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2013-05-16 Rob Clarkfix typo
2013-05-16 Rob Clarkdri2video support
2012-08-23 Rob Clarkdisable libdrm_nouveau
2012-08-23 Ricardo Salveti... dri2: change DRI2Buffer to enable multiplanar yuv
2012-08-23 Ricardo Salveti... test: libdri2test doesn't need to be installed
2012-05-11 Rob Clarkadd NOCONFIGURE support to autogen.sh
2012-01-21 Rob Clarkadd .gitignore
2012-01-21 Rob Clarkadd list.h to avoid build dependency on xserver
2011-12-02 Rob Clarkpass driver-type to DRI2Connect()
2011-12-02 Rob Clarka bit of rearranging before adding more tests
2011-12-02 David BercovitzFixes dependencies on GL/glx.h and GL/glxext.h files...
2011-10-27 David BercovitzDefine conditional with AM_CONDITIONAL before its use.
2011-09-21 Rob Clarkinitial commit