2018-06-20 Prasad, Ramgstwaylandsink: Reset redraw_pending in PAUSE to READY... master
2017-09-25 Pooja Prajodgstwaylandsink: Fix scale up with padded video
2017-09-25 Eric Rueikmssink: add YUYV support
2017-09-25 Eric Rueikmssink: remove DCE dependencies
2017-09-25 Eric Rueigstwaylandsink: add input format I420 support
2017-02-01 Pooja Prajodgstwaylandsink: Fix same process looping issue
2016-12-16 Pooja Prajodkmssink: Handle usecase where display is disabled
2016-09-28 a0132412@ti.comgstkmssink: Store encoder and plane data
2016-07-25 a0132412@ti.comgstwaylandsink: Consolidate header files to avoid circu...
2016-07-05 Pooja Prajodgstkmssink: Use Atomic mode setting over SetPlane
2016-07-05 Pooja Prajodgst-waylandsink: add crop support
2016-07-05 Pooja Prajodgstwaylandsink: Add mouse drag and drop support
2016-07-05 Pooja Prajodgsth264parse: Fix create() width and height calculation
2016-07-05 Pooja PrajodModify parser to interpolate pts
2016-07-05 Pooja Prajodgst-bad: Increase rank for vc1parse and jpegparse
2016-06-02 Pooja Prajodkmssink: Fix memory leak and restrict number of buffers
2016-06-02 Pooja Prajodgstwaylandsink: Add DRM mem allocation property
2016-06-02 Pooja Prajoddrm allocator: Change mem_type to dmabuf and enable...
2016-06-02 Pooja Prajodgst-bad: Make DRM devide a member of allocator
2016-06-02 Pooja Prajodgst-bad: Add DRM support to wayland
2016-06-02 a0132412@ti.comgst-bad: Add kmssink support
2016-06-02 a0132412@ti.comgst-bad: Add DRM Allocator support
2016-05-25 Karthik Ramanancleanup: Reset repository to gst-plugins-bad-1.6.3
2016-05-25 Karthik RamananInitial commit for gst-plugins-bad-1.6.3
2016-04-01 Karthik Ramanangsth264parse: Fix create() width and height calculation gst_1.2.x
2016-02-11 Subhajit Paulgst-waylandsink: add crop support
2015-10-14 Nikhil Devshatwargst-waylandsink: Add title parameter
2015-07-13 Jacob StifflerGstDRMBufferPool support fix:
2015-06-05 Pooja Prajodgst-waylandsink: Remove drm bufferpool instance from...
2015-05-07 Pooja PrajodFix memleak due to unfreed hash-table
2015-05-05 Pooja PrajodSolve segmentation fault in drm_handle_format
2015-04-29 Pooja Prajodgst-waylandsink: Cleanup buffer in NULL state
2015-04-29 Pooja PrajodImprovise DRM bufferpool to solve memory leak
2015-04-29 Pooja PrajodModify parser to interpolate pts
2015-04-29 Pooja PrajodEnable mouse movement for videos on waylandsink
2015-04-29 Pooja PrajodWaylandsink: Workaround for partial frame delay artifacts
2015-04-29 Pooja Prajodvc1parse and jpegparse : Fixes plugin ranks
2015-04-29 Karthik Ramananwaylandsink: Removed dependency on dri2
2015-04-29 Pooja PrajodAdded KMSsink support
2015-04-29 Pooja PrajodModified waylandsink to accept NV12 format
2015-04-29 Pooja PrajodAdded GstDRMBufferPool support
2015-04-29 Karthik RamananInitial commit of gstreamer-1.0-plugins-bad