gststructure: early out when we know a value cannot be a subset
[glsdk/gstreamer0-10.git] / po /
2011-06-18 Tim-Philipp MüllerBump git version after unplanned 0.10.35 release
2011-06-04 Tim-Philipp Müllerpo: update for new translatable string
2011-05-10 Tim-Philipp MüllerRelease 0.10.33
2011-04-30 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.32.4 pre-release
2011-04-27 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.32.3 pre-release
2011-04-16 Tim-Philipp Müllerpo: update translations
2011-01-11 Tim-Philipp Müllerpo: update translations
2011-01-06 Tim-Philipp Müllerpo: update translations
2010-11-17 Tim-Philipp Müllerpo: update translations
2010-11-01 Tim-Philipp Müllerpo: update translations
2010-10-15 Tim-Philipp Müllerpo: update translations
2010-09-23 Tim-Philipp Müllerpo: update for new strings
2010-09-06 Tim-Philipp Müllerpo: update translations for new strings
2010-07-26 Tim-Philipp Müllerpo: update for new strings
2010-07-15 Tim-Philipp Müllerpo: update translations
2010-07-06 Tim-Philipp Müllerpo: update translations
2010-06-26 Tim-Philipp Müllerpo: update translations
2010-06-17 Tim-Philipp Müllerpo: update for new strings
2010-04-27 Tim-Philipp MüllerUpdate .po files
2010-04-14 Tim-Philipp Müllerpo: update translations
2010-03-30 Tim-Philipp Müllerpo: update for new string
2010-03-25 Tim-Philipp Müllerpo: update translations for newly-added strings
2010-03-12 Tim-Philipp Müllerpo: update for new strings
2010-03-11 Edward HerveyUpdate .po files
2010-03-08 Tim-Philipp MüllerUpdate .po files
2010-03-05 Tim-Philipp MüllerUpdate .po files
2010-03-03 Tim-Philipp Müllerpo: update translations
2010-02-24 Tim-Philipp Müllerpo: update translations
2010-02-18 Tim-Philipp Müller0.10.26.2 pre-release
2010-02-15 Tim-Philipp Müllerpo: update po files for new comments
2010-02-10 Tim-Philipp MüllerUpdate .po files
2010-02-04 Tim-Philipp Müllerpo: translation updates
2010-01-26 Tim-Philipp Müllerpo: update translation files
2010-01-07 Christian SchallerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-01-06 Tim-Philipp Müllerpo: update for new translated strings
2009-12-03 Tim-Philipp Müllerpo: update .po files after string changes
2009-10-31 Edward Herveypo: queue2 has moved to core
2009-10-15 Jan Schmidtpo: Don't create backup .po files
2009-10-06 Tim-Philipp Müllerpo: update translation files for new and changed strings
2009-10-05 Jan SchmidtUpdate .po files
2009-10-01 Jan Schmidt0.10.24.4 pre-release
2009-09-17 Jan Schmidt0.10.24.3 pre-release
2009-09-11 Jan Schmidt0.10.24.2 pre-release
2009-08-04 Jan SchmidtUpdate .po files
2009-07-30 Jan Schmidt0.10.24.5 pre-release
2009-07-24 Jan Schmidt0.10.23.4 pre-release
2009-07-20 Jan Schmidt0.10.23.3 pre-release
2009-07-14 Jan Schmidt0.10.23.2 pre-release
2009-06-19 Tim-Philipp Müllerpo: update .po files after string changes
2009-06-03 Tim-Philipp Müllerpo: update .po files for string changes
2009-05-12 Tim-Philipp Müllerpo: update .po files for new strings from container...
2009-05-10 Jan SchmidtUpdate .po files
2009-05-06 Jan Schmidt0.10.22.4 pre-release
2009-04-21 Jan Schmidt0.10.22.3 pre-release
2009-04-15 Jan Schmidtpo: Update translations from TP
2009-02-13 Tim-Philipp Müllerpo: update *.po files for newly-added translatable...
2009-02-05 Tim-Philipp Müllerpo: avoid conflicts of local *.po files with files...
2009-01-23 Jan SchmidtIgnore another file
2009-01-19 Jan SchmidtRelease 0.10.22
2009-01-19 Jan SchmidtUpdate .po files
2008-10-02 Jan SchmidtUpdate .po files
2008-09-16 Jan SchmidtGah. Commit pre-release info that should have gone...
2008-06-18 Jan SchmidtUpdate .po files
2008-03-20 Jan SchmidtUpdate .po files
2008-01-28 Jan SchmidtRelease 0.10.16
2008-01-28 Jan SchmidtUpdate .po files
2007-11-16 Jan releasing 0.10.15, "October"
2007-11-15 Jan SchmidtUpdate .po files
2007-09-22 Thomas Vander Sticheleupdated translations
2007-09-22 Thomas Vander Stichelepo/: Added Spanish translation.
2007-08-20 Tim-Philipp Müllerdocs/random/release: The release manager should run...
2007-08-09 Thomas Vander Stichelepo/: Added Hungarian translation.
2007-08-09 Thomas Vander Stichelepo/: Updated translations.
2007-08-05 Stefan Kostpo/POTFILES.*: Update POTFILES. Fixes #461599.
2007-08-03 Jan SchmidtUpdate .po files
2007-07-01 Thomas Vander Stichelepo/: Updated translations.
2007-07-01 Thomas Vander Stichelepo/: Added new Finnish translation.
2007-06-23 Thomas Vander Stichelepo/it.po: Updated Italian translation.
2007-06-23 Thomas Vander Stichelepo/: Update Vietnamese translations.
2007-06-17 Thomas Vander Stichelepo/: Update translations.
2007-06-05 Jan SchmidtUpdate .po files
2007-04-05 Thomas Vander Sticheleupdate dutch
2007-04-05 Thomas Vander Stichelepo/: Added Danish translation.
2007-03-14 Thomas Vander Stichelepo/: Update translations from translation project
2007-03-07 Jan SchmidtUpdate .po files
2007-03-07 Jan SchmidtUpdate .po files
2007-02-01 Tim-Philipp Müllerpo/sv.po: Update Swedish translation (#378255).
2006-11-30 Jan SchmidtUpdate .po files
2006-09-09 Thomas Vander Sticheletranslation updates
2006-07-13 Jan SchmidtUpdate .po files
2006-07-11 Jan SchmidtUpdate .po files
2006-06-11 Stefan Kostpo/POTFILES.*: add missing files containing translatabl...
2006-06-10 Thomas Vander Stichelereleasing 0.10.8
2006-06-07 Thomas Vander Stichele0.10.6.2 prerelease
2006-05-30 Thomas Vander Sticheleupdate po files
2006-05-14 Jan SchmidtUpdate .po files
2006-04-12 Thomas Vander Sticheleupdated translations
2006-04-12 Thomas Vander Sticheleupdate libtool versioning
2006-03-09 Thomas Vander Sticheleprereleasing
2006-02-08 Jan releasing 0.10.3, "Like a virgin"