2010-01-05 Jakob BornecrantzMerge branch 'master' into libkms-master
2010-01-05 Jakob Bornecrantzlibkms: Disable by default
2010-01-05 Jakob Bornecrantzvmwgfx: Add experimental vmwgfx kernel header
2009-12-30 Marcin Slusarznouveau: add BEGIN_RING_NI
2009-12-28 Younes Mantonnouveau: Unreference pushbuf objects on channel destruc...
2009-12-28 Francisco Jereznouveau: Update some object definitions from renouveau...
2009-12-28 Marcin Kościelnickinouveau: Update nouveau_class.h with new renouveau...
2009-12-21 Dave Airlielibdrm 2.4.17
2009-12-21 Dave Airlieradeon: fix BO null check, should be in higher level fn
2009-12-20 Dave Airlieradeon: straighten out the API insanity.
2009-12-17 Ben Skeggsnouveau: remove delayed kernel bo creation
2009-12-15 Kristian HøgsbergBe less chatty in drmSetMaster/drmDropMaster
2009-12-15 Kristian Høgsbergmodetest: Error out if pageflipping is requested but...
2009-12-14 Jakob Bornecrantzvmwgfx: Fetch the latest header
2009-12-09 Ben Skeggsnouveau: Use drmIoctl so we restart ioctl on EINTR...
2009-12-09 Ben Skeggsnouveau: move reloc code down, nothing to see here
2009-12-08 Chris Wilsonintel: Clear virtual after failing to mmap_gtt.
2009-12-04 Jakob Bornecrantzlibkms: Change destroy api a bit
2009-12-04 Jakob Bornecrantzlibkms: Add libkms
2009-12-04 Jakob BornecrantzIgnore
2009-12-07 Jerome Glisseradeon: Use drmIoctl so we restart ioctl on EINTR or...
2009-12-05 Chris Wilsonintel: Expect caller to guarantee thread-safety of...
2009-12-04 Jesse Barnesmodetest: fix build error due to page_flip_handler...
2009-12-02 Jakob BornecrantzMerge branch 'modesetting-dirty-libdrm'
2009-12-03 Kristian HøgsbergAdd RELEASING to document the release process
2009-12-03 Jesse BarnesBump event context structure version for page flipping
2009-12-03 Jesse BarnesMerge branch 'pageflip' of git://people.freedesktop...
2009-12-03 Kristian HøgsbergBump to 2.4.16 for release
2009-12-03 Kristian HøgsbergEnable experimental APIs for distcheck
2009-12-02 Jakob BornecrantzChange the number on the dirty ioctl to match upstream
2009-12-02 Chris Wilsonintel: Free memory before inserting bo into cache.
2009-12-02 Chris Wilsonintel: Check and propagate errors from building reloc...
2009-12-02 Chris Wilsonintel: Repeat execbuffer after EINTR
2009-12-02 Chris Wilsonintel: Review use of errno.
2009-12-02 Chris Wilsonintel: Make bo_reference() inline for internal use.
2009-12-02 Chris Wilsonintel: Remove the extra reference while validating...
2009-12-01 Chris Wilsonintel: Wrap a few more syscalls with EINTR protection
2009-11-30 Chris Wilsonintel: Clear bo->used_as_reloc_target flag on destroy
2009-11-30 Chris Wilsonintel: Apply pessimistic alignment to in-aperture buffe...
2009-11-30 Chris Wilsonintel: Only store a buffer in the cache if it is retained.
2009-11-30 Jakob BornecrantzChange the dirty ioctl a bit and comment it
2009-11-26 Jakob BornecrantzBring dirty code from old branch
2009-11-25 Robert NolandCorrectly set DRM_MAX_MINOR for all platforms.
2009-11-24 Alex DeucherAdd missing DRM_MAX_MINOR define
2009-11-24 Robert NolandMore fixups to allow mesa to build
2009-11-24 Robert NolandFinish fixing the build on FreeBSD
2009-11-24 Kristian HøgsbergAdd drmGetDeviceNameFromFd function
2009-11-23 Kristian HøgsbergFix build on *BSD
2009-11-23 Kristian HøgsbergDon't hardcore 'yes', use in output
2009-11-23 Kristian HøgsbergOutput summary of enabled features at the end of config...
2009-11-23 Kristian HøgsbergDrop duplicated radeon_*.h files in include/drm
2009-11-21 Kristian HøgsbergPut mach64_drm.h back in to avoid breaking mesa build
2009-11-21 Kristian HøgsbergInstall kernel headers in ${includedir}/drm
2009-11-20 Pekka Paalanennouveau: fix DRM headers
2009-11-20 Jesse BarnesBump libdrm version to 2.4.16 for page flipping
2009-11-20 Kristian Høgsbergmodetest: add pageflip test case to modetest
2009-11-20 Kristian Høgsberglibdrm: add libdrm support for page flip ioctl
2009-11-20 Kristian HøgsbergMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into libdrm
2009-11-20 Kristian HøgsbergUpdate README
2009-11-18 Maciej Cencoralibdrm_radeon: add radeon_bo_is_referenced_by_cs function
2009-11-17 Jesse Barnesdrm/i915: add GETPARAM request for page flipping
2009-11-17 Kristian HøgsbergDrop stale TODO and unused ChangeLog
2009-11-17 Kristian HøgsbergMove libdrm/ up one level
2009-11-17 Kristian HøgsbergDrop shared-core, bsd-core, linux-core and scripts...
2009-11-17 Kristian HøgsbergUse headers copied from kernel instead of shared-core
2009-11-17 Kristian HøgsbergFix typo in i915 pipe_from_crtc_id ioctl struct name
2009-11-17 Kristian HøgsbergCopy headers from kernel v2.6.32-rc6-130-g5b8f0be
2009-11-17 Kristian HøgsbergAdd makefile rule to copy headers from kernel tree
2009-11-15 Francisco Jereznouveau: Update some nouveau_class.h definitions from...
2009-11-11 Chris Wilsonintel: Export madvise
2009-11-05 Julien CristauOnly install libdrm_intel.pc if we build libdrm_intel
2009-11-04 Ben Skeggsnouveau: turn another assertion into an error
2009-11-04 Ben Skeggsnouveau: modify api slightly to allow caller to handle...
2009-11-04 Ben Skeggsnouveau: add reloc refcnt to pending bo list
2009-11-04 Ben Skeggsnouveau: drop rendering on the floor rather than assert...
2009-11-04 Ben Skeggsnouveau: update view of available aperture space after...
2009-11-03 Mathias Fröhlichradeon: fix allocation
2009-10-30 Kristian HøgsbergAdd support for vblank events
2009-10-20 Eric Anholtintel: Only call clock_gettime once per unreference_final.
2009-10-20 Eric Anholtintel: Improve bo_references performance by skipping...
2009-10-20 Ben Skeggsnouveau: retry if pushbuf ioctl interrupted by signal
2009-10-18 Ben Skeggsnouveau: function to return status of bo being referenc...
2009-10-13 Patrice Mandinnouveau: nv30: add render target logbase2 width,height
2009-10-13 Eric Anholtintel: Add the defines for the kernel overlay support...
2009-10-13 Chris Wilsonintel: Fallback to atomic-ops.h [libatomic-ops-dev]
2009-10-13 Chris Wilsonconfigure: Typo in error message.
2009-10-12 Chris Wilsonconfigure: Conditionally build libdrm_intel
2009-10-08 Eric AnholtBump to 2.4.15 for release.
2009-10-08 Eric Anholtintel: Remove the asserts about the ignored alignment...
2009-10-06 Jesse Barnesintel: Add a bo_alloc function for tiled BOs.
2009-10-06 Eric Anholtintel: Fix up some stale doxygen comments.
2009-10-06 Eric Anholtintel: Reformat to the kernel coding style. Welcome...
2009-10-06 Eric Anholtintel: Don't allocate more relocation entries than...
2009-10-03 Chris Wilsontests: Disable intel-specific tests with --disable...
2009-10-03 Chris Wilsonintel: Add a configure option to *disable* building...
2009-10-03 Chris Wilsonintel: report errno
2009-10-03 Michel Dänzerlibdrm_radeon: Update RADEON_TILING_* flags to what...
2009-10-03 Nicolai Hähnlelibdrm_radeon: Zero-initialize structures to silence...
2009-10-02 Chris Wilsonintel: Use atomic refcounters
2009-10-02 Chris Wilsonintel: Mark cached bo as purgeable