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add GstQueryBuffers query
[glsdk/gstreamer0-10.git] / gst / gstquery.h
2013-05-15 Rob Clarkadd GstQueryBuffers query
2011-11-26 Tim-Philipp Müllergst: sprinkle some G_GNUC_MALLOC
2011-06-14 Javier JardónUse "const" instead G_CONST_RETURN
2011-06-09 Javier JardónUse "const" instead G_CONST_RETURN
2011-04-19 Tim-Philipp Müllerquery: const-ify formats arguments to gst_query_set_for...
2010-12-07 Tim-Philipp Müllerdocs: gst: more gobject introspection annotations
2010-09-03 Philippe Normandgstquery: new buffering_ranges API
2010-09-01 Jeffrey S. SmithFix casts in a bunch of inline functions to maintain...
2010-03-10 Benjamin OtteMerge branch 'work'
2010-03-10 Benjamin OtteFixes for -Wwrite-strings
2009-12-07 Wim TaymansUse plain casting instead of typechecking
2009-11-25 Stefan Kostdocs: fix xrefs in docs
2009-11-05 Wim Taymansquery: whitespace fixes
2009-07-02 Tim-Philipp Müllerdocs: fix gtk-doc /*< private >*/ marker
2009-03-20 Tim-Philipp MüllerAPI: add GST_QUERY_CAST
2009-03-12 Wim Taymansdocs: Improve some docs
2009-02-22 Ali SabilConvert unref/copy functions of GstMiniObject subclasse...
2008-12-20 Sebastian DrögeAPI: Add URI query type. This is useful to query the...
2008-11-20 Wim Taymansgst/gstquery.*: Add GstQueryType for custom queries...
2008-04-09 Tim-Philipp Müllergst/gstquery.h: Fix typo.
2008-04-08 Wim TaymansRename _avail -> _range
2008-04-08 Wim TaymansAdd busy field and quark for the buffering query so...
2008-04-08 Wim TaymansReorder the message docs and headers for clarity.
2007-11-02 Tim-Philipp Müllergst/: Move declaration of private _gst_foo_initialize...
2007-02-02 Wim Taymansdocs/gst/gstreamer-sections.txt: Add docs for new methods.
2006-07-26 Jan Schmidtgst/gstquery.h: Delete unused and misleading define...
2006-02-14 Wim Taymansdocs/gst/gstreamer-sections.txt: Reworked query docs.
2006-02-13 Tim-Philipp MüllerNew API: add GST_MESSAGE_TYPE_NAME and GST_QUERY_TYPE_N...
2005-11-29 Andy Wingogst/gstevent.h (struct _GstEvent): Only one pointer...
2005-11-27 Jan Schmidtcheck/: Add tests for fdsrc seekability
2005-11-24 Wim TaymansDoc fixes.
2005-11-22 Wim Taymansgst/base/gstbasesink.*: No need to store the clock...
2005-11-20 Wim TaymansDoc fixes.
2005-11-19 Wim TaymansAdd type to quark and type to string conversions.
2005-11-10 Michael SmithFurther improve query docs. Still not happy with this.
2005-10-20 Wim Taymansgst/: More docs.
2005-10-20 Wim Taymansgst/: Docs and consistency fixes.
2005-10-19 Wim Taymansgst/: API change fix.
2005-10-15 Thomas Vander Stichelewhitespace fixes
2005-09-26 Thomas Vander Sticheleremove queryutils headers after moving the two used...
2005-09-22 Wim Taymansgst/gstquery.*: More documentation.
2005-09-22 Wim Taymansgst/gstbin.c: Some more debug info.
2005-08-29 Stefan Kostinlined and extended docs
2005-07-20 Ronald S. BultjeGstElement::new-pad -> pad-added, GstElement::state...
2005-07-18 Wim TaymansRemoved plugable schedulers.
2005-07-07 Wim Taymansgst/gstquery.*: Remove old types
2005-06-30 Wim TaymansAdded CHANGES-0.9 doc, updated status of other docs.
2005-05-16 David Schleefcheck/Makefile.am: remove GstData checks
2005-05-09 Wim TaymansRemove old query functions. Ported old code.
2005-05-06 Andy Wingogst/gstquery.h
2005-03-07 Wim TaymansFirst THREADED backport attempt, focusing on adding...
2004-03-15 Johan DahlinRevert again, this time without post-commit reindent...
2004-03-15 Johan Dahlin*.h: Revert indentation changes.
2004-03-13 Thomas Vander Stichelegst-indent run on core
2003-11-29 David SchleefChange 'const' to 'G_CONST_RETURN' in header files
2003-07-16 Andy Wingosome formatting and doc fixes, and make gstdebug output...
2003-02-10 Wim TaymansSmall cleanups and portability fixes for GUINT64
2003-01-01 Wim Taymans- Added PAD_NEGOTIATING flag, remove PAD_EOS flag
2002-12-30 Wim Taymans- major API breakage (one of the last, I promise...)