander Stichelefixed -devel group
2002-06-27 Thomas Vander Sticheleadding audio filter plug-in
2002-06-22 Thomas Vander Sticheleheader relocation
2002-06-22 Christian Schalleravifile dep fixes, they now should work with thomasvs...
2002-06-22 Christian Schallerfixed name of mikmod lib, Red Hat calls it simply mikmo...
2002-06-17 Christian Schalleradding my gstalsa plugin man page as a test. if it...
2002-06-17 Thomas Vander Stichelespec changes a gogo
2002-06-07 Christian Schallersmall fix after 'someone' fixed the SPEC by added a...
2002-06-06 Thomas Vander Sticheleapparently we need cdparanoia-libs
2002-06-06 Thomas Vander Stichelefixing distcheck fixing SDL issue
2002-06-06 Thomas Vander Stichelefixen
2002-06-06 Thomas Vander Stichelea present for uraeus some buildreq fixes
2002-06-06 Christian SchallerFixed the USE statements for arts and artsd, they where...
2002-06-04 Thomas Vander Sticheleadded ladspa
2002-06-03 Thomas Vander Sticheleadded libfame
2002-05-31 Thomas Vander Stichelefix arts requirements
2002-05-28 Christian SchallerRenamed the audiofile plugin, commented out libgstfloat...
2002-05-24 Thomas Vander Stichelelearn to love the capital
2002-05-13 Christian SchallerSome loving for the spec file. Now includes httpsrc...
2002-05-13 Thomas Vander Stichelethis should fix it
2002-05-10 Thomas Vander Sticheleremoving snapshot from the build because we need to...
2002-05-03 Thomas Vander Stichelevarious name fixes and sundry
2002-04-26 Thomas Vander Stichelemodplug needs c++
2002-04-15 Thomas Vander SticheleI'm too lazy to comment this
2002-04-13 Thomas Vander Stichelespec fixes gst-launch-ext additions trying to fix up...
2002-03-13 Thomas Vander Stichelemore cleanups, buildrequires, ...
2002-03-12 Thomas Vander Stichelespec file clean up and lib changes
2002-03-12 Thomas Vander Sticheleconditional'd videosink
2002-03-12 Thomas Vander Stichelemoved jpeg to it's own package since it depends on...
2002-03-05 Christian SchallerPut videosink in separate plugin and move icecast plugi...
2002-03-05 Christian Schalleradded Monoscope to SPEC