adding more people to maintainers doc and minor cosmetic change to REQUIREMENTS doc
[glsdk/gstreamer0-10.git] / REQUIREMENTS
2004-12-17 Christian Schalleradding more people to maintainers doc and minor cosmeti...
2004-03-06 David SchleefREQUIREMENTS: Add bison and flex.
2003-08-06 David SchleefAutomake-1.5 chokes on gst/, so updating...
2002-12-15 Christian Schallerupdate REQUIREMENTS file somewhat
2002-07-09 Thomas Vander Stichelemerge from BRANCH-RELEASE-0_4_0
2002-07-04 Christian Schalleradded ortp info
2002-02-07 Andy Wingohow glib this makes me!
2002-01-04 Andy Wingochanged something. the plugin regquirements should...
2001-12-11 Thomas Vander Stichelechanges
2001-11-11 Andy Wingoadded a link to
2001-10-18 David I. LehnDVD update:
2001-10-16 Erik Walthinsenmore updates of build reqirements
2001-10-16 Erik Walthinsenadded pkg-config
2001-07-18 Richard BoultonAdd instructions for getting docbook-gnome-bin debian...
2001-07-01 Christian Schaller- Added FLAC information
2001-06-09 Wim TaymansAdded a check for avifile.
2001-06-08 Christian Schaller- Updated GStreamer SPEC which sorts out plugins into...
2001-06-01 Bastien Nocera- added url to openquicktime
2001-06-01 Bastien Nocera- added some more urls
2001-06-01 Christian SchallerA few URL additions to the REQUIREMENTS file
2001-06-01 Wim TaymansSlightly changed the README, we are not really tied...
2001-05-31 Bastien Nocera- added urls to the required libs, with a lot of added...
2001-05-31 Richard BoultonAdd comments to many (but not all :( ) AC_DEFINES in...
2001-05-03 Wim TaymansAdded Hermes to the required libs for gstplay.
2001-03-09 Wim TaymansAdded librtp as a REQUIREMENT for the rtp plugin
2001-03-09 Wim TaymansAdded the RTP sink, added libasound to the REQUIREMENTS...
2001-03-02 Richard BoultonMention that libxml is also known as gnome-xml
2001-01-26 Wim TaymansAdded the requirement for libshout
2001-01-14 Richard BoultonAdded a couple of lines about debian packages.
2001-01-09 Wim TaymansAdded /usr/lib/win32/ windows libraries in the REQUIREMENTS
2001-01-02 Erik Walthinsenupdated requirements
2001-01-02 Erik Walthinsenadded list of requrements