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x264enc: remove leaking "optimization"
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2008-12-13 Edward Herveym4/Makefile.am: Removed two more .m4 that aren't shippe...
2008-12-13 Edward Herveym4/Makefile.am: inttypes.m4 hasn't been available since...
2005-09-01 Thomas Vander Stichelefix distcheck; remove some old m4s
2004-09-17 Stéphane Loeuilletupdate esound, gconf, alsa and ogg m4 files from upstre...
2004-09-17 Stéphane Loeuillet- say explicitly in the ./configure output that we...
2004-06-23 Colin Waltersm4/Makefile.am: Distribute gst-fionread.m4.
2004-06-02 Thomas Vander Stichelefix shout2 check to check for the version
2004-05-21 Stéphane Loeuilletrename defines too, so that they look like the others...
2004-05-21 Thomas Vander Stichelesync with upstream
2004-05-21 Thomas Vander Sticheleback in a sec
2004-05-20 Stéphane Loeuillet- change sunaudio category to Sink/Audio
2004-05-20 Stéphane Loeuillettest FIONREAD ioctl presence in an alternate header...
2004-05-19 Stéphane Loeuilletdon't fix a test that should fail (too old a52dec detec...
2004-05-18 Stéphane Loeuilletm4/a52.m4: fix compilation with -Wall -Werror
2004-03-18 Thomas Vander Sticheleforgot this one
2004-03-10 Thomas Vander Sticheleuse pkg-config checks for some, falling back to the...
2004-02-12 Thomas Vander Sticheleignore me
2004-02-11 Thomas Vander Stichelefix underquotedness of macros
2004-02-04 Thomas Vander Sticheleignore copied m4's
2003-11-24 Benjamin Ottetagging stuff and build fixes. In detail:
2003-10-23 Jeremy SimonChange cvs host (mplayer)
2003-09-27 Benjamin Ottemake ffmpeg erroring out work:
2003-09-13 Christian Schallerlatest fixes to get everything disting and building...
2003-07-20 Ronald S. BultjeUpdate matroska check (see #117717)
2003-07-17 Ronald S. BultjeMove to m4/ instead of common/m4/
2003-06-29 Benjamin Ottecompatibility fix for new GST_DEBUG stuff.
2003-03-01 Christian Schallerfix ivorbis part 2
2003-02-23 Christian Schalleradd FreeBSD patches from Andrew Turner and add missing...
2003-01-17 Thomas Vander Stichelecheck for vorbis final
2003-01-05 Thomas Vander Stichelechanging ffmpeg to only update when required
2002-12-30 Thomas Vander Stichelea simple fix
2002-12-27 Thomas Vander Stichelewhy did no one notice ?
2002-12-26 Thomas Vander Sticheleslurp in ffmpeg a) please test b) please help me figure...
2002-12-05 David I. Lehndrop mpeg2dec 0.2.1 support in favor of 0.3.0.
2002-11-26 Thomas Vander Sticheleflac debug cleanup m4 for ffmpeg
2002-10-27 Wim TaymansAdded shout m4
2002-10-26 Thomas Vander Sticheleupdated avifile ?
2002-10-06 Thomas Vander SticheleI wonder how we ever got along without this
2002-09-19 David I. LehnRevert the revert to 1.0.0 vorbis.m4 code.
2002-09-19 Thomas Vander Sticheleupdate to 1.0 macro
2002-08-17 Thomas Vander Stichelefixes http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=90839
2002-08-13 Thomas Vander Sticheleshiny new avifile test macro let's give it a ride
2002-08-10 David I. Lehnvorbis check fix (applied upstream) remove unused glade m4
2002-07-05 David I. Lehnattempt to fix my sucky dv and festival breakage.
2002-07-04 David I. Lehnduplicate of m4 in common/m4
2002-06-10 Thomas Vander Sticheleadding libdv m4 check
2002-06-10 Thomas Vander Sticheleadded rc3 check, rc2 will now not be detected anymore
2002-06-03 Richard Boultonm4/mpeg2dec.m4: Test for cpuaccel library as well as...
2002-06-02 Thomas Vander Sticheleanother one goes in
2002-06-01 Thomas Vander Sticheleand the m4 to go along with it
2002-05-27 Thomas Vander Stichelevarious AC_HELP_STRING changes
2002-05-27 Thomas Vander SticheleAC_HELP_STRING
2002-05-27 Thomas Vander Sticheleno need for feature, it's in common various AC_HELP_STR...
2002-04-27 Thomas Vander Stichelethis should do it this is for steveb's added checks
2002-04-27 Thomas Vander SticheleI hate independent second parties and why were we not...
2002-04-27 Thomas Vander Stichelesome cvs screwup
2002-04-25 Steve Bakermacros to detect fast float to int casting, lrint and...
2002-04-20 Andy Wingoa hack to work around intltool's brokenness a current...
2002-04-15 David I. Lehns/-lmpeg2dec/-lcpuaccel/ to support the lastest mpeg2de...
2002-03-31 Andy Wingocorrect a condition in check-libheader.m4 remove gst...
2002-03-30 Andy Wingoadded check for 0.7.3 a52 api
2002-03-12 Thomas Vander Sticheleheh, we never saw this one before
2002-01-27 Andy Wingoadded pkg.m4 in plugins/
2002-01-18 Wrobell- my mistake... mpeg2dec libs does not depend on X11...
2002-01-18 Wrobell- GST_CHECK_MPEG2DEC macro - checks for mpeg2dec in...
2002-01-18 Wrobell- CHECK_LIBHEADER macro, which is based on GST_CHECK_LI...
2002-01-18 Wrobell- fixed macro signature description
2002-01-12 David I. Lehnadd glib.m4
2002-01-06 Andy Wingosiddec checks that work not extremely robust, but funct...
2002-01-04 Andy Wingoadded gtk.m4 (for gtk 1.2)
2001-12-20 Thomas Vander Stichelewingo's changes
2001-12-20 Thomas Vander Sticheleadded wrobell's AC_DEFINE change
2001-12-17 Thomas Vander Stichelemore of the same