2010-02-12 Tim-Philipp... configure: back to development
2010-02-10 Tim-Philipp... Release 0.10.26
2010-02-10 Tim-Philipp... Update .po files
2010-02-10 Tim-Philipp... configure: define GST_PLUGIN_SCANNER_INSTALLED in win32...
2010-02-10 Tim-Philipp... gst_private: MSVC doesn't seem to like #warning
2010-02-10 Edward Herveytests: Fix multiqueue test for latest commits.
2010-02-09 Edward Herveymultiqueue: Don't stop threads on UNEXPECTED and forwar...
2010-02-09 Edward HerveyRevert "multiqueue: handle UNEXPECTED flowreturn better"
2010-02-08 Robert Fix issues
2010-02-07 Tim-Philipp... Revert "docs: fix ASCII art so that iterators are align...
2010-02-04 Tim-Philipp... pre-release
2010-02-04 Tim-Philipp... po: translation updates
2010-02-01 Tim-Philipp... docs: fix ASCII art so that iterators are aligned prope...
2010-02-01 Thiago Santosgstbytewriter: Fix different function names in .h and .c
2010-01-31 Tim-Philipp... docs: add some more Since: markers to buffer list docs
2010-01-30 Tim-Philipp... filesrc: fix typo in warning message
2010-01-30 Tim-Philipp... Automatic update of common submodule
2010-01-30 Tim-Philipp... init: don't spew warning about late g_thread_init(...
2010-01-30 Tim-Philipp... pkgconfig: don't put -DG_THREADS_MANDATORY into our...
2010-01-28 Wim Taymanspipeline: Take start_time after chaining up too
2010-01-27 Tim-Philipp... pre-release
2010-01-27 Tim-Philipp... checks: fix spurious ghost pad check failure
2010-01-26 Tim-Philipp... win32: update windows headers to latest version
2010-01-26 Tim-Philipp... docs: minor update to release notes
2010-01-26 Tim-Philipp... po: update translation files
2010-01-26 Tim-Philipp... tests: fix warning in rtpool-test
2010-01-26 Wim Taymansmultiqueue: handle UNEXPECTED flowreturn better
2010-01-26 Thiago Santosdocs: Fix basics-bus docs
2010-01-24 Stefan Kostbin: also remove private function from def file
2010-01-24 Stefan Kostbin: make a interface vmethod implementation static
2010-01-24 Stefan Kostchildproxy: remove ; after }
2010-01-22 Wim Taymansqueue2: add some docs to mark new property
2010-01-22 Wim Taymansqueue2: add option to remove the temp-file
2010-01-22 Tim-Philipp... typefind: don't leak uri string
2010-01-21 Wim Taymansgstindex: retab .h file
2010-01-20 Benjamin Ottetools: Run g_thread_init() unconditionally
2010-01-20 Tim-Philipp... pluginloader: fix compiler warning on win32
2010-01-20 Tim-Philipp... pluginloader: try scanner set via env var before using...
2010-01-20 Sebastian Drögebuild: Define G_THREADS_MANDATORY everywhere
2010-01-20 Andoni Morales... pluginloader: disable external plugin loader on Windows...
2010-01-20 Tim-Philipp... gst_private.h: make sure gst_private.h is included...
2010-01-20 Tim-Philipp... docs: minor gtk-doc markup fixes
2010-01-20 Tim-Philipp... Automatic update of common submodule
2010-01-19 Wim Taymansdocs: small docs updates
2010-01-19 Thijs Vermeirgstpad: directly set the caps when pushing buffer with...
2010-01-18 Sebastian Drögeminiobject: The GValue collection function can not...
2010-01-17 Sebastian Drögebasetransform: Only use suggested caps in buffer alloca...
2010-01-16 Tim-Philipp... structure: remove superfluous guard against NULL
2010-01-16 Tim-Philipp... structure: micro-optimise some getters
2010-01-15 Wim Taymansmessage: update docs a little
2010-01-15 Tim-Philipp... docs: minor release docs update
2010-01-14 Sebastian Drögebasetransform: Handle buffers with NULL caps correctly
2010-01-14 Sebastian Drögedocs: Move field specific Since markers at the same...
2010-01-13 Tim-Philipp... faq: remove revision history that no one updates or...
2010-01-13 Tim-Philipp... faq: fix link to gst-uninstalled on cgit
2010-01-13 Stefan Kostdocs: we're in git since a while
2010-01-13 Stefan Kostscripts: move gst-uninstalled from docs/faq to scripts
2010-01-12 Tim-Philipp... registry: avoid some more unnecessary malloc/frees
2010-01-12 Tim-Philipp... registry: avoid some unnecessary strdup/free when readi...
2010-01-12 Wim Taymanstypefindelement: use new typefind function
2010-01-12 Wim Taymanstypefind: add a new method that also uses the file...
2010-01-11 Wim Taymansdocs: update QoS documeent
2010-01-11 Håvard Grafftee: make release_pad threadsafe
2010-01-11 Wim Taymansbus: whitespace fixes
2010-01-10 Stefan Kostutils: defer getting the classes until we actualy need...
2010-01-10 Stefan Kostutils: avoid extra hop in gst_element_link
2010-01-10 Tim-Philipp... check: remove some cruft from header file
2010-01-07 Stefan Kostpwg: remove empty midi section
2010-01-07 Christian SchallerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-01-07 Christian SchallerUpdate spec file
2010-01-06 Tim-Philipp... po: update for new translated strings
2010-01-06 Tim-Philipp... docs: minor documentation fixes for recently-added...
2010-01-06 Tim-Philipp... tags: fix up translated strings for some new tags
2010-01-06 Tim-Philipp... registry: deprecate useless gst_registry_xml_{read...
2010-01-06 Tim-Philipp... docs: add Since markers to task pool docs and document...
2010-01-06 Tim-Philipp... configure: move SHAVE_INIT behind all checks
2010-01-05 Tim-Philipp... check: patch internal check copy some more so that...
2010-01-04 Stefan Kostdocs: add missing returns: tag
2009-12-30 Mark Nauwelaertsmultiqueue: set iterate_interal_links function on sourc...
2009-12-27 Wim Taymansbuffer: remove unneeded casts
2009-12-25 Wim Taymansbuffer: remove subbuffer subclass
2009-12-24 Wim Taymanscollectpads: don't keep buffers reffed longer than...
2009-12-24 Wim Taymansminiobject: avoid unneeded casts
2009-12-24 Wim Taymanscollectpads: avoid doing subbuffers when we can
2009-12-24 Wim Taymanscollectpads: add ability to install clipping functions
2009-12-24 Wim Taymansdocs: add some more buffer2 ideas
2009-12-24 Wim Taymansavoid some more type checks
2009-12-24 Wim Taymanspipeline: avoid some type checks
2009-12-23 Wim Taymanslaunch: also print leaked objects
2009-12-23 Wim Taymanstrace: include type name in leaked objects
2009-12-23 Wim Taymanspad: Fix problem with destroy callback not being called
2009-12-22 Wim Taymanstee: small cleanups, use some G_LIKELY
2009-12-22 Olivier Crêtetee: Don't crash if there is no source pad
2009-12-21 Mark NauwelaertsAutomatic update of common submodule
2009-12-21 Thiago Santosgsttaglist: Adds new tags
2009-12-19 Tim-Philipp... configure: always call our check checks for the SUBUNIT...
2009-12-19 Руслан Ижбулатовcheck: patch internal check copy so it works with our...
2009-12-19 Руслан Ижбулатовcheck: update autotools and docs stuff for new check...
2009-12-17 Tim-Philipp... check: update internal libcheck to 0.9.8
2009-12-15 Mark Nauwelaertsfilesrc: printf format fixes