17 years agolibs/gst/dataprotocol/: It's about time we bump the version number.
Wim Taymans [Sat, 8 Oct 2005 17:17:25 +0000 (17:17 +0000)]
libs/gst/dataprotocol/: It's about time we bump the version number.

Original commit message from CVS:
* libs/gst/dataprotocol/dataprotocol.c:
(gst_dp_header_from_buffer), (gst_dp_packet_from_caps),
* libs/gst/dataprotocol/dataprotocol.h:
* libs/gst/dataprotocol/dp-private.h:
It's about time we bump the version number.
Since event types don't fit in the guint8 anymore describing
the payload type, make payload type 16 bits wide.

17 years agodocs/design/: Many doc updates.
Wim Taymans [Sat, 8 Oct 2005 16:49:15 +0000 (16:49 +0000)]
docs/design/: Many doc updates.

Original commit message from CVS:
* docs/design/part-TODO.txt:
* docs/design/part-clocks.txt:
* docs/design/part-events.txt:
* docs/design/part-gstbin.txt:
* docs/design/part-gstelement.txt:
* docs/design/part-gstpipeline.txt:
* docs/design/part-live-source.txt:
* docs/design/part-messages.txt:
* docs/design/part-overview.txt:
* docs/design/part-states.txt:
Many doc updates.

17 years agogst/gstevent.*: Fix event quark registration.
Wim Taymans [Sat, 8 Oct 2005 16:13:50 +0000 (16:13 +0000)]
gst/gstevent.*: Fix event quark registration.

Original commit message from CVS:
* gst/gstevent.c:
* gst/gstevent.h:
Fix event quark registration.
Add some space between events so we can insert them in the
right groups.

17 years agogst/base/gstbasesink.c: Better log message.
Wim Taymans [Sat, 8 Oct 2005 14:57:09 +0000 (14:57 +0000)]
gst/base/gstbasesink.c: Better log message.

Original commit message from CVS:
* gst/base/gstbasesink.c: (gst_base_sink_handle_object),
Better log message.

* gst/gstbus.h:
* gst/gstelement.h:
More docs.

* gst/gstqueue.c: (gst_queue_class_init), (gst_queue_init),
(gst_queue_set_property), (gst_queue_get_property):
* gst/gstqueue.h:
Remove old unused properties.

17 years agolots of new docs and doc fixes
Stefan Kost [Sat, 8 Oct 2005 14:48:17 +0000 (14:48 +0000)]
lots of new docs and doc fixes

Original commit message from CVS:
* docs/gst/gstreamer-sections.txt:
* gst/gstmessage.c:
* gst/gstmessage.h:
* gst/gstminiobject.c:
* gst/gstminiobject.h:
* gst/gstobject.h:
* gst/gstpad.h:
* gst/gstutils.h:
lots of new docs and doc fixes

17 years agofix a leak I introduced
Thomas Vander Stichele [Sat, 8 Oct 2005 14:41:56 +0000 (14:41 +0000)]
fix a leak I introduced

Original commit message from CVS:
fix a leak I introduced

17 years agogst/: Only ever load one plugin for a given plugin basename.
Thomas Vander Stichele [Sat, 8 Oct 2005 13:57:17 +0000 (13:57 +0000)]
gst/: Only ever load one plugin for a given plugin basename.

Original commit message from CVS:

* gst/gstplugin.c: (gst_plugin_finalize), (gst_plugin_load_file):
* gst/gstplugin.h:
* gst/gstregistry.c: (gst_registry_lookup_locked),
* gst/gstregistryxml.c: (load_plugin):
Only ever load one plugin for a given plugin basename.
This ensures correct overriding of GST_PLUGIN_PATH over
GST_PLUGIN_SYSTEM_PATH and of home dir plugins over
system installed plugins.

17 years agogst/base/gstbasesink.c: Prepare for doing QOS.
Wim Taymans [Sat, 8 Oct 2005 13:39:02 +0000 (13:39 +0000)]
gst/base/gstbasesink.c: Prepare for doing QOS.

Original commit message from CVS:
* gst/base/gstbasesink.c: (gst_base_sink_handle_object),
(gst_base_sink_do_sync), (gst_base_sink_handle_buffer):
Prepare for doing QOS.

17 years agocheck/: Allow new clock message too.
Wim Taymans [Sat, 8 Oct 2005 13:10:34 +0000 (13:10 +0000)]
check/: Allow new clock message too.

Original commit message from CVS:
* check/gst/gstbin.c: (GST_START_TEST):
* check/pipelines/cleanup.c: (GST_START_TEST):
* check/pipelines/simple_launch_lines.c: (GST_START_TEST):
Allow new clock message too.

17 years agogst/gstmessage.*: Also carry the clock in question.
Wim Taymans [Sat, 8 Oct 2005 12:56:37 +0000 (12:56 +0000)]
gst/gstmessage.*: Also carry the clock in question.

Original commit message from CVS:
* gst/gstmessage.c: (gst_message_new_error),
(gst_message_new_warning), (gst_message_new_tag),
(gst_message_new_state_changed), (gst_message_new_clock_provide),
(gst_message_new_clock_lost), (gst_message_new_new_clock),
(gst_message_new_segment_start), (gst_message_new_segment_done),
(gst_message_parse_clock_provide), (gst_message_parse_clock_lost),
* gst/gstmessage.h:
Also carry the clock in question.

17 years agogst/gstmessage.*: Clean up.
Wim Taymans [Sat, 8 Oct 2005 12:36:36 +0000 (12:36 +0000)]
gst/gstmessage.*: Clean up.

Original commit message from CVS:
* gst/gstmessage.c: (gst_message_new_custom),
(gst_message_new_eos), (gst_message_new_error),
(gst_message_new_warning), (gst_message_new_tag),
(gst_message_new_state_changed), (gst_message_new_clock_provide),
(gst_message_new_new_clock), (gst_message_new_segment_start),
(gst_message_new_segment_done), (gst_message_parse_state_changed),
(gst_message_parse_clock_provide), (gst_message_parse_new_clock):
* gst/gstmessage.h:
Clean up.
Added clock related messages.

* gst/gstpipeline.c: (gst_pipeline_change_state):
Post message when the clock changed.

* tools/gst-launch.c: (event_loop):
Print new clock.

17 years agotools/gst-inspect.c: Can't pass NULL strings to g_print() on windows.
Tim-Philipp Müller [Sat, 8 Oct 2005 11:16:03 +0000 (11:16 +0000)]
tools/gst-inspect.c: Can't pass NULL strings to g_print() on windows.

Original commit message from CVS:
* tools/gst-inspect.c: (print_element_properties_info):
Can't pass NULL strings to g_print() on windows.

17 years agodocs/: add a chapter on running GStreamer.
Thomas Vander Stichele [Sat, 8 Oct 2005 11:12:26 +0000 (11:12 +0000)]
docs/: add a chapter on running GStreamer.

Original commit message from CVS:

* docs/
* docs/gst/
* docs/gst/gstreamer-docs.sgml:
* docs/gst/running.xml:
* docs/
add a chapter on running GStreamer.
document GST_DEBUG and GST_PLUGIN* env vars

17 years remove include dir
Thomas Vander Stichele [Sat, 8 Oct 2005 11:10:17 +0000 (11:10 +0000)] remove include dir

Original commit message from CVS:

remove include dir
* gst/gst.c: (init_post):
* idiottest.mak:
remove, it was condescending and not needed

17 years agogst/base/gstbasesink.*: Repost EOS message while going to PLAYING if still EOS.
Wim Taymans [Sat, 8 Oct 2005 09:58:30 +0000 (09:58 +0000)]
gst/base/gstbasesink.*: Repost EOS message while going to PLAYING if still EOS.

Original commit message from CVS:
* gst/base/gstbasesink.c: (gst_base_sink_preroll_queue_flush),
(gst_base_sink_handle_object), (gst_base_sink_event),
(gst_base_sink_wait), (gst_base_sink_handle_event),
* gst/base/gstbasesink.h:
Repost EOS message while going to PLAYING if still EOS.
Make sure that when receiving a FLUSH_START we don't attempt
to sync on the clock anymore.

17 years agotools/gst-launch.c: Better message printout.
Wim Taymans [Sat, 8 Oct 2005 09:38:19 +0000 (09:38 +0000)]
tools/gst-launch.c: Better message printout.

Original commit message from CVS:
* tools/gst-launch.c: (event_loop):
Better message printout.

17 years agogst/: Make ChildProxy threadsafe and fix mem leaks.
Wim Taymans [Sat, 8 Oct 2005 09:24:25 +0000 (09:24 +0000)]
gst/: Make ChildProxy threadsafe and fix mem leaks.

Original commit message from CVS:
* gst/gstbin.c: (gst_bin_child_proxy_get_child_by_index),
* gst/gstchildproxy.c: (gst_child_proxy_get_child_by_name),
(gst_child_proxy_lookup), (gst_child_proxy_get_property),
(gst_child_proxy_get_valist), (gst_child_proxy_set_property),
* gst/parse/grammar.y:
Make ChildProxy threadsafe and fix mem leaks.

17 years agogst/gst.c: debug the GST_PLUGIN_ env vars
Thomas Vander Stichele [Sat, 8 Oct 2005 09:09:55 +0000 (09:09 +0000)]
gst/gst.c: debug the GST_PLUGIN_ env vars

Original commit message from CVS:
* gst/gst.c: (init_post):
debug the GST_PLUGIN_ env vars

17 years agoAdded extra field to STATE_CHANGE message with the pending state, which will be diffe...
Wim Taymans [Sat, 8 Oct 2005 08:58:45 +0000 (08:58 +0000)]
Added extra field to STATE_CHANGE message with the pending state, which will be different from the new state soon.

Original commit message from CVS:
* check/gst/gstbin.c: (GST_START_TEST):
* check/gst/gstmessage.c: (GST_START_TEST):
* check/gst/gstpipeline.c: (GST_START_TEST), (message_received):
* gst/gstelement.c: (gst_element_commit_state),
* gst/gstmessage.c: (gst_message_new_state_changed),
* gst/gstmessage.h:
* tools/gst-launch.c: (event_loop):
Added extra field to STATE_CHANGE message with the pending
state, which will be different from the new state soon.

17 years agogst/: Small cleanups and doc updates.
Wim Taymans [Sat, 8 Oct 2005 08:00:37 +0000 (08:00 +0000)]
gst/: Small cleanups and doc updates.

Original commit message from CVS:
* gst/gstbus.c: (gst_bus_pop):
* gst/gstclock.c:
* gst/gstsystemclock.c: (gst_system_clock_async_thread):
Small cleanups and doc updates.

17 years agogst/: log distributing clocks and base time
Thomas Vander Stichele [Sat, 8 Oct 2005 06:49:09 +0000 (06:49 +0000)]
gst/: log distributing clocks and base time

Original commit message from CVS:

* gst/gst.c: (init_pre):
* gst/gstbin.c: (gst_bin_add_func):
log distributing clocks and base time
* gst/gstregistry.c: (gst_registry_add_plugin),
(gst_registry_scan_path_level), (gst_registry_scan_path):
clean up the debugging output a little
* gst/gstutils.c: (gst_element_state_get_name):
warn about a memleak (I've actually seen this be used, though
it was probably a bug)

17 years agoadd two new functions
Thomas Vander Stichele [Sat, 8 Oct 2005 06:42:30 +0000 (06:42 +0000)]
add two new functions

Original commit message from CVS:
add two new functions

17 years agogst/base/gstbasesrc.*: Make the newsegment event customizable by subclasses.
Wim Taymans [Fri, 7 Oct 2005 18:17:23 +0000 (18:17 +0000)]
gst/base/gstbasesrc.*: Make the newsegment event customizable by subclasses.

Original commit message from CVS:
* gst/base/gstbasesrc.c: (gst_base_src_class_init),
(gst_base_src_init), (gst_base_src_default_newsegment),
(gst_base_src_newsegment), (gst_base_src_do_seek),
(gst_base_src_loop), (gst_base_src_start):
* gst/base/gstbasesrc.h:
Make the newsegment event customizable by subclasses.

17 years agogst/gstevent.*: New event for future idea.
Wim Taymans [Fri, 7 Oct 2005 18:02:14 +0000 (18:02 +0000)]
gst/gstevent.*: New event for future idea.

Original commit message from CVS:
* gst/gstevent.c: (gst_event_new_buffersize),
* gst/gstevent.h:
New event for future idea.

17 years agogst/gstelement.c (gst_element_post_message): Doc update.
Andy Wingo [Fri, 7 Oct 2005 16:28:56 +0000 (16:28 +0000)]
gst/gstelement.c (gst_element_post_message): Doc update.

Original commit message from CVS:
2005-10-07  Andy Wingo  <>

* gst/gstelement.c (gst_element_post_message): Doc update.

17 years agodocs/gst/gstreamer-sections.txt: Update.
Andy Wingo [Fri, 7 Oct 2005 16:13:51 +0000 (16:13 +0000)]
docs/gst/gstreamer-sections.txt: Update.

Original commit message from CVS:
2005-10-07  Andy Wingo  <>

* docs/gst/gstreamer-sections.txt: Update.

* gst/gstmessage.c (gst_message_new_application): Made into a
function like honest API calls.
(gst_message_new_element): New message type.

* gst/gstmessage.h (enum): Add GST_MESSAGE_ELEMENT type.

17 years agofdsrc does not build currently on win32 due to socketpair
Thomas Vander Stichele [Fri, 7 Oct 2005 15:25:49 +0000 (15:25 +0000)]
fdsrc does not build currently on win32 due to socketpair

Original commit message from CVS:
fdsrc does not build currently on win32 due to socketpair

17 years agocheck/elements/fakesrc.c (test_no_preroll): New check, checks that setting a live...
Andy Wingo [Fri, 7 Oct 2005 15:22:38 +0000 (15:22 +0000)]
check/elements/fakesrc.c (test_no_preroll): New check, checks that setting a live fakesrc to PAUSED returns NO_PREROL...

Original commit message from CVS:
2005-10-07  Andy Wingo  <>

* check/elements/fakesrc.c (test_no_preroll): New check, checks
that setting a live fakesrc to PAUSED returns NO_PREROLL both

* gst/base/gstbasesrc.c (gst_base_src_change_state): Allow a
NO_PREROLL from gst_element_change_state to fall through.

17 years agodon't use if not declared
Thomas Vander Stichele [Fri, 7 Oct 2005 15:13:25 +0000 (15:13 +0000)]
don't use if not declared

Original commit message from CVS:
don't use if not declared

17 years agogst/gstghostpad.c: Activating a ghostpad with no internal pad in push mode is ok.
Wim Taymans [Fri, 7 Oct 2005 12:52:15 +0000 (12:52 +0000)]
gst/gstghostpad.c: Activating a ghostpad with no internal pad in push mode is ok.

Original commit message from CVS:
* gst/gstghostpad.c: (gst_ghost_pad_get_internal),
Activating a ghostpad with no internal pad in push mode
is ok.

17 years agogst/gstobject.h: there's no point in wrapping FLAG_SET/_UNSET in STMT macros.
Thomas Vander Stichele [Fri, 7 Oct 2005 12:45:49 +0000 (12:45 +0000)]
gst/gstobject.h: there's no point in wrapping FLAG_SET/_UNSET in STMT macros.

Original commit message from CVS:

* gst/gstobject.h:
there's no point in wrapping FLAG_SET/_UNSET in STMT macros.
Fixes compilation on Windows.

17 years agoPrint out feature and plugin count at the end when printing out all features.
Michael Smith [Fri, 7 Oct 2005 10:32:24 +0000 (10:32 +0000)]
Print out feature and plugin count at the end when printing out all features.

Original commit message from CVS:
Print out feature and plugin count at the end when printing out
all features.

Also add a changelog entry which I'd written but not committed?

17 years agoAdd a GType to GstIterator, update callsites and tests.
Johan Dahlin [Fri, 7 Oct 2005 00:14:45 +0000 (00:14 +0000)]
Add a GType to GstIterator, update callsites and tests.

Original commit message from CVS:
* check/gst/gstiterator.c: (GST_START_TEST):
* gst/gstbin.c: (gst_bin_iterate_elements),
(gst_bin_iterate_recurse), (gst_bin_iterate_sorted):
* gst/gstelement.c: (gst_element_iterate_pads):
* gst/gstformat.c: (gst_format_iterate_definitions):
* gst/gstiterator.c: (gst_iterator_init), (gst_iterator_new),
(gst_iterator_new_list), (gst_iterator_filter):
* gst/gstiterator.h:
* gst/gstquery.c: (gst_query_type_iterate_definitions):
Add a GType to GstIterator, update callsites and tests.

17 years agodoh. use correct variable
Thomas Vander Stichele [Thu, 6 Oct 2005 21:09:11 +0000 (21:09 +0000)]
doh.  use correct variable

Original commit message from CVS:
doh.  use correct variable

17 years agoversion gstreamer-tools package
Christian Schaller [Thu, 6 Oct 2005 17:00:50 +0000 (17:00 +0000)]
version gstreamer-tools package

Original commit message from CVS:
version gstreamer-tools package

17 years agoinitialize quarks
Thomas Vander Stichele [Thu, 6 Oct 2005 14:20:15 +0000 (14:20 +0000)]
initialize quarks

Original commit message from CVS:
initialize quarks

17 years agogst/gstpad.c: give events a chance to be handled by event probes when the pad is...
Thomas Vander Stichele [Thu, 6 Oct 2005 14:01:44 +0000 (14:01 +0000)]
gst/gstpad.c: give events a chance to be handled by event probes when the pad is not linked

Original commit message from CVS:

* gst/gstpad.c: (gst_pad_event_default_dispatch):
give events a chance to be handled by event probes when the pad
is not linked

17 years agogst/gstevent.*: add string representations for event types
Thomas Vander Stichele [Thu, 6 Oct 2005 13:55:43 +0000 (13:55 +0000)]
gst/gstevent.*: add string representations for event types

Original commit message from CVS:

* gst/gstevent.c: (gst_event_type_get_name),
(gst_event_type_to_quark), (gst_event_finalize), (gst_event_new):
* gst/gstevent.h:
add string representations for event types

17 years agowhitespace fixes
Thomas Vander Stichele [Thu, 6 Oct 2005 13:42:56 +0000 (13:42 +0000)]
whitespace fixes

Original commit message from CVS:
whitespace fixes

17 years agogst/elements/gstfilesink.c: Don't use NULL pointers.
Wim Taymans [Thu, 6 Oct 2005 13:24:28 +0000 (13:24 +0000)]
gst/elements/gstfilesink.c: Don't use NULL pointers.

Original commit message from CVS:
* gst/elements/gstfilesink.c: (gst_file_sink_close_file):
Don't use NULL pointers.

17 years agogst/: widen the debug category in output to fit the biggest one we have add a bus...
Thomas Vander Stichele [Thu, 6 Oct 2005 09:49:42 +0000 (09:49 +0000)]
gst/: widen the debug category in output to fit the biggest one we have add a bus category and use it play with the c...

Original commit message from CVS:

* gst/gst_private.h:
* gst/gstbus.c:
* gst/gstelement.c:
* gst/gstinfo.c:
* gst/gstpluginfeature.c:
widen the debug category in output to fit the biggest one we have
add a bus category and use it
play with the colors
fix up some categories

17 years agofirst stab at reorganizing docs for pad
Thomas Vander Stichele [Thu, 6 Oct 2005 07:42:41 +0000 (07:42 +0000)]
first stab at reorganizing docs for pad

Original commit message from CVS:
first stab at reorganizing docs for pad

17 years agogst/gstghostpad.c: add push activation of sink ghost pads.
Thomas Vander Stichele [Thu, 6 Oct 2005 07:13:01 +0000 (07:13 +0000)]
gst/gstghostpad.c: add push activation of sink ghost pads.

Original commit message from CVS:
2005-10-06  Thomas Vander Stichele  <thomas at apestaart dot org>

* gst/gstghostpad.c: (gst_ghost_pad_internal_do_activate_push):
add push activation of sink ghost pads.
Andye, please verify

17 years agodoc updates
Thomas Vander Stichele [Wed, 5 Oct 2005 22:35:14 +0000 (22:35 +0000)]
doc updates

Original commit message from CVS:
doc updates

17 years agogst/gstutils.c: fix a bug in the case where neither element has a pad
Thomas Vander Stichele [Wed, 5 Oct 2005 21:34:42 +0000 (21:34 +0000)]
gst/gstutils.c: fix a bug in the case where neither element has a pad

Original commit message from CVS:
* gst/gstutils.c: (gst_element_link_pads):
fix a bug in the case where neither element has a pad
* check/gst/gstelement.c: (GST_START_TEST), (gst_element_suite):
add a test for that case

17 years agounref our test buffers
Thomas Vander Stichele [Wed, 5 Oct 2005 17:01:44 +0000 (17:01 +0000)]
unref our test buffers

Original commit message from CVS:
unref our test buffers

17 years agogst/gstpad.c: emit have-data before checking for peers. This allows for probe handle...
Thomas Vander Stichele [Wed, 5 Oct 2005 16:16:58 +0000 (16:16 +0000)]
gst/gstpad.c: emit have-data before checking for peers.  This allows for probe handlers to connect elements.  This he...

Original commit message from CVS:
* gst/gstpad.c: (gst_pad_push), (gst_pad_push_event):
emit have-data before checking for peers.  This allows
for probe handlers to connect elements.  This helps autopluggers.
* check/gst/gstpad.c: (GST_START_TEST), (_probe_handler),
add six checks, linked/unlinked with no/true/false probe

17 years agoindent ifdefs
Thomas Vander Stichele [Wed, 5 Oct 2005 11:50:49 +0000 (11:50 +0000)]
indent ifdefs

Original commit message from CVS:
indent ifdefs

17 years agogst/elements/: Protect last_message with lock.
Wim Taymans [Tue, 4 Oct 2005 18:46:09 +0000 (18:46 +0000)]
gst/elements/: Protect last_message with lock.

Original commit message from CVS:
* gst/elements/gstfakesink.c: (gst_fake_sink_get_property),
(gst_fake_sink_event), (gst_fake_sink_preroll),
(gst_fake_sink_render), (gst_fake_sink_change_state):
* gst/elements/gstfakesrc.c: (gst_fake_src_event_handler),
(gst_fake_src_get_property), (gst_fake_src_create),
* gst/elements/gstidentity.c: (gst_identity_stop):
Protect last_message with lock.

17 years agogst/gstformat.h: Added precision in the comments for GST_FORMAT_DEFAULT
Edward Hervey [Tue, 4 Oct 2005 15:04:50 +0000 (15:04 +0000)]
gst/gstformat.h: Added precision in the comments for GST_FORMAT_DEFAULT

Original commit message from CVS:
* gst/gstformat.h:
Added precision in the comments for GST_FORMAT_DEFAULT

17 years agoupdate uninstalled script
Thomas Vander Stichele [Tue, 4 Oct 2005 13:19:47 +0000 (13:19 +0000)]
update uninstalled script

Original commit message from CVS:
update uninstalled script

17 years agoremove some files that are no longer there from spec file
Christian Schaller [Tue, 4 Oct 2005 12:02:34 +0000 (12:02 +0000)]
remove some files that are no longer there from spec file

Original commit message from CVS:
remove some files that are no longer there from spec file

17 years agotools/gst-launch.c: Don't try to run erroneous pipelines.
Tim-Philipp Müller [Tue, 4 Oct 2005 11:51:37 +0000 (11:51 +0000)]
tools/gst-launch.c: Don't try to run erroneous pipelines.

Original commit message from CVS:
* tools/gst-launch.c: (main):
Don't try to run erroneous pipelines.

17 years agogst/gsterror.c: Add another error string used in a few existing plugins.
Michael Smith [Tue, 4 Oct 2005 11:10:04 +0000 (11:10 +0000)]
gst/gsterror.c: Add another error string used in a few existing plugins.

Original commit message from CVS:
* gst/gsterror.c: (_gst_stream_errors_init):
Add another error string used in a few existing plugins.

* gst/gstplugin.c:
* gst/gstpluginfeature.c: (gst_plugin_feature_load):
* tools/gst-inspect.c: (print_element_info):
When a feature disappears from a plugin (and the feature exists in
the cached registry file), things went horribly wrong. This isn't a
complete fix, we should actually be removing the 'missing' features
from the features list when we load the actual plugin. That's not
yet implemented.

17 years agogst/gstbus.c: We don't need this header.
Julien Moutte [Tue, 4 Oct 2005 11:09:41 +0000 (11:09 +0000)]
gst/gstbus.c: We don't need this header.

Original commit message from CVS:
2005-10-04  Julien MOUTTE  <>

* gst/gstbus.c: We don't need this header.

17 years agoback to head
Thomas Vander Stichele [Mon, 3 Oct 2005 17:57:32 +0000 (17:57 +0000)]
back to head

Original commit message from CVS:
back to head

17 years agorelease time
Thomas Vander Stichele [Mon, 3 Oct 2005 17:47:21 +0000 (17:47 +0000)]
release time

Original commit message from CVS:
release time

17 years agogst/gstpad.c (gst_pad_activate_push): There is a race condition whereby calling a...
Andy Wingo [Sun, 2 Oct 2005 23:24:25 +0000 (23:24 +0000)]
gst/gstpad.c (gst_pad_activate_push): There is a race condition whereby calling a pad's activatepush() function can s...

Original commit message from CVS:
2005-10-03  Andy Wingo  <>

* gst/gstpad.c (gst_pad_activate_push): There is a race condition
whereby calling a pad's activatepush() function can start a thread
that starts to push or pull before the pad gets the FLUSHING flag
unset. Hack around it by holding the stream lock until the flag is
set. Need to replace this with a proper solution. Together with
the ghost pad fixes, this fixes mp3 playing/tagreading.

17 years agochangelog
Andy Wingo [Sun, 2 Oct 2005 23:21:04 +0000 (23:21 +0000)]

Original commit message from CVS:

17 years agodocs/design/part-gstghostpad.txt: Add a note about activation of proxy pads outside...
Andy Wingo [Sun, 2 Oct 2005 23:20:26 +0000 (23:20 +0000)]
docs/design/part-gstghostpad.txt: Add a note about activation of proxy pads outside of ghost pads.

Original commit message from CVS:
2005-10-03  Andy Wingo  <>

* docs/design/part-gstghostpad.txt: Add a note about activation of
proxy pads outside of ghost pads.

* gst/gstghostpad.c: Implement the ghost pad activation design.

17 years agogst/gstobject.h (GST_OBJECT_REFCOUNT_VALUE): Just use the int.
Andy Wingo [Sun, 2 Oct 2005 18:57:07 +0000 (18:57 +0000)]
gst/gstobject.h (GST_OBJECT_REFCOUNT_VALUE): Just use the int.

Original commit message from CVS:
2005-10-02  Andy Wingo  <>

* gst/gstobject.h (GST_OBJECT_REFCOUNT_VALUE): Just use the int.
It is volatile, after all.

* docs/design/part-gstghostpad.txt: Flesh out activation with
ghost pads.

* gst/base/gstbasesrc.c (gst_base_src_init): Use

17 years Fix (unused) AM_CONDITIONAL tests.
Tim-Philipp Müller [Sun, 2 Oct 2005 18:30:27 +0000 (18:30 +0000)] Fix (unused) AM_CONDITIONAL tests.

Original commit message from CVS:
Fix (unused) AM_CONDITIONAL tests.

17 years agogst/gstutils.c: Add assertion that makes sure src_val is >=0, just like gst_query_new...
Tim-Philipp Müller [Sat, 1 Oct 2005 17:11:07 +0000 (17:11 +0000)]
gst/gstutils.c: Add assertion that makes sure src_val is >=0, just like gst_query_new_convert() has. (#315895)

Original commit message from CVS:
Reviewed by: Tim-Philipp Müller  <tim at centricular dot net>
* gst/gstutils.c: (gst_pad_query_convert):
Add assertion that makes sure src_val is >=0, just like
gst_query_new_convert() has. (#315895)

17 years agogst/elements/gsttee.c: Let's not iterate pads we're not interested in, it avoids...
Edward Hervey [Fri, 30 Sep 2005 15:43:03 +0000 (15:43 +0000)]
gst/elements/gsttee.c: Let's not iterate pads we're not interested in, it avoids getting sky-high refcounts on sinkpad.

Original commit message from CVS:
* gst/elements/gsttee.c: (gst_tee_do_push), (gst_tee_handle_buffer):
Let's not iterate pads we're not interested in, it avoids getting
sky-high refcounts on sinkpad.

17 years agogst/gstelement.c: Small tweak, element in ASYNC remains ASYNC.
Wim Taymans [Fri, 30 Sep 2005 08:29:02 +0000 (08:29 +0000)]
gst/gstelement.c: Small tweak, element in ASYNC remains ASYNC.

Original commit message from CVS:
* gst/gstelement.c: (gst_element_set_state),
Small tweak, element in ASYNC remains ASYNC.

17 years agogst/base/gstbasesink.c: Only error is an error.
Wim Taymans [Fri, 30 Sep 2005 08:00:12 +0000 (08:00 +0000)]
gst/base/gstbasesink.c: Only error is an error.

Original commit message from CVS:
* gst/base/gstbasesink.c: (gst_base_sink_change_state):
Only error is an error.

* gst/gstbin.c: (gst_bin_change_state):
Better debugging.

* gst/gstpad.c: (gst_pad_alloc_buffer), (gst_pad_chain):
Also call pad_block in pad alloc.

* gst/gstutils.c: (gst_flow_get_name):
Better debugging.

17 years agogst/base/gstbasesrc.c: Fix documentation typos. Add some more debug info.
Tim-Philipp Müller [Thu, 29 Sep 2005 20:26:12 +0000 (20:26 +0000)]
gst/base/gstbasesrc.c: Fix documentation typos. Add some more debug info.

Original commit message from CVS:
* gst/base/gstbasesrc.c: (gst_base_src_class_init),
Fix documentation typos. Add some more debug info.

17 years agodisable refcount checks until we track the dangling ref
Thomas Vander Stichele [Thu, 29 Sep 2005 20:16:42 +0000 (20:16 +0000)]
disable refcount checks until we track the dangling ref

Original commit message from CVS:
disable refcount checks until we track the dangling ref

17 years agogst/gstplugin.c: Make some error messages more end-user friendly.
David Schleef [Thu, 29 Sep 2005 19:45:27 +0000 (19:45 +0000)]
gst/gstplugin.c: Make some error messages more end-user friendly.

Original commit message from CVS:
* gst/gstplugin.c: (gst_plugin_load_file): Make some error messages
more end-user friendly.
* tools/gst-inspect.c: (main): Check if command-line argument is
a file and attempt to load that file as a plugin.

17 years agocheck/: fix tests for the new warning
Thomas Vander Stichele [Thu, 29 Sep 2005 18:37:48 +0000 (18:37 +0000)]
check/: fix tests for the new warning

Original commit message from CVS:

* check/gst/gstbin.c:
* check/states/sinks.c:
fix tests for the new warning
* check/gst/gstpipeline.c:
add a test for pipeline and bus interaction
* gst/gstelement.c:
elements should be NULL if they get disposed; add a warning if not

17 years agogst/gstobject.c: for 2.6 refcounting, make debug log more correct by printing the...
Thomas Vander Stichele [Thu, 29 Sep 2005 18:35:38 +0000 (18:35 +0000)]
gst/gstobject.c: for 2.6 refcounting, make debug log more correct by printing the actual refcounts at the time of swa...

Original commit message from CVS:

* gst/gstobject.c:
for 2.6 refcounting, make debug log more correct by printing
the actual refcounts at the time of swap (Wim)

17 years agouse message type names
Thomas Vander Stichele [Thu, 29 Sep 2005 18:25:50 +0000 (18:25 +0000)]
use message type names

Original commit message from CVS:
use message type names

17 years agochangelog
Andy Wingo [Thu, 29 Sep 2005 16:06:18 +0000 (16:06 +0000)]

Original commit message from CVS:

17 years agogst/gstbus.c (gst_bus_remove_signal_watch): New function, removes signal watches...
Andy Wingo [Thu, 29 Sep 2005 16:04:31 +0000 (16:04 +0000)]
gst/gstbus.c (gst_bus_remove_signal_watch): New function, removes signal watches previously added via gst_bus_add_sig...

Original commit message from CVS:
2005-09-29  Andy Wingo  <>

* gst/gstbus.c (gst_bus_remove_signal_watch): New function,
removes signal watches previously added via
(gst_bus_add_signal_watch): Don't return the source id, just store
it on the bus if there wasn't an id already.

* gst/gstbus.h (GstBus): Add a couple new fields. API changes for
add_signal_watch and remove_signal_watch.

17 years agolibs/gst/controller/gstcontroller.c: Better if we actually iterate the list :)
Edward Hervey [Thu, 29 Sep 2005 15:39:22 +0000 (15:39 +0000)]
libs/gst/controller/gstcontroller.c: Better if we actually iterate the list :)

Original commit message from CVS:
* libs/gst/controller/gstcontroller.c: (gst_controller_new_list):
Better if we actually iterate the list :)

17 years agocheck/gst/gstbin.c: Change for new bus API.
Wim Taymans [Thu, 29 Sep 2005 13:07:37 +0000 (13:07 +0000)]
check/gst/gstbin.c: Change for new bus API.

Original commit message from CVS:
* check/gst/gstbin.c: (GST_START_TEST):
Change for new bus API.

* check/gst/gstbus.c: (message_func_eos), (message_func_app),
(send_messages), (GST_START_TEST), (gstbus_suite):
Change for new bus signal API.

* gst/gstbus.c: (gst_bus_class_init), (gst_bus_have_pending),
(gst_bus_source_prepare), (gst_bus_source_check),
(gst_bus_create_watch), (gst_bus_add_watch_full),
(gst_bus_add_watch), (gst_bus_poll), (gst_bus_async_signal_func),
(gst_bus_sync_signal_handler), (gst_bus_add_signal_watch):
* gst/gstbus.h:
Remove support for multiple GSources operating on different
message types as it is too complex and unneeded when using
Added support for receiving signals from the bus.

17 years agorename filter-caps to caps property
Thomas Vander Stichele [Thu, 29 Sep 2005 12:37:38 +0000 (12:37 +0000)]
rename filter-caps to caps property

Original commit message from CVS:

* docs/libs/tmpl/gstdataprotocol.sgml:
* docs/manual/advanced-dataaccess.xml:
* gst/elements/gstcapsfilter.c:
* gst/gstutils.c:
rename filter-caps to caps property

17 years agogst/gstvalue.c: More robust fraction string parsing.
Tim-Philipp Müller [Thu, 29 Sep 2005 12:05:51 +0000 (12:05 +0000)]
gst/gstvalue.c: More robust fraction string parsing.

Original commit message from CVS:
* gst/gstvalue.c: (gst_value_deserialize_fraction):
More robust fraction string parsing.
* docs/pwg/appendix-porting.xml:
Mention gst_pad_use_explicit_caps() => gst_pad_use_fixed_caps()

17 years agogst/gstcaps.c: Thou shalt not free a structure and then continue using it in the...
Tim-Philipp Müller [Thu, 29 Sep 2005 10:56:57 +0000 (10:56 +0000)]
gst/gstcaps.c: Thou shalt not free a structure and then continue using it in the next loop iteration.

Original commit message from CVS:
* gst/gstcaps.c: (gst_caps_do_simplify):
Thou shalt not free a structure and then continue using it
in the next loop iteration.
* check/gst/gstcaps.c: (check_fourcc_list), (test_simplify),
Add test case for caps simplification.

17 years agoremove two removed functions
Thomas Vander Stichele [Thu, 29 Sep 2005 09:44:35 +0000 (09:44 +0000)]
remove two removed functions

Original commit message from CVS:
remove two removed functions

17 years agocheck/gst/gstbin.c: Oops.
Wim Taymans [Thu, 29 Sep 2005 09:42:15 +0000 (09:42 +0000)]
check/gst/gstbin.c: Oops.

Original commit message from CVS:
* check/gst/gstbin.c: (GST_START_TEST):

17 years agocheck/gst/gstbin.c: Add bus to bin.
Wim Taymans [Thu, 29 Sep 2005 09:39:36 +0000 (09:39 +0000)]
check/gst/gstbin.c: Add bus to bin.

Original commit message from CVS:
* check/gst/gstbin.c: (GST_START_TEST):
Add bus to bin.

* gst/gstbin.c: (gst_bin_class_init), (gst_bin_init),
(add_to_queue), (clear_queue), (reset_degree), (update_degree),
(find_element), (gst_bin_sort_iterator_next),
(gst_bin_sort_iterator_resync), (gst_bin_sort_iterator_free),
(gst_bin_iterate_sorted), (gst_bin_element_set_state),
(gst_bin_change_state), (gst_bin_dispose):
A bin does not have a bus, it gets the bus from the parent.

* gst/gstelement.c: (gst_element_requires_clock),
(gst_element_provides_clock), (gst_element_is_indexable),
(gst_element_is_locked_state), (gst_element_change_state),
Small cleanups.

* gst/gstpipeline.c: (gst_pipeline_class_init),
(gst_pipeline_init), (gst_pipeline_provide_clock_func):
The pipeline provides a bus.

17 years agogst/gstmessage.c (gst_message_parse_state_changed): Use gst_structure_get_enum instea...
Johan Dahlin [Thu, 29 Sep 2005 02:32:37 +0000 (02:32 +0000)]
gst/gstmessage.c (gst_message_parse_state_changed): Use gst_structure_get_enum instead of gst_structure_get_int

Original commit message from CVS:
* gst/gstmessage.c (gst_message_parse_state_changed): Use
gst_structure_get_enum instead of gst_structure_get_int

* gst/gststructure.c (gst_structure_get_enum): Impl.

* gst/gststructure.h (gst_structure_get_enum): Add

* docs/gst/gstreamer-sections.txt: Ditto

17 years agogst/gstmessage.c (gst_message_new_state_changed): Use
Johan Dahlin [Thu, 29 Sep 2005 01:57:00 +0000 (01:57 +0000)]
gst/gstmessage.c (gst_message_new_state_changed): Use

Original commit message from CVS:
* gst/gstmessage.c (gst_message_new_state_changed): Use
GST_TYPE_STATE instead of G_TYPE_INT, mainly for language bindings
which does introspection.
Reviewed by Christian Schaller

17 years agofixed umlauts in ChangeLog again
Stefan Kost [Wed, 28 Sep 2005 18:14:13 +0000 (18:14 +0000)]
fixed umlauts in ChangeLog again

Original commit message from CVS:
fixed umlauts in ChangeLog again

17 years agogst/gstinfo.c: don't do dummy g_strdup()s
Stefan Kost [Wed, 28 Sep 2005 17:30:13 +0000 (17:30 +0000)]
gst/gstinfo.c: don't do dummy g_strdup()s

Original commit message from CVS:
* gst/gstinfo.c: (gst_debug_log_default):
don't do dummy g_strdup()s
* libs/gst/controller/gstcontroller.c:
(gst_controlled_property_new), (gst_controller_new_valist),
(gst_controller_remove_properties_valist), (gst_controller_set),
(gst_controller_get), (gst_controller_sync_values),
(gst_controller_get_value_array), (_gst_controller_class_init),
* libs/gst/controller/gstcontroller.h:
* libs/gst/controller/gstinterpolation.c:
convert // to /**/ comments

17 years agogst/gstbus.*: Added async-message and sync-message signals to the bus.
Wim Taymans [Wed, 28 Sep 2005 16:43:20 +0000 (16:43 +0000)]
gst/gstbus.*: Added async-message and sync-message signals to the bus.

Original commit message from CVS:
* gst/gstbus.c: (marshal_VOID__MINIOBJECT), (gst_bus_class_init),
(gst_bus_post), (poll_func), (gst_bus_async_signal_func),
* gst/gstbus.h:
Added async-message and sync-message signals to the bus.
Added helper BusFunc to emit signals for all posted messages.

* gst/gstmessage.c: (gst_message_type_get_name),
(gst_message_type_to_quark), (gst_message_get_type):
* gst/gstmessage.h:
Register quarks for message names.

17 years agoadded another constructor for language bindings
Stefan Kost [Wed, 28 Sep 2005 16:39:29 +0000 (16:39 +0000)]
added another constructor for language bindings

Original commit message from CVS:
* docs/libs/gstreamer-libs-sections.txt:
* libs/gst/controller/gstcontroller.c: (gst_controller_new_valist),
* libs/gst/controller/gstcontroller.h:
added another constructor for language bindings

17 years agocheck/gst/gstpipeline.c: add another check
Thomas Vander Stichele [Wed, 28 Sep 2005 15:45:21 +0000 (15:45 +0000)]
check/gst/gstpipeline.c: add another check

Original commit message from CVS:

* check/gst/gstpipeline.c: (GST_START_TEST), (gst_pipeline_suite):
add another check
* gst/gstbus.c:
add some doc
* gst/gstinfo.c: (_gst_debug_init):
slightly more readable color for refcount debugging

17 years agogst/gstbin.c: Small doc fixes. get_clock -> provide_clock.
Wim Taymans [Wed, 28 Sep 2005 13:41:27 +0000 (13:41 +0000)]
gst/gstbin.c: Small doc fixes. get_clock -> provide_clock.

Original commit message from CVS:
* gst/gstbin.c: (gst_bin_class_init), (gst_bin_provide_clock_func),
(add_to_queue), (clear_queue), (reset_degree), (update_degree),
(find_element), (gst_bin_sort_iterator_next),
(gst_bin_sort_iterator_resync), (gst_bin_sort_iterator_free),
(gst_bin_iterate_sorted), (gst_bin_element_set_state),
(gst_bin_change_state), (gst_bin_dispose):
Small doc fixes. get_clock -> provide_clock.

* gst/gstelement.c: (gst_element_class_init),
(gst_element_provides_clock), (gst_element_provide_clock),
(gst_element_get_clock), (gst_element_commit_state),
* gst/gstelement.h:
Make get/set_clock() symetric. Add provide_clock vmethod since
that is actually what this function does.

* gst/gstpipeline.c: (gst_pipeline_class_init),
(gst_pipeline_change_state), (gst_pipeline_provide_clock_func),
get_clock -> provide_clock.

17 years agogst/base/gstbasesrc.c (gst_base_src_unlock): Comment a bit in lieu of real docs...
Andy Wingo [Wed, 28 Sep 2005 13:05:12 +0000 (13:05 +0000)]
gst/base/gstbasesrc.c (gst_base_src_unlock): Comment a bit in lieu of real docs...

Original commit message from CVS:
2005-09-28  Andy Wingo  <>

* gst/base/gstbasesrc.c (gst_base_src_unlock): Comment a bit in
lieu of real docs...

* gst/elements/gstfdsrc.c: Cleaned up a bit.

17 years agogst/elements/: Make element details static.
Tim-Philipp Müller [Wed, 28 Sep 2005 12:52:51 +0000 (12:52 +0000)]
gst/elements/: Make element details static.

Original commit message from CVS:
* gst/elements/gstcapsfilter.c:
* gst/elements/gstfakesink.c:
* gst/elements/gstfakesrc.c:
* gst/elements/gstfdsink.c:
* gst/elements/gstfdsrc.c:
* gst/elements/gstfilesink.c:
* gst/elements/gstfilesrc.c:
* gst/elements/gstidentity.c:
* gst/elements/gsttee.c:
* gst/elements/gsttypefindelement.c:
Make element details static.

17 years agogst/gstbin.c: Some documentation updates.
Wim Taymans [Wed, 28 Sep 2005 11:03:58 +0000 (11:03 +0000)]
gst/gstbin.c: Some documentation updates.

Original commit message from CVS:
* gst/gstbin.c: (add_to_queue), (clear_queue), (reset_outdegree),
(update_outdegree), (find_element), (gst_bin_sort_iterator_next),
(gst_bin_sort_iterator_resync), (gst_bin_sort_iterator_free),
(gst_bin_iterate_sorted), (gst_bin_element_set_state),
(gst_bin_change_state), (gst_bin_dispose):
Some documentation updates.
Clean up dispose handlers.

* gst/gstobject.c: (gst_object_ref), (gst_object_unref):
* gst/gstpad.c: (gst_pad_dispose):
Clean up dispose handler.

* gst/gstpipeline.c: (gst_pipeline_change_state):
Removed spurious UNLOCK.

17 years agoadded two new functions to the docs documents all undocumented GstXXXFlags completed...
Stefan Kost [Tue, 27 Sep 2005 20:40:35 +0000 (20:40 +0000)]
added two new functions to the docs documents all undocumented GstXXXFlags completed some incomplete docs

Original commit message from CVS:
* docs/gst/gstreamer-sections.txt:
* gst/base/gstbasesrc.h:
* gst/gstelement.h:
* gst/gstevent.h:
* gst/gstobject.h:
* gst/gstpad.h:
* gst/gstpipeline.c:
* gst/gstpipeline.h:
* gst/gstutils.h:
* gst/gstxml.h:
added two new functions to the docs
documents all undocumented GstXXXFlags
completed some incomplete docs

17 years agogst/: remove now useless and leaky resurrection code in dispose
Thomas Vander Stichele [Tue, 27 Sep 2005 18:33:48 +0000 (18:33 +0000)]
gst/: remove now useless and leaky resurrection code in dispose

Original commit message from CVS:

* gst/gstbin.c: (gst_bin_dispose):
* gst/gstelement.c: (gst_element_dispose):
remove now useless and leaky resurrection code in dispose
* gst/base/gstbasesrc.c: (gst_base_src_init):
* gst/gstelementfactory.c: (gst_element_factory_create):
* gst/gstobject.c: (gst_object_set_parent):
add some debugging

17 years agodocs/design/part-TODO.txt: Update TODO.
Wim Taymans [Tue, 27 Sep 2005 17:00:13 +0000 (17:00 +0000)]
docs/design/part-TODO.txt: Update TODO.

Original commit message from CVS:
* docs/design/part-TODO.txt:
Update TODO.

* gst/gstbin.c: (add_to_queue), (clear_queue), (reset_outdegree),
(update_outdegree), (find_element), (gst_bin_sort_iterator_next),
(gst_bin_sort_iterator_resync), (gst_bin_sort_iterator_free),
(gst_bin_iterate_sorted), (gst_bin_element_set_state),
* gst/gstelement.h:
Remove element variable, we keep element info in the iterator now.

17 years agolibs/gst/dataprotocol/dataprotocol.c: Fix error-checking return values.
Andy Wingo [Tue, 27 Sep 2005 16:30:26 +0000 (16:30 +0000)]
libs/gst/dataprotocol/dataprotocol.c: Fix error-checking return values.

Original commit message from CVS:
2005-09-27  Andy Wingo  <>

* libs/gst/dataprotocol/dataprotocol.c: Fix error-checking return

17 years agocheck/gst/gstbin.c: Enable check that works now.
Wim Taymans [Tue, 27 Sep 2005 16:16:39 +0000 (16:16 +0000)]
check/gst/gstbin.c: Enable check that works now.

Original commit message from CVS:
* check/gst/gstbin.c: (GST_START_TEST):
Enable check that works now.

* gst/gstbin.c: (add_to_queue), (clear_queue), (reset_outdegree),
(update_outdegree), (find_element), (gst_bin_sort_iterator_next),
(gst_bin_sort_iterator_resync), (gst_bin_sort_iterator_free),
(gst_bin_iterate_sorted), (gst_bin_element_set_state),
* gst/gstbin.h:
Redid the state change algorithm using a topological sort algo.
Handles all cases correctly.
Exposed iterator for state change order.

* gst/gstelement.h:
Temp storage for state changes. Need to get rid of this soon.

17 years agogst/: Leak fixes, the fold functions need to unref the passed object and _get_parent_...
Wim Taymans [Tue, 27 Sep 2005 15:37:40 +0000 (15:37 +0000)]
gst/: Leak fixes, the fold functions need to unref the passed object and _get_parent_*() returns ref to parent.

Original commit message from CVS:
* gst/elements/gsttee.c: (gst_tee_init), (gst_tee_do_push):
* gst/gstutils.c: (intersect_caps_func), (gst_pad_proxy_getcaps),
(link_fold_func), (gst_pad_proxy_setcaps):
Leak fixes, the fold functions need to unref the passed object and
_get_parent_*() returns ref to parent.

17 years agocheck/gst/gstbuffer.c: Plug leak in test case and fix 'make check-valgrind'
Tim-Philipp Müller [Tue, 27 Sep 2005 13:25:18 +0000 (13:25 +0000)]
check/gst/gstbuffer.c: Plug leak in test case and fix 'make check-valgrind'

Original commit message from CVS:
* check/gst/gstbuffer.c: (test_make_writable):
Plug leak in test case and fix 'make check-valgrind'