DEBIAN: Debianization
[glsdk/gstreamer0-10.git] / tests /
2005-12-12 Stefan Kostgst/gstpluginfeature.c: more meaningful debug output
2005-12-12 Stefan Kosttests/ enable the examples even more
2005-11-30 Thomas Vander Sticheledescend into tests
2005-11-30 Thomas Vander Stichelemove all of these under tests
2005-11-30 Thomas Vander Stichelefix distcheck
2005-11-23 Thomas Vander Sticheleremove obsolete tests
2005-10-10 Andy Wingotests/ (noinst_PROGRAMS): No more init.c.
2005-10-10 RonaldMerged in popt removal + GOption addition patch from...
2005-09-26 Andy WingoRemove memchunk benchmark stuff, this is taken over...
2005-06-19 Thomas Vander Sticheleremove bufspeed and spidey_bench
2005-04-25 Thomas Vander Stichelethere is no speed. really.
2005-04-16 Thomas Vander SticheleNEWS build
2005-02-24 Andy Wingotests/: New test, sets up N elements, at each level...
2004-07-02 Benjamin Ottetests/: add simple benchmark to test various speeds...
2004-05-09 Thomas Vander Sticheleuraeus fix
2004-05-08 Benjamin Ottetests/: add benchmark to test how long spider needs...
2004-05-04 Thomas Vander Stichelereorganize C/LIB flags add gst_info to gstcompat.h
2004-01-07 Ronald S. Bultjegst/elements/gstfilesink.c: Fix for if we pass NULL...
2003-02-10 Wim TaymansSmall compile fixes
2002-10-25 David SchleefMore nasm removal cleanups
2002-10-25 David SchleefRemove HAVE_NASM-related stuff
2002-09-23 Thomas Vander Stichelebufspeed gives warnings because of volatile discardatio...
2002-08-02 Wim TaymansAdded segment seeking experiment
2002-07-08 Wim TaymansRemove bufspeed test
2002-06-01 Steve Bakeradded a test which shows a problem with state changes...
2002-01-15 Bastien Nocera- add all the dirs to the DIST_SUBDIRS
2002-01-15 Bastien Nocera- dodge compiling memchunk and bufspeed if NASM is...
2002-01-05 Andy Wingoput everything in tests/
2001-12-16 Wrobell- use GST_CFLAGS only
2001-12-04 wrobell- some fixes to int2float making automake 1.5 happy...
2001-10-17 Erik Walthinsenmerge from EVENTS1 on 20011016
2001-08-22 Erik Walthinsenadded timecache testing code
2001-08-06 Erik WalthinsenInitial code for the event system.
2001-07-27 Wim TaymansAdded a simple thread state change app.
2001-07-11 Wim TaymansAdded a muxing test case.
2001-06-01 Thomas Vander Sticheletest for disconnect and reconnect of elements
2001-06-01 Wim TaymansFixed a couple of compiler warnings.
2001-05-27 Erik Walthinsenvarious build fixes
2001-05-25 Erik WalthinsenMerged from INCSCHED on 200505251!!!
2001-04-17 Wim TaymansAutoplug3 shows an example of an autoplugged mp3 player.
2001-04-16 Wim TaymansUpdated the padfactory test code.
2001-03-12 Wim TaymansMerged the CAPSNEGO1 branch..
2001-03-07 Wim TaymansMerged the AUTOPLUG2 branch
2001-01-19 Wim TaymansAdded a little tee test program.
2001-01-14 Erik WalthinsenMassive build fixup. Will send message to -devel list...
2001-01-02 Wim Taymansooops, eos is a dir
2001-01-02 Wim TaymansFixed makefiles for docs
2000-12-31 Erik WalthinsenI'm too lazy to comment this
2000-12-31 Wim TaymansAdded multiple caps to the pads
2000-12-27 Erik Walthinsenadded case4
2000-12-19 Wim TaymansAdded API to dynamically create GstCaps and GstProps
2000-12-19 Wim TaymansCleanup in gsttypes.c: removed the crazy GList of GHash...
2000-12-16 Erik WalthinsenWARNING: Don't grab this updated unless you're really...
2000-12-12 Erik WalthinsenAdded LAME encoder. Wow.
2000-12-12 Erik WalthinsenBrand new source, the cdparanoia source. Reads audio...
2000-12-11 Wim TaymansFirst attempt at rebuilding the type/plugin system
2000-12-08 Erik WalthinsenTest program for simple queue operations. Good for...
2000-12-07 Wim TaymansUpdated the test program
2000-12-03 Wim TaymansAdded a test program for the capabilities
2000-07-17 Erik WalthinsenMegapatch, changes which states are available, how...