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kmscube.c: init_drm(): enable AM3 support
[glsdk/kmscube.git] / kmscube.c
2017-03-16 Eric Rueikmscube.c: init_drm(): enable AM3 support
2014-04-12 Karthik Ramananadded support for rendering fixed number of frames
2014-04-12 Karthik Ramananadded signal handler for cleanup
2014-04-12 Karthik RamananAdded cleanup of GBM, DRM and GL
2014-04-12 Karthik Ramanankmscube: change to register only drm fd for select
2013-12-12 Anand Balagopalakr... choose the maximum resolution supported by a connector
2013-10-04 Anand Balagopalakr... Add support for dual display in DRM
2012-10-24 Jesse BarkerPut vertex attribute data into a VBO.
2012-09-04 Rob Clarkupdate copyright
2012-09-04 Rob Clarkinitial commit