DEBIAN: Debianization
[glsdk/gstreamer0-10.git] / plugins / indexers / gstindexers.c
2010-03-11 Benjamin OtteFixes for -Wmissing-declarations -Wmissing-prototypes
2007-05-22 Tim-Philipp Müllerplugins/: Use #ifdef for HAVE_XYZ for consistency.
2006-06-01 Stefan Kostplugins/indexers/gstindexers.c: conditionally register...
2005-12-01 Thomas Vander Sticheledocument core plugins in a separate document just like...
2005-10-16 Thomas Vander use the gettext macro
2005-10-15 Thomas Vander check for some headers
2004-03-13 Thomas Vander Stichelegst-indent run on core
2003-12-05 Thomas Vander Stichelemore trademark fixing
2003-12-04 Andy Wingoremove copyright field from plugin structs
2003-10-31 Benjamin Otteupdate plugin initialization restructuring (see email...
2003-01-04 Wim TaymansRegister the two indexers