descriptionGLSDK development repositories - u-boot repo with infoadas customizations.
last changeTue, 19 Dec 2017 08:05:36 +0000 (13:35 +0530)
2017-12-19 Jithin K Sboard: dra7xx: Pin-mux changes for Vin2a and Vin3a... infoadas-on-psdkla3.03 REL_VISION_SDK_03_02_00_00 VISION_SDK_03_02_00_03
2017-12-19 Jithin K Sboard: dra7xx: Board-mux changes to enable VIN2A and...
2017-12-19 Shravan Karthikspl: Read correct registers while setting up vsdk clocks VISION_SDK_03_02_00_02
2017-10-06 Nikhil Devshatwarti: evm: Enable all peripheral clocks in SPL REL_INFOADAS_03_00_00_01 REL_VISION_SDK_03_01_00_00 REL_VISION_SDK_03_01_00_00_RC3
2017-09-27 Shravan Karthikspl: dra7xx: Add support to decompress lzop compressed...
2017-09-27 Shravan Karthiklate-attach: Config pheripherals needed by remote-procs
2017-09-27 Shravan Karthikspl: Setup clocks and board muxes based on board
2017-09-25 Nikhil Devshatwarconfig: sync from dra7xx_evm_defconfig
2017-08-28 Nikhil Devshatwarti: dra71: Add J6entry vision pinmux processor-sdk-linux-automotive-
2017-08-28 Nikhil Devshatwarti: dra72: mux_data: Fix vision pinmux
2017-08-28 Praneeth Bajjuriam57x: android: add vendor partition
2017-08-28 Praneeth BajjuriMerge branch 'ti-u-boot-2016.05' of git:// processor-sdk-linux-automotive-
2017-08-25 LCPD Auto MergerMerge branch 'maint-ti-u-boot-2016.05' of
2017-08-25 Jean-Jacques... arm: omap: enable high speed mode support in SPL for...
2017-08-25 Jean-Jacques... ARM: dts: dra76-evm: add higher speed MMC/SD modes
2017-08-25 Jean-Jacques... ARM: dts: dra76-evm: shift to using common IOdelay...
22 months ago REL_VISION_SDK_03_07_01_00
22 months ago REL_VISION_SDK_03_07_00_00
2 years ago REL_VISION_SDK_03_06_00_00
2 years ago DEV_VISION_SDK_03_06_00_07
2 years ago DEV_VISION_SDK_03_06_00_01
2 years ago REL_VISION_SDK_03_05_00_00
2 years ago REL_VISION_SDK_03_04_00_00
2 years ago DEV_VISION_SDK_03_05_00_00
2 years ago DEV_VISION_SDK_03_04_00_03
3 years ago VISION_SDK_03_04_00_00
3 years ago VISION_SDK_03_03_00_02
3 years ago REL_VISION_SDK_03_03_00_00
3 years ago DEV_VISION_SDK_03_04_00_00
3 years ago VISION_SDK_03_03_00_01
3 years ago VISION_SDK_03_02_00_03
3 years ago REL_VISION_SDK_03_02_00_00
22 months ago infoadas-on-psdkla3.04
3 years ago infoadas-on-psdkla3.03