configure: Bump version for 2.4.33
[glsdk/libdrm.git] /
2012-03-28 Alex Deucherconfigure: Bump version for 2.4.33
2012-03-28 Rob Clarkomap: add omapdrm support
2012-03-16 Eric Anholtconfigure: Bump version for 2.4.32.
2012-03-02 Matt TurnerDon't require pciaccess if Intel is disabled
2012-02-13 Chris Wilsonconfigure: Fix pkg-config test in absence of valgrind
2012-02-11 Chris Wilsonintel: Mark up with valgrind intrinsics to reduce false...
2012-02-06 Jerome Glisseconfigure: Bump version for 2.4.31
2012-01-31 Paul Berryintel: Fix build of Intel DRM on x86 systems
2012-01-30 Jeremy HuddlestonDon't build Intel DRM if $CHOST is not i?86-* or x86_64-*
2012-01-06 Eric Anholtconfigure: Bump version for 2.4.30
2012-01-04 Eric Anholtintel: Add a regression test program for intel_decode.c.
2011-12-13 Chris Wilsonconfigure: Bump version for 2.4.29
2011-12-05 Chris Wilsonconfigure: Bump version to 2.4.28
2011-11-10 Jerome Glissetests/radeon: radeon specific test
2011-10-29 Eric Anholtconfigure: version bump for 2.4.27 release.
2011-06-04 Chris Wilsonconfigure: version bump for 2.4.26 release
2011-06-04 Chris Wilsonintel: Add interface to query aperture sizes.
2011-04-11 Chris Wilsonconfigure: version bump for 2.4.25 release
2011-03-21 Javier Jardónbuild: Update autotools configuration
2011-03-01 Chris Wilsonconfigure: Bump version to 2.4.24
2011-02-17 Benjamin ac_define HAVE_RADEON
2010-12-10 Chris Wilsonconfigure: Bump version to 2.4.23
2010-09-29 Carl WorthIncrement version to 2.4.22
2010-06-10 Eric AnholtBump version to 2.4.21 for release.
2010-05-26 Eric AnholtEnable silent automake rules.
2010-04-27 Jesse Barnestests: add new vblank test
2010-04-17 Alan CoopersmithMake libkms build default OS-dependent
2010-04-02 Jesse Barneslibdrm: bump version number to 2.4.20 for release
2010-03-17 Pauli NieminenCheck HAVE_RADEON only after checking for atomic operat...
2010-03-17 Pauli Nieminenlibdrm: Fix error message if libdrm_intel|radeon is...
2010-03-17 Pauli Nieminenlibdrm_radeon: Optimize cs_gem_reloc to do less looping.
2010-03-17 Pauli Nieminenlibdrm: Move intel_atomic.h to libdrm core for sharing.
2010-03-03 Eric AnholtIncrement version to 2.4.19 for release.
2010-02-28 Marcin KościelnickiAdd config.h macro HAVE_NOUVEAU
2010-02-18 Jakob Bornecrantzlibkms: Enable by default
2010-02-16 Carl WorthIncrement version to 2.4.18 for release.
2010-02-02 Dave Airlieradeon: enable by default now that kms is out of staging
2010-01-17 Alan CoopersmithAdd support for Solaris libc atomic operations
2010-01-17 Alan CoopersmithInclude alloca.h in tests/drmstat.c when configure...
2010-01-08 Jakob Bornecrantztests: Add a very small libkms test
2010-01-05 Jakob Bornecrantzlibkms: Make vmwgfx optional
2010-01-05 Jakob BornecrantzMerge branch 'master' into libkms-master
2010-01-05 Jakob Bornecrantzlibkms: Disable by default
2010-01-05 Jakob Bornecrantzvmwgfx: Add experimental vmwgfx kernel header
2009-12-21 Dave Airlielibdrm 2.4.17
2009-12-04 Jakob Bornecrantzlibkms: Add libkms
2009-12-02 Jakob BornecrantzMerge branch 'modesetting-dirty-libdrm'
2009-12-03 Jesse BarnesMerge branch 'pageflip' of git://people.freedesktop...
2009-12-03 Kristian HøgsbergBump to 2.4.16 for release
2009-11-23 Kristian HøgsbergDon't hardcore 'yes', use in output
2009-11-23 Kristian HøgsbergOutput summary of enabled features at the end of config...
2009-11-21 Kristian HøgsbergInstall kernel headers in ${includedir}/drm
2009-11-20 Jesse BarnesBump libdrm version to 2.4.16 for page flipping
2009-11-20 Kristian HøgsbergMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into libdrm
2009-11-17 Kristian HøgsbergMove libdrm/ up one level
2009-11-17 Kristian HøgsbergUse headers copied from kernel instead of shared-core
2009-11-17 Kristian HøgsbergAdd makefile rule to copy headers from kernel tree
2009-11-05 Julien CristauOnly install libdrm_intel.pc if we build libdrm_intel
2009-10-13 Chris Wilsonintel: Fallback to atomic-ops.h [libatomic-ops-dev]
2009-10-13 Chris Wilsonconfigure: Typo in error message.
2009-10-12 Chris Wilsonconfigure: Conditionally build libdrm_intel
2009-10-08 Eric AnholtBump to 2.4.15 for release.
2009-10-03 Chris Wilsonintel: Add a configure option to *disable* building...
2009-10-02 Chris Wilsonintel: Use atomic refcounters
2009-09-21 Eric AnholtBump to 2.4.14 for release.
2009-08-28 Eric AnholtBump to version 2.4.13 for release.
2009-07-15 Eric AnholtBump to version 2.4.12 for release.
2009-07-09 Dave Airlieconfigure: move AC_USE_SYSTEM_EXTENSIONS up higher
2009-07-06 Ian Romanicklibdrm: Set _XOPEN_SOURCE and _GNU_SOURCE
2009-06-17 Dave Airlielibdrm/radeon: add initial libdrm_radeon
2009-05-14 Keith Packardlibdrm/intel: Make get_pipe_from_crtc_id per-bufmgr...
2009-05-13 Keith PackardBump to version 2.4.10 to mark addition of drm_intel_bo...
2009-04-10 Jesse BarnesBump version to 2.4.9
2009-04-10 Jesse BarnesBump version to 2.4.8
2009-04-09 Kristian HøgsbergBump version to 2.4.7
2009-04-06 Kristian HøgsbergUse libudev in test case to only run gem tests for...
2009-03-30 Jesse Barneslibdrm: bump version to 2.4.6
2009-02-23 Eric AnholtAdd libdrm_intel.pc by popular demand.
2009-02-22 Pekka PaalanenFix fix distcheck for optional nouveau stuff.
2009-02-21 Eric AnholtFix distcheck for optional nouveau stuff.
2009-02-21 Eric AnholtBump version to 2.4.5 for new API additions.
2009-02-15 Ben Skeggslibdrm: make libdrm_nouveau conditional, disabled by...
2009-02-04 Ben Skeggsnouveau: install libdrm_nouveau with libdrm
2009-02-03 Kristian Høgsbergmodetest: Use cairo (if available) to paint a better...
2009-01-15 Eric Anholtbump version to 2.4.4
2009-01-07 Jesse Barneslibdrm: add autoconf check for clock_gettime
2008-12-17 Eric Anholtlibdrm: Fix modetest/modeprint to use automake stuff.
2008-12-10 Jesse BarnesRevert "Merge branch 'modesetting-gem'"
2008-12-10 Jesse BarnesBump version to 2.4.3 to reflect addition of mode setti...
2008-12-09 Jesse BarnesMerge branch 'modesetting-gem'
2008-12-03 Jesse BarnesMerge branch 'master' into modesetting-gem
2008-12-03 Jesse BarnesMerge branch 'master' into modesetting-gem
2008-12-02 Eric AnholtBump version to 2.4.2 to signal new libdrm_intel functions.
2008-11-20 Jesse BarnesMerge branch 'master' into modesetting-gem
2008-11-19 Jesse BarnesMerge branch 'modesetting-gem' of ssh://git.freedesktop...
2008-11-13 Jesse BarnesMerge branch 'master' into modesetting-gem
2008-10-30 Eric Anholtlibdrm 2.4.1.
2008-10-27 Jerome GlisseMerge branch 'modesetting-gem' of ssh://git.freedesktop...
2008-10-27 Jerome Glisseradeon: radeon util library