Release 0.10.32
[glsdk/gstreamer0-10.git] /
2011-01-21 Tim-Philipp MüllerRelease 0.10.32
2011-01-20 Tim-Philipp MüllerRevert "configure: require gobject-introspection >...
2011-01-18 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.31.4 pre-release
2011-01-12 Tim-Philipp Müllerconfigure: require gobject-introspection >= 0.9.12
2011-01-11 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.31.3 pre-release
2011-01-08 Tim-Philipp Müllerconfigure, gst-uninstalled: remove a few bashism
2011-01-07 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.31.2 pre-release
2010-12-15 Stefan Kostconfigure: use the -Bsymbolic-functions linker flag...
2010-12-04 Koop Mastconfigure: fix test so it works with FreeBSD's /bin/sh
2010-12-01 Tim-Philipp MüllerBump GLib requirement to >= 2.22
2010-12-01 Tim-Philipp MüllerBack to development
2010-11-30 Tim-Philipp MüllerRelease 0.10.31
2010-11-18 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.30.5 pre-release
2010-11-17 Thiago Santosdatetime: Add _from_unix_epoch variants
2010-11-01 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.30.4 pre-release
2010-10-22 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.30.3 pre-release
2010-10-15 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.30.2 pre-release
2010-09-23 Tim-Philipp Müllerwin32: define GST_PACKAGE_RELEASE_DATETIME in win32...
2010-09-23 Tim-Philipp Müllertests: fix 'make check' build for setups where no c...
2010-09-22 Stefan Kosttests: rebuild one test using cpp
2010-09-01 Tim-Philipp Müllerbuild: use new AG_GST_PKG_CONFIG_PATH m4 macro from...
2010-08-04 Sebastian Drögeconfigure: Check if the compiler supports ISO C89 or...
2010-07-26 Thiago Santosgstdatetime: Adds GstDateTime
2010-07-23 Tim-Philipp Müllerconfigure: use new AG_GST_SET_PACKAGE_RELEASE_DATETIME_...
2010-07-16 Tim-Philipp MüllerBack to development.
2010-07-15 Tim-Philipp MüllerRelease 0.10.30
2010-07-06 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.29.4 pre-release
2010-06-29 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.29.3 pre-release
2010-06-28 Tim-Philipp MüllerBump automake requirement to 1.10
2010-06-26 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.29.2 pre-release
2010-06-26 Tim-Philipp Müllerexamples: remove xml example build system bits and...
2010-06-14 Sebastian Drögeconfigure: Don't add G_THREADS_MANDATORY to GST_ALL_CFLAGS
2010-06-14 Sebastian Drögeconfigure: use GLIB_EXTRA_CFLAGS
2010-04-30 Tim-Philipp MüllerBump GLib requirement to 2.20
2010-04-29 Tim-Philipp MüllerBack to development.
2010-04-27 Tim-Philipp MüllerRelease 0.10.29
2010-04-25 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.28.3 pre-release
2010-04-14 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.28.2 pre-release
2010-04-14 Benjamin Otteconfigure: Remove -Wcast-align
2010-04-13 Tim-Philipp Müllerconfigure: remove superfluous return statements at...
2010-04-12 David Schleefconfigure: Change check for uint128_t
2010-04-07 Tim-Philipp Müllerbuild: bump autoconf requirement to 2.60 for gobject...
2010-03-30 Tim-Philipp Müllerbuild: make autotools put its m4 files into m4/ instead...
2010-03-24 Benjamin OtteRemove unused code
2010-03-15 Wim Taymanstask: use bionic/libc friendly arguments to prctl
2010-03-15 Wim Taymanstask: configure the object name as thread name
2010-03-11 Benjamin OtteRemove -Winline flag again
2010-03-11 Benjamin OtteAdd a bunch more warning flags to configure
2010-03-11 Benjamin OtteFixes for -Wmissing-declarations -Wmissing-prototypes
2010-03-11 Stefan Kostbuffer: allow configurable memory alignment. Fixes...
2010-03-10 Benjamin OtteMerge branch 'work'
2010-03-10 Benjamin OtteFixes for -Wwrite-strings
2010-03-10 Benjamin OtteFixes -Wundef warnings
2010-03-10 Benjamin OtteMake code safe for -Wredundant-decls
2010-03-10 Benjamin OtteUpdate to common/ changes to ERROR_CFLAGS
2010-03-09 Sebastian Drögeconfigure: Use automake 1.11 silent rules instead of...
2010-03-09 Tim-Philipp MüllerBack to development
2010-03-08 Tim-Philipp MüllerRelease 0.10.28
2010-03-05 Tim-Philipp MüllerRelease 0.10.27
2010-03-03 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.26.4 pre-release
2010-02-24 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.26.3 pre-release
2010-02-18 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.26.2 pre-release
2010-02-16 Tim-Philipp Müllerbuild: make sure gst-plugin-scanner gets installed...
2010-02-12 Tim-Philipp Müllerconfigure: back to development
2010-02-10 Tim-Philipp MüllerRelease 0.10.26
2010-02-10 Tim-Philipp Müllerconfigure: define GST_PLUGIN_SCANNER_INSTALLED in win32...
2010-02-04 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.25.3 pre-release
2010-01-27 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.25.2 pre-release
2010-01-20 Sebastian Drögebuild: Define G_THREADS_MANDATORY everywhere
2010-01-06 Tim-Philipp Müllerconfigure: move SHAVE_INIT behind all checks
2009-12-19 Tim-Philipp Müllerconfigure: always call our check checks for the SUBUNIT...
2009-12-19 Руслан Ижбулатовcheck: update autotools and docs stuff for new check...
2009-12-01 Sebastian Drögeconfigure: Use new AG_GST_PLATFORM macro
2009-11-20 Sebastian Drögecheck: Only check for gmp/gsl if building of tests...
2009-11-18 Tim-Philipp Müllerplugin-scanner: rename plugin-scanner helper binary...
2009-10-12 Edward Detect broken poll()
2009-10-07 Jan Schmidtconfigure: Beef up the test for __uint128_t on GCC
2009-10-07 Tim-Philipp Müllerconfigure: bump GLib requirement to 2.18
2009-10-06 Jan Schmidtregistry: Support installed/uninstalled plugin-scanner...
2009-10-06 Jan SchmidtRemove checking for and mentions of fork where possible.
2009-10-06 Jan Schmidtregistry: Add registry helper phase 1
2009-10-06 Jan SchmidtBack to development ->
2009-10-05 Jan SchmidtRelease 0.10.25
2009-10-01 Jan Schmidt0.10.24.4 pre-release
2009-09-17 Jan Schmidt0.10.24.3 pre-release
2009-09-14 David SchleefFix out-of-tree build
2009-09-11 Jan Schmidt0.10.24.2 pre-release
2009-09-09 Sebastian Drögeutils: Use gcc's __uint128_t for 64bit unsigned integer...
2009-09-05 Sebastian Drögegst: Add gobject-introspection support
2009-08-14 Sebastian Drögeconfigure: Remove duplicated check for clock_gettime
2009-08-14 Sebastian Drögegstutils: Add special random unit test for 64 scaling...
2009-08-10 Tim-Philipp Müllerchecks: try to fix GstObject unit test on OSX
2009-08-06 Tim-Philipp Müllercheck: disable unit test support on win32 for now
2009-08-06 Tim-Philipp Müllercheck: use private copy of check for libgstcheck
2009-08-06 Tim-Philipp Mü fix libxml2 check, which is only needed...
2009-08-06 Jan Schmidtback to development ->
2009-08-04 Jan SchmidtRelease 0.10.24
2009-07-30 Jan Schmidt0.10.24.5 pre-release
2009-07-24 Jan Schmidt0.10.23.4 pre-release
2009-07-20 Jan Schmidt0.10.23.3 pre-release