2011-05-10 Tim-Philipp... Release 0.10.18 freedesktop-RELEASE-0.10.18
2011-05-04 Sebastian Drögex264enc: Copy the template caps, it's not allowed to...
2011-05-04 Mark Nauwelaertsx264enc: do not leak peer pad reference
2011-05-03 Sjoerd Simonsx264enc: No need to copy, reffing is enough
2011-05-03 Sjoerd Simonsx264enc: get_caps function should return a copy of...
2011-04-30 Tim-Philipp... pre-release
2011-04-27 Tim-Philipp... pre-release
2011-04-24 Tim-Philipp... Automatic update of common submodule
2011-04-19 Tim-Philipp... tests: add suppression for lame unit test
2011-04-19 Tim-Philipp... tests: add generic index-setting test
2011-04-19 Tim-Philipp... mpeg2dec: don't deadlock when setting an index
2011-04-16 Tim-Philipp... pre-release
2011-04-16 Tim-Philipp... rademux: fix two 'variable may be used uninitialized...
2011-04-14 Tim-Philipp... mpegstream: fix unused-but-set-variable warnings with...
2011-04-14 Tim-Philipp... dvdread, sidplay, x264enc: fix unused-but-set-variable...
2011-04-14 Tim-Philipp... asfdemux: fix unused-but-set-variable warnings with...
2011-04-13 Sebastian Drögex264enc: Implement getcaps function
2011-04-11 Thibault Saunierandroid: make it ready for androgenizer
2011-04-11 Thibault Saunierandroid: remove the android/ folder
2011-04-04 Stefan KostAutomatic update of common submodule
2011-03-30 Olivier Crêtex264enc: Allow changing the bitrate and quantitizers...
2011-03-30 Olivier Crêtex264enc: Set max bitrate in quality mode
2011-03-30 Olivier Crêtex264enc: Make it clear that constant quantizer is for...
2011-03-25 Sebastian DrögeAutomatic update of common submodule
2011-03-25 Stefan KostAutomatic update of common submodule
2011-03-25 Sebastian DrögeAutomatic update of common submodule
2011-03-25 Sebastian DrögeAutomatic update of common submodule
2011-03-24 Stefan KostAutomatic update of common submodule
2011-03-22 Luis de redundant use of AC_MSG_RESULT()
2011-03-22 Luis de Bethencourtautogen: wingo signed comment
2011-03-15 Sebastian Drögedvdsubdec: Rearrange buffer allocation and pushing...
2011-03-15 Brendan Le... dvdsubdec: Output only a single buffer per subpicture...
2011-03-14 Brendan Le... dvdsubdec: Implement clipping if the video size is...
2011-03-11 Tim-Philipp... mad: build the mad plugin even if libid3tag is not...
2011-03-02 Stefan Kostdvddemux: small code cleanup
2011-02-28 Mark export plugin description more platform...
2011-02-28 Mark NauwelaertsAutomatic update of common submodule
2011-02-21 Mark Nauwelaertsmpeg2dec: do not fail fatally when unlinked
2011-02-21 Stefan Kostindex: remove conditional index support
2011-02-17 Stefan Kostformatting: trim trailing whitespace
2011-02-17 Stefan Kostindex: use delta frame flags instead of 0 or none
2011-02-14 Sjoerd Simonsx264enc: Don't register flags with a value of 0
2011-02-14 Stefan KostAutomatic update of common submodule
2011-02-07 Mark Nauwelaertsamrwbdec: avoid stalling on invalid frame
2011-02-03 Tim-Philipp... tests: add unit test for lamemp3enc negotiation issue
2011-02-03 Tim-Philipp... lamemp3enc: implement sinkpad get_caps() function to...
2011-01-30 Edward Herveyasfpacket: Avoid using broken duration extension
2011-01-27 Tim-Philipp... win32: fix DEFAULT_AUDIOSINK, should be direct*sound...
2011-01-24 Yang Xichuanxingmux: Use FALSE instead of 0 as return value for...
2011-01-24 Vincent Penquerc'hmpegstream: increase allowable gap between streams
2011-01-24 Miguel Angel... x264enc: make tag event writable before modifying tag...
2011-01-24 Tim-Philipp... Back to development
2011-01-21 Tim-Philipp... Release 0.10.17
2011-01-18 Tim-Philipp... pre-release
2011-01-14 Edward Herveympeg2dec: Use the proper component value for height
2011-01-11 Tim-Philipp... pre-release
2011-01-11 Edward Herveyasfdemux: Handle new type of DRM'd asf files.
2011-01-11 Stefan KostAutomatic update of common submodule
2011-01-10 Tim-Philipp... Automatic update of common submodule
2011-01-10 Tim-Philipp... Automatic update of common submodule
2011-01-08 Tim-Philipp... tests: never disable g_assert() and cast checks for...
2011-01-07 Tim-Philipp... pre-release
2011-01-07 Tim-Philipp... docs: update docs
2011-01-07 Tim-Philipp... po: update translations
2011-01-07 Tim-Philipp... configure: use $LIBM instead of hardcoding -lm
2011-01-06 Edward Herveyrmdemux: Initialize return variable.
2011-01-05 Edward Herveyrealmedia: Fix unitialized variables on macosx
2011-01-04 Thiago Santosx264enc: Handle codec/encoder tags
2010-12-29 Tim-Philipp... mpeg2dec: use gst_pad_alloc_buffer() when cropping...
2010-12-29 Tim-Philipp... mpeg2dec: minor formatting clean-up
2010-12-29 Tim-Philipp... mpeg2dec: refactor cropping code to use libgstvideo...
2010-12-29 Tim-Philipp... mpeg2dec: use GstVideoFormat instead of custom enum
2010-12-29 Tim-Philipp... mpeg2dec: fix LIBADD order in
2010-12-29 Tristan Matthewsx264: vbv-buf-capacity should have a minimum of 0
2010-12-27 Tim-Philipp... x264enc: also accept YV12 input
2010-12-26 Mark Nauwelaertsx264enc: add a note to the docs about encoder latency...
2010-12-24 Vincent Penquerc'hrealmedia: do not use the pad buffer allocation functio...
2010-12-20 Edward HerveyAutomatic update of common submodule
2010-12-16 Sebastian Drögemad: If gst_pad_alloc_buffer() returns a buffer with...
2010-12-15 Stefan KostAutomatic update of common submodule
2010-12-13 Rob Clarkrmdemux: set GST_BUFFER_FLAG_DELTA_UNIT properly
2010-12-13 Stefan KostAutomatic update of common submodule
2010-12-12 Leo Singerx264: uses pkg-config to locate libx264
2010-12-07 Wim Taymanscheck: don't use deprecated method
2010-12-03 Benjamin GaignardAdd build system for Android
2010-11-25 Edward Herveyrealmedia: Remove dead assignments
2010-11-25 Edward Herveymad: Remove dead assignments
2010-11-13 Tim-Philipp... dvdreadsrc: remove bogus comment
2010-11-13 Thomas Greendvdreadsrc: fix handling of multi-angle streams
2010-10-28 Tim-Philipp... realmedia: fix LIBS order in Makefile
2010-10-28 Tim-Philipp... po: update for new translatable strings
2010-10-27 Jan SchmidtAutomatic update of common submodule
2010-10-25 Guillaume Emontmpeg2dec: convert the position to stream time before...
2010-10-24 Edward Herveyrealmedia: Get codec name from pbutils instead of harco...
2010-10-22 Robert Swainx264enc: Work around a rate control issue in libx264
2010-10-19 Sebastian Drögempeg2dec: Use gst_pad_peer_query() instead of getting...
2010-10-19 Guillaume Emontmpeg2dec: fix position query by trusting upstream
2010-10-19 Stefan Kostvarious: canonicalize property names
2010-10-19 Stefan Kostvarious (ext): add a missing G_PARAM_STATIC_STRINGS...
2010-10-19 Stefan Kostvarious (gst): add a missing G_PARAM_STATIC_STRINGS...