radeon: fix unused-function warning
[glsdk/libdrm.git] / omap /
2012-10-09 Vincent Penquerc'homap: release lock also on error paths
2012-08-23 Víctor Manuel Jáqu... omap: include omap_drm.h independently
2012-07-13 Rob Clarkomap: add refcnting and handle tracking
2012-07-13 Rob Clarkomap: add API to import bo's from dmabuf fd's
2012-07-13 Rob Clarkomap: clarify dmabuf file descriptor ownership
2012-04-11 Rob Clarkomap: add dmabuf support
2012-04-03 Víctor Manuel Jáqu... omap: fix compiler warning
2012-04-03 Rob Clarkomap: fix license header
2012-03-28 Rob Clarkomap: add omapdrm support