DEBIAN: Debianization
[glsdk/gstreamer0-10.git] / libs / gst /
2011-04-10 Alessandro Decinaandroid: make it ready for androgenizer
2009-10-06 Jan Schmidtregistry: Add registry helper phase 1
2008-07-29 Michael SmithBuild the net library if we have winsock2.
2005-11-29 Thomas Vander SticheleCVS surgery + support to move base, check, and net...
2005-09-15 David Remove getbits library. Nothing uses...
2005-08-02 Stefan Kostadded controller code removed dparam pc files
2005-08-01 Stefan Kostdeactivate and remove dparams (libgstcontrol)
2005-03-21 Wim TaymansNext big merge.
2004-05-19 Thomas Vander Sticheleclean up libs docs; add dataprotocol
2003-11-24 Benjamin Ottemerge in tagging
2003-10-28 Benjamin Ottemerge TYPEFIND branch. Major changes:
2003-10-01 Ronald S. BultjeNew typefind system: bytestream is now part of the...
2003-08-06 David Schleefputbits removed because of licensing concerns. Code...
2001-12-23 Thomas Vander Stichelemoving libs around
2001-12-23 Thomas Vander Stichelemoving bytestream in the same way as in gst-plugins...