2020-03-19 Nikhil Auto generate the excel sheet and...
2020-03-19 Nikhil Fix help string
2020-03-18 Nikhil Devshatwarrespart: New option to allow_all the hosts
2020-02-27 Nikhil DevshatwarResAssg: j721e: Fix subtype names
2020-02-27 Nikhil Add support for am65x SoC
2020-02-27 Nikhil Add support for sorting the entries
2020-02-12 Nikhil Devshatwarstats: Disable unit testing
2020-02-10 Nikhil DevshatwarLICENSE: Move license to toplevel directory
2020-02-10 Nikhil Devshatwarstats: Add support for bargraph for cpuload
2020-02-10 Nikhil Devshatwarstats: Fix cpuload to show correct data with 1st sample
2020-02-10 Nikhil Devshatwarstats: Rename bargraph to linegraph appropriately
2020-02-09 Nikhil Devshatwarstats: Add support for ethfw bandwidth visualization
2020-02-06 Nikhil DevshatwarLICENSE: Add TI-TSPA license
2020-02-06 Nikhil Devshatwarstats: Cosmetic updates
2020-02-05 Nikhil Devshatwarstats: Simplify status and debug messages
2020-02-05 Nikhil Devshatwarrespart: Rename the worksheet to j721e-evm
2020-01-26 Nikhil Devshatwarrespart: Initial commit for resource partitioning pytho...
2020-01-26 Nikhil Devshatwarstats: Initial commit fot statitics web tool