plugin-scanner: rename plugin-scanner helper binary to gst-plugin-scanner
[glsdk/gstreamer0-10.git] / libs / gst / base /
2009-11-16 Wim Taymansbasesink: fix position reporting
2009-11-11 Jan Schmidtbasesink: Fix treating base_time as unsigned in positio...
2009-11-05 Stefan Kostpad: rename new api from _refed to _reffed.
2009-10-28 Edward Herveyoptimisation : Use g_object_newv where possible.
2009-10-28 Tim-Philipp MüllerRemove GST_DEBUG_FUNCPTR where they're pointless
2009-10-24 Sebastian Drögetypefindhelper: Remove obsolete FIXME
2009-10-24 Edward Herveytypefind: Keep typefind factories sorted in the registr...
2009-10-18 Edward Herveylibs/base/typefindhelper: Remove useless typechecking...
2009-10-15 Wim Taymansbasesrc: fix race in PLAYING->PAUSED->PLAYING
2009-10-09 Stefan Kostbasesink: lets keep -1 for segmenst as they are guint64...
2009-10-09 Stefan Kostbasesink: use GST_CLOCK_TIME_NONE and GST_CLOCK_TIME_IS...
2009-10-08 Edward Herveygst/base/basesink: Remove dead assignment.
2009-10-07 Tim-Philipp Müllerdocs: fix Since: tags in docs for newly-added API
2009-10-07 Stefan Kostpad: add variants of gst_pad_get_caps() that don't...
2009-10-07 Mark Nauwelaertsdataqueue: fix API documentation typo
2009-10-07 Sebastian Drögebytewriter: Add a generic byte writer
2009-10-07 Sebastian Drögebitreader/bytereader: API: Add gst_(bit|byte)_reader_ge...
2009-10-07 Sebastian Drögebytereader,bitreader: Remove FIXME 0.11 to remove non...
2009-10-07 Edward Herveygstdataqueue: new constructor which takes callbacks.
2009-10-06 Tim-Philipp Müllerbytereader: add inline version of gst_byte_reader_skip
2009-10-06 Tim-Philipp Müllerdataqueue, elements: avoid unnecessary runtime type...
2009-09-12 Sebastian Drögeintrospection: Build pkgconfig before all libraries...
2009-09-07 Wim Taymansfix whitespace
2009-09-07 Wim Taymansadapter: fix whitespace
2009-09-06 Tim-Philipp Müllerbitreader, bytereader: add some FIXME 0.11 comments...
2009-09-06 Tim-Philipp Müllerbytereader: add unchecked and inline versions of the...
2009-09-06 Tim-Philipp Müllerbytereader: add inline versions of the most common...
2009-09-06 Tim-Philipp Müllerbytereader: add inlined _unchecked() variants for some...
2009-09-05 Sebastian Drögeintrospection: Strip Gst prefix from all types/functions
2009-09-05 Sebastian Drögeintrospection: Fix out-of-tree build
2009-09-05 Sebastian Drögeintrospection: Fix build if gir-repository is not installed
2009-09-05 Sebastian Drögegstbase: Add gobject-introspection support
2009-09-04 Tim-Philipp Müllerdocs: fix docs for gst_byte_reader_{get|peek}_float*()
2009-09-01 Wim Taymansbasesrc: whitespace fixes
2009-08-28 Wim Taymansadapter: whitespace fixes
2009-08-28 Thijs VermeirCheck suggested caps for proxy alloc
2009-08-27 Wim Taymansbasesink: whitespace fixes
2009-08-24 Wim Taymansbasesrc: return result of _set_caps()
2009-08-24 Wim Taymansbasesink: whitespace fixes
2009-08-08 Edward Herveybasesink: Remove dead assignments
2009-08-06 Stefan Kostbasetransform: use new _caps_can_intersect()
2009-08-06 Stefan Kostbasetransform: only check caps_is_fixed() if they changed
2009-08-06 Wim Taymansbasetransform: clarify _caps_is_equal()
2009-08-06 Wim Taymansbasetransform: refactor metadata modifications
2009-08-06 Wim Taymansbasetransform: enable optimisation
2009-08-06 Wim Taymansbasetransform: fix refcounting problem
2009-08-06 Wim Taymansbasesink: cleanups in position queries
2009-08-06 Stian Selnesbasesink: Query upstream for the position if conversion...
2009-08-06 Kipp Cannonbasetransform: Improve debug output in gst_base_transfo...
2009-08-06 Sebastian Drögebasetransform: Don't unset GAP flag if working in passt...
2009-08-03 Mark Nauwelaertsbytereader: avoid wrap-around in buffer size checks...
2009-07-29 Edward Herveycollectpads: Get the flushing state with the object...
2009-07-29 Edward Herveycollectpads: Make sure the CollectData list is up-to...
2009-07-29 Edward Herveycollectpads: Split out _check_pads into a version witho...
2009-07-24 Robin Stockerbasesrc: don't handle SEEKING queries for formats that...
2009-07-20 Wim Taymansbasesrc: make tag queuing threadsafe
2009-07-20 Edward Herveybasesrc: Serialize tags into the dataflow. Fixes #588745
2009-07-16 Tim-Philipp Müllerdocs: fix API docs for gst_{adapter|byte_reader}_masked...
2009-07-14 Stefan Kostbasetransform: take size once
2009-07-06 Stefan Kostcollectpads: make it the best of wims and edwards patch.
2009-07-06 Stefan Kostbasetransform: make comment a FIXME comment
2009-07-06 Stefan Kostlogging: use perf category for dropped buffers
2009-07-05 Edward Herveycollectpads: Don't forward FLUSH_STOP if some input...
2009-07-04 Edward Herveycollectpads: Update the cookie when setting ourselves...
2009-07-02 Tim-Philipp Müllerdocs: fix gtk-doc /*< private >*/ marker
2009-06-29 Wim Taymansbufferlist: use faster gst_buffer_list_get()
2009-06-29 Ognyan Tonchevbasesink: take timestamp later
2009-06-29 Stefan Kostlogging: add a performace log category
2009-06-25 Tim-Philipp Müllerbasesink: don't do things with side effects within...
2009-06-23 Tim-Philipp Müllerbytereader: add a bunch of utility functions for string...
2009-06-18 Wim Taymanscollectpads: use the right flushing flag.
2009-06-18 Edward Herveycollectpads: Properly handle flushing pads.
2009-06-16 Wim Taymansbasesink: add Since tag for new method
2009-06-16 Branko Subasicbasesink: add support for buffer list
2009-06-15 Wim Taymanscollectpads: fix .h indentation
2009-06-15 Wim Taymansbasesrc: add some more debug
2009-06-13 Tim-Philipp Müllerbytereader: add gst_byte_reader_masked_scan_uint32()
2009-06-12 Wim Taymansstepping: more stepping improvements
2009-06-12 Wim Taymansbasesink: post step-start
2009-06-09 Wim Taymansbasesink: update segment start/stop for clipping
2009-06-09 Wim Taymansbasesink: do proper clipping in stepping
2009-06-08 Wim Taymansstepping: do flushing steps correctly
2009-06-08 Jan Schmidtbasesink: Change awkward wording in a translateable...
2009-06-08 Wim Taymansbasesink: add non-flushing steps
2009-06-05 Mark Nauwelaertsbasesrc: reply to QUERY_SEEKING with original format...
2009-06-04 Wim Taymansbasesink: fix clipped start/stop after step
2009-06-04 Wim Taymansbasesink: use more correct segment methods
2009-06-03 Wim Taymansbasesink; handle EOS correctly.
2009-06-03 Wim Taymansbasesink: forget previous times when stepping
2009-06-02 Wim Taymansbasesink: fix regression in unit tests
2009-06-01 Wim Taymansbasesink: post a warning on excessive framedrops
2009-06-01 Wim Taymansbasesink: more stepping in reverse
2009-06-01 Wim Taymansbasesink: use start_time as the step start
2009-06-01 Wim Taymansbasesink: catch step cases in _wait_preroll()
2009-06-01 Wim Taymansbasesink: more stepping in reverse fixes
2009-06-01 Wim Taymansbasesink: small cleanups
2009-06-01 Wim Taymansframestep: implement backwards framestep
2009-06-01 Wim Taymansbasesink: add framestepping in time
2009-06-01 Wim Taymansbasesink: keep track of stepped time
2009-06-01 Wim Taymansbasesink: move stuff around, more stepping