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x264enc: remove leaking "optimization"
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2013-05-17 Mark Nauwelaertsdvddemux: tweak subtitle stream setup based on dvd...
2013-05-17 Tim-Philipp MüllerWork around deprecated thread API in glib master
2013-05-17 Tim-Philipp Müllerrdtdepay: make buffer metadata writable before setting...
2013-05-17 Vincent Penquerc'hvarious: fix pad template ref leaks
2013-05-17 Edward Herveyasfdemux: Don't leak pending payload buffers
2013-05-17 Mark Nauwelaertsasfpacket: skip empty payload packets
2013-05-17 Tim-Philipp Müllerrmdemux: delay announcing container tags until we have...
2013-05-17 Mark Nauwelaertsrtpasfdepay: fix fragmented packet handling and packet...
2013-05-17 Stefan Kostsynaesthesia: fix wrong debug log string (copy'n'paste)
2013-05-17 Stefan Kostrmdemux: target is unsigned and can't be < 0
2013-05-17 Mark Nauwelaertsrtpasfdepay: simplify and refactor packet parsing
2013-05-17 Mark Nauwelaertsrtpasfdepay: avoid re-sending header
2013-05-17 Mark Nauwelaertsrtpasfdepay: remove unused field
2011-04-16 Tim-Philipp Müllerrademux: fix two 'variable may be used uninitialized...
2011-04-14 Tim-Philipp Müllermpegstream: fix unused-but-set-variable warnings with...
2011-04-14 Tim-Philipp Müllerasfdemux: fix unused-but-set-variable warnings with...
2011-04-11 Thibault Saunierandroid: make it ready for androgenizer
2011-03-15 Sebastian Drögedvdsubdec: Rearrange buffer allocation and pushing...
2011-03-15 Brendan Le Folldvdsubdec: Output only a single buffer per subpicture...
2011-03-14 Brendan Le Folldvdsubdec: Implement clipping if the video size is...
2011-03-02 Stefan Kostdvddemux: small code cleanup
2011-02-17 Stefan Kostindex: use delta frame flags instead of 0 or none
2011-01-30 Edward Herveyasfpacket: Avoid using broken duration extension
2011-01-24 Yang Xichuanxingmux: Use FALSE instead of 0 as return value for...
2011-01-24 Vincent Penquerc'hmpegstream: increase allowable gap between streams
2011-01-11 Edward Herveyasfdemux: Handle new type of DRM'd asf files.
2011-01-06 Edward Herveyrmdemux: Initialize return variable.
2011-01-05 Edward Herveyrealmedia: Fix unitialized variables on macosx
2010-12-24 Vincent Penquerc'hrealmedia: do not use the pad buffer allocation functio...
2010-12-13 Rob Clarkrmdemux: set GST_BUFFER_FLAG_DELTA_UNIT properly
2010-11-25 Edward Herveyrealmedia: Remove dead assignments
2010-10-28 Tim-Philipp Müllerrealmedia: fix LIBS order in Makefile
2010-10-24 Edward Herveyrealmedia: Get codec name from pbutils instead of harco...
2010-10-19 Stefan Kostvarious: canonicalize property names
2010-10-19 Stefan Kostvarious (gst): add a missing G_PARAM_STATIC_STRINGS...
2010-09-15 Tim-Philipp Müllermpegparse: re-fix flow return handling
2010-09-04 Sebastian Drögexingmux: Don't ignore WRONG_STATE and NOT_LINKED when...
2010-09-04 Sebastian Drögempegstream: Don't use GST_FLOW_IS_SUCCESS()
2010-09-04 Sebastian Drögermdemux: Don't use GST_FLOW_IS_FATAL() and GST_FLOW_IS_...
2010-09-04 Sebastian Drögeasfdemux: Don't use GST_FLOW_IS_FATAL()
2010-08-27 Edward Herveyasfdemux: Don't error out on non-critical flow returns
2010-08-25 Alessandro Decinamp3parse: propagate flow errors upstream.
2010-08-10 Stefan Kostsynaesthesia: code cleanups.
2010-08-10 Stefan Kostsynaesthesia: use GST_BOILERPLATE macros
2010-06-28 Thiago Santosasfdemux: Fix seeking after last commits
2010-06-24 Thiago Santosasfdemux: Push all pending data on EOS
2010-06-24 Thiago Santosasfdemux: Fix sending eos event for chained asfs
2010-06-24 Tim-Philipp Müllerrmdemux: fix compiler warning when debugging system...
2010-06-23 Edward Herveyasfdemux: Allow at least 500ms of preroll.
2010-06-14 Sebastian Drögeconfigure: Update required GLib version to 2.20
2010-06-05 Wim Taymansrmdemux: pass bitrate on caps
2010-05-14 Wim Taymansrmdemux: add better sipr nibble swap routine
2010-05-13 Wim Taymansrmdemux: descramble SIPR before pushing out
2010-05-13 Wim Taymansrm: add function to descramble sipr
2010-04-30 Tim-Philipp Müllerrtspreal: use GLib's base64 functions if available
2010-04-27 Stefan Kostac3parse: remove unported 0.8 plugin
2010-04-27 Stefan Kostdocs: adding a mp3decoder as well is useful
2010-04-27 Stefan Kostdocs: fix sections docs for synaesthesia
2010-04-27 Stefan Kostdocs: add docs for mp3parse
2010-04-15 Wim Taymansasfdepay: we require a dynamic payload type
2010-04-14 Edward Herveyasfdemux: Make a table static to avoid having to always...
2010-03-30 Tim-Philipp Müllerbuild: build plugins in parallel where possible, if...
2010-03-24 Edward Herveysynaestesia: Fix old-style prototype
2010-03-24 Руслан ИжбулатовFix pointer type.
2010-03-24 Sebastian Drögebuild: Add all kinds of compiler warning flags and...
2010-03-19 Tim-Philipp Müllerbuild: fix up Makefile.am
2010-03-18 Benjamin Ottegst_element_class_set_details => gst_element_class_set_...
2010-03-01 Edward Herveyasfdemux: Don't set durations of 0 on outgoing buffers.
2010-03-01 Edward Herveyasfdemux: Make sure we always set proper payload duration.
2010-02-19 Edward Herveyasfdemux: Make sure we don't end up with negative times...
2010-02-16 Robert Swainasfdemux: Improve seek behaviour for audio-only with...
2010-01-31 Tim-Philipp Müllerrtspreal: don't construct config header with uninitiali...
2010-01-30 Tim-Philipp Müllerrtspreal: add finalize function so we can free streams...
2010-01-30 Tim-Philipp Müllerrtspreal: fix minor memory leak
2010-01-30 Tim-Philipp Müllerrdtdepay: unref input buffer when done
2010-01-22 Thiago Santosasfdemux: Do not subtract padding twice
2010-01-22 Stefan Kostassert: g_assert_not_reached() cannot replace return...
2010-01-18 Edward Herveyasfdemux: Don't forget to update flow variable
2010-01-18 Edward Herveyasfdemux: Check flow return on every push
2010-01-11 Arnaud Patardxingmux: Fix unaligned memory access
2010-01-07 Michael Smithasfdemux: Use GST_STR_NULL in a couple of places.
2010-01-07 Thiago Santosrmdemux: Parse and post bitrate for streams
2010-01-07 Thiago Santosasfdemux: Post bitrate tag
2010-01-04 Mark Nauwelaertsmp3parse: minor validation check of (Xing, VBRI) metadata
2010-01-04 Mark Nauwelaertsmp3parse: use proper total_time and total_bytes in...
2010-01-04 Thiago Santosmp3parse: conserve stop time for non-accurate seek
2009-12-08 Thiago Santosmp3parse: return false when we can't seek
2009-11-26 Mark Nauwelaertsmp3parse: fix non-flushing seek
2009-11-18 Benjamin Gaignardasfdemux: Don't call strlen() on NULL pointers
2009-11-09 Thiago Santosasfdemux: Remove old pads when new ones are added
2009-11-09 Thiago Santosasfdemux: Handle chained asfs on pull mode
2009-11-09 Thiago Santosasfdemux: properly do chained asfs on push mode
2009-11-06 Thiago Santosasfdemux: add support for chained asfs (push mode)
2009-11-05 Tim-Philipp Müllerasfdemux: fix two small leaks
2009-11-05 Tim-Philipp Müllerasfdemux: prefer WM/TrackNumber over WM/Track, it's...
2009-11-05 Tim-Philipp Müllerasfdemux: WM/Track starts counting from 0, adjust to...
2009-11-05 Tim-Philipp Müllerasfdemux: map WM/TrackNumber to GST_TAG_TRACK_NUMBER...
2009-11-04 Jan Schmidtdvdsubdec: Fix printf format string warning
2009-11-04 Jan Schmidtasfdemux: Fix bogus variable used uninitialised warnings
2009-10-29 Michael Smithasfdemux: fix c99-style comments.