radeon: add some new SI pci ids
[glsdk/libdrm.git] / intel /
2012-08-02 Eric Anholtintel: Quiet valgrind warnings in context creation.
2012-08-02 Damien Lespiauintel: Remove two unused variables
2012-07-20 Rob Clarkintel: fix build error
2012-07-19 Dave Airlieintel: add prime interface for getting/setting a prime...
2012-07-12 Kenneth Graunkeintel: Change context create failure message to from...
2012-07-03 Lauri Kasanenintel: Fix build failure in test_decode.c
2012-06-29 Ben Widawskyintel/context: create/destroy implementation
2012-06-27 Ben Widawskyintel/decode: fix the reference file for
2012-06-27 Ben WidawskyRevert "intel/decode: VERTEX_ELEMENT_STATE, 1 means...
2012-06-27 Ben Widawskyintel: add decoding of MI_SET_CONTEXT
2012-06-27 Ben Widawskyintel/context: new execbuf interface for contexts
2012-06-27 Ben Widawskyintel/context: Add drm_intel_context type
2012-06-27 Ben Widawskyintel/decode: VERTEX_ELEMENT_STATE, 1 means valid
2012-06-27 Ben Widawskyintel/decode: add sampler state pointers for [HD]S
2012-06-27 Ben Widawskyintel: wait render timeout implementation
2012-06-25 Ben Widawskyintel: Add IVB PUSH_CONSTANT decodes
2012-05-10 Paul Berryintel: Add the ability to supply annotations for .aub...
2012-04-02 Daniel Vetterintel/decode: decode MI_WAIT_FOR_EVENT
2012-04-01 Eugeni Dodonovintel: add Ivy Bridge GT2 server variant
2012-03-22 Kenneth Graunkeintel: Add some PCI IDs for Haswell.
2012-03-13 Eric Anholtintel: Quiet two more valgrind complaints with recent...
2012-03-10 Eric Anholtintel: Add per-dword decode of gen7 3DPRIMITIVE.
2012-03-10 Eric Anholtintel: Move the gen4-6 3DPRIMITIVE handling out of...
2012-03-10 Eric Anholtintel: Add support for (possibly) unsynchronized maps.
2012-03-10 Eric Anholtintel: Fix error check for I915_PARAM_HAS_LLC.
2012-03-10 Eric Anholtintel: Bump the copyright dates on the bufmgr files.
2012-03-10 Eric Anholtintel: Add .aub file output support.
2012-03-10 Kenneth Graunkeintel: Add support for overriding the PCI ID via an...
2012-02-22 Eric Anholtintel: Import a new batchbuffer for the gen7 test.
2012-02-22 Eric Anholtintel: Add decode for gen7 HIER_DEPTH_BUFFER.
2012-02-22 Eric Anholtintel: Add decode for gen7 3DSTATE_WM.
2012-02-22 Eric Anholtintel: Fix a typo in decode error message.
2012-02-15 Chris Wilsonintel: Detect cache domain inconsistency with valgrind
2012-02-11 Chris Wilsonintel: Mark up with valgrind intrinsics to reduce false...
2012-02-01 Eugeni Dodonovintel: query for LLC support
2012-01-30 Chad Versaceintel: Fix bufmgr_gem->gen for gen > 4
2012-01-27 Eric Anholtintel: Add minimal decode for remaining gen7 packets...
2012-01-27 Eric Anholtintel: Add decode for gen7 constant buffer packets.
2012-01-27 Eric Anholtintel: Add decode for gen7 state pointers.
2012-01-27 Eric Anholtintel: Add support for parsing gen7 URB packets.
2012-01-27 Eric Anholtintel: Make most of the logic for 965 3d packet length...
2012-01-27 Eric Anholtintel: Move the logic for getting 965 3d packet length...
2012-01-27 Eric Anholtintel: Add support for parsing 965 3d packets using...
2012-01-27 Eric Anholtintel: Parse the correct length for gen7 3DSTATE_MULTIS...
2012-01-27 Eric Anholtintel: Put the "gen" shorthand chipset identifier in...
2012-01-27 Eric Anholtintel: Avoid the need for most overflow checks by using...
2012-01-27 Eric Anholtintel: Make instr_out take the decode context.
2012-01-27 Eric Anholtintel: Use the context to simplify BR01 decode.
2012-01-27 Eric Anholtintel: Use the context to simplify BR00 decode.
2012-01-27 Eric Anholtintel: Plumb the context through the decode callchain.
2012-01-27 Eric Anholtintel: Drop the code for counting parsing failures.
2012-01-27 Eric Anholtintel: Track the current packet location in the decode...
2012-01-27 Eric Anholtintel: Add a regression test for 2D decode, which I...
2012-01-04 Eric Anholtintel: Add regression tests for batch decode.
2012-01-04 Eric Anholtintel: Add a regression test program for intel_decode.c.
2012-01-04 Eric Anholtintel: Add an interface for setting the output file...
2011-12-31 Johannes Obermayrintel/intel_decode.c: Remove #include "intel_decode.h".
2011-12-30 Eric Anholtintel: Disable unused decode_logic_op().
2011-12-30 Eric Anholtintel: Turn on normal warnings for intel_decode.c build.
2011-12-30 Eric Anholtintel: Remove c99ish variable declarations.
2011-12-30 Eric Anholtintel: Fix printf format warnings for intel_decode.
2011-12-30 Eric Anholtintel: Add printflike warnings for instr_out.
2011-12-30 Eric Anholtintel: Fix a ton of signed vs unsigned and const char...
2011-12-30 Eric Anholtintel: Fix Wsigned-compare warnings (soon to be enabled).
2011-12-30 Eric Anholtintel: Get intel_decode.c minimally building.
2011-12-30 Eric Anholtintel: Minor style tweaks after Lindent.
2011-12-30 Eric Anholtintel: Reformat intel_decode.c from intel-gpu-tools...
2011-12-30 Eric Anholtintel: intel: Add IS_GEN[567] macros.
2011-12-30 Eric Anholtintel: Make intel_chipset handle devid directly.
2011-12-30 Eric Anholtintel: Import intel_decode.c from intel-gpu-tools.
2011-12-14 Chris Wilsonintel: Reset vma list upon purge
2011-12-13 Chris Wilsonintel: Remove the fresh assertions used to debug the...
2011-12-13 Chris Wilsonintel: Update map-count for an early error return durin...
2011-12-06 Chris Wilsonintel: Evict cached VMA in order to make room for new...
2011-12-05 Chris Wilsonintel: Add an interface to limit vma caching
2011-12-05 Chris Wilsonintel: Clean up mmaps on freeing the buffer
2011-12-05 Chris Wilsonintel: Unmap buffers during drm_intel_gem_bo_unmap
2011-12-04 Daniel Vetterintel: limit aperture space to mappable area on gen3
2011-10-29 Eric Anholtintel: Share the implementation of BO unmap between...
2011-10-29 Eric Anholtintel: Don't call the SW_FINISH ioctl unless a CPU...
2011-10-29 Eric Anholtintel: Remove stale comment.
2011-10-28 Eric Anholtintel: Add an interface for removing relocs after they...
2011-10-28 Eric Anholtintel: Use stdbool.h for dealing with boolean values.
2011-09-22 Daniel Vetterdrm/i915: y tiling on i915G/i915GM is different
2011-09-22 Daniel Vetterdrm/intel: don't clobber bufmgr->pci_device
2011-08-01 Ben Widawskyintel: shared header for shader debugging
2011-07-20 Yuanhan Liuintel: fix the wrong method check for bo_get_subdata
2011-06-04 Chris Wilsonintel: Add interface to query aperture sizes.
2011-04-04 Chris Wilsonintel: Also handle mrb_exec fallback with ring == I915_...
2011-03-26 Daniel VetterCleanup gen2 tiling confusion
2011-02-22 Daniel Vetterintel: Fixup for the fix for relaxed tiling on gen2
2011-02-22 Daniel Vetterintel: fix relaxed tiling on gen2
2011-02-14 Chris Wilsonintel: Remember named bo
2011-02-14 Chris Wilsonintel: Set the public handle after opening by name
2011-01-12 Chris Wilsonintel: compile fix for previous commit after rebasing
2011-01-12 Chris Wilsonintel: Fallback to old exec if no mrb_exec is available
2010-12-19 Chris Wilsonintel: Export CONSTANT_BUFFER addressing mode
2010-12-07 Chris Wilsonintel: Reorder need_fence vs fenced_command to avoid...
2010-12-03 Chris Wilsonintel: If the command is fenced inform the kernel
2010-11-25 Chris Wilsonintel: Add a forward declaration of struct drm_clip_rect