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2012-06-27 Ben Widawskyintel/context: Add drm_intel_context type
2012-06-27 Ben Widawskyintel: updated header for contexts
2012-06-27 Ben Widawskyintel/decode: VERTEX_ELEMENT_STATE, 1 means valid
2012-06-27 Ben Widawskyintel/decode: add sampler state pointers for [HD]S
2012-06-27 Ben Widawskyintel: wait render timeout implementation
2012-06-25 Ben Widawskyintel: Add IVB PUSH_CONSTANT decodes
2012-06-17 Dave Airlieradeon/surface: free version after using it.
2012-06-12 Jerome Glisseradeon: force 1D array mode for z/stencil surface
2012-06-11 Jerome Glisseradeon: enabled 2D tiling for evergreen only on fixed...
2012-06-11 Jerome Glisseradeon: always properly initialize stencil_offset field
2012-06-09 Marcin Slusarznouveau: silence some remaining valgrind warnings
2012-06-08 Rob Clarkmodetest: support plane properties
2012-06-08 Rob Clarkmodetest: support bitmask properties
2012-06-08 Rob ClarkAdd support for bitmask properties
2012-06-08 Paulo Zanonimodetest: print CRTC properties
2012-06-08 Paulo ZanoniAdd support for generic object properties IOCTLs
2012-06-08 Michel Dänzerautogen.sh: Restore passing --enable-maintainer-mode...
2012-06-07 Alex Deucherconfigure: bump version for release
2012-06-07 Alex Deucherradeon: fall back to 1D tiling only with broken kernels
2012-06-06 Ben Widawskyintel: wait render header updates
2012-06-06 Ben Widawskyintel: sanitize i915_drm.h
2012-06-05 Alex Deucherradeon: add new pci ids
2012-05-16 Michel Dänzerradeon: Add Southern Islands PCI IDs.
2012-05-12 Inki Daelibdrm: add exynos drm support
2012-05-10 Paul Berryconfigure: Bump version for 2.4.34.
2012-05-10 Paul Berryintel: Add the ability to supply annotations for .aub...
2012-05-10 Anisse Astierradeon: Add new R600 PCI ids for surface manager
2012-05-03 Paulo Zanonimodetest: print more about our properties
2012-05-03 Paulo Zanonimodetest: call drmModeFreePlaneResources
2012-05-03 Paulo Zanonimodetest: fix drmModeGetConnector memory leak
2012-05-03 Paulo Zanonimodetest: fix some compiler warnings
2012-05-02 Marcin Slusarznouveau: fix channel closing
2012-04-24 Christoph Bumillernouveau: expose notifier handle on nvc0 as well
2012-04-24 Marcin Slusarznouveau: remove unnecessary EAGAIN loops
2012-04-16 Ben Skeggsnouveau: init nvc0 channel alloc req structure fully
2012-04-13 Ben Skeggsnouveau: pull in major libdrm rewrite
2012-04-13 Ben Skeggslists: add nicer+unsafe foreach, and list join macros
2012-04-11 Rob Clarkomap: add dmabuf support
2012-04-11 Rob Clarklibdrm: update drm headers from kernel for prime/dmabuf
2012-04-11 Rob Clarkmodetest: fix typo
2012-04-03 Rob Clarkmodetest: add AR15/XR15 (RGB-1555) formats
2012-04-03 Rob Clarkmodetest: add YUV and multi-planar support
2012-04-03 Rob Clarkmodetest: add drm_plane support
2012-04-03 Víctor Manuel... omap: fix compiler warning
2012-04-03 Rob Clarkomap: fix license header
2012-04-02 Daniel Vetterintel/decode: decode MI_WAIT_FOR_EVENT
2012-04-01 Eugeni Dodonovintel: add Ivy Bridge GT2 server variant
2012-03-28 Alex Deucherconfigure: Bump version for 2.4.33
2012-03-28 Rob Clarkomap: add omapdrm support
2012-03-22 Kenneth Graunkeintel: Add some PCI IDs for Haswell.
2012-03-20 Alex Deucherradeon: add TN surface support
2012-03-16 Eric Anholtconfigure: Bump version for 2.4.32.
2012-03-13 Eric Anholtintel: Quiet two more valgrind complaints with recent...
2012-03-10 Eric Anholtintel: Add per-dword decode of gen7 3DPRIMITIVE.
2012-03-10 Eric Anholtintel: Move the gen4-6 3DPRIMITIVE handling out of...
2012-03-10 Eric Anholtintel: Add support for (possibly) unsynchronized maps.
2012-03-10 Eric Anholtintel: Fix error check for I915_PARAM_HAS_LLC.
2012-03-10 Eric Anholtintel: Bump the copyright dates on the bufmgr files.
2012-03-10 Eric Anholtintel: Add .aub file output support.
2012-03-10 Kenneth Graunkeintel: Add support for overriding the PCI ID via an...
2012-03-09 David Herrmanxf86drmMode.h: Add header protection
2012-03-06 Alan CoopersmithMake drm/drm_fourcc.h portable to non-linux platforms
2012-03-02 Matt TurnerDon't require pciaccess if Intel is disabled
2012-02-22 Eric Anholtintel: Import a new batchbuffer for the gen7 test.
2012-02-22 Eric Anholtintel: Add decode for gen7 HIER_DEPTH_BUFFER.
2012-02-22 Eric Anholtintel: Add decode for gen7 3DSTATE_WM.
2012-02-22 Eric Anholtintel: Fix a typo in decode error message.
2012-02-15 Chris Wilsonintel: Detect cache domain inconsistency with valgrind
2012-02-14 Jerome Glisseradeon: fix pitch alignment for scanout buffer
2012-02-13 Chris Wilsonconfigure: Fix pkg-config test in absence of valgrind
2012-02-11 Chris Wilsonintel: Mark up with valgrind intrinsics to reduce false...
2012-02-08 Michel Dänzerradeon_cs_setup_bo: Fix accounting if caller specified...
2012-02-06 Jerome Glisseconfigure: Bump version for 2.4.31
2012-02-06 Jerome Glisseradeon: add r600_pci_ids.h to header file
2012-02-03 Jerome Glisseradeon: fix surface API for good before anyone start...
2012-02-02 Jerome Glisseradeon: surface fix macro -> micro tile fallback
2012-02-02 Ville SyrjäläUsing sizeof() on a function parameter with an array...
2012-02-02 Ville SyrjäläThis function was missing.
2012-02-02 Ville SyrjälädrmModeFreeResources() always leaked some memory.
2012-02-01 Jerome Glisseradeon: add surface allocator helper v10
2012-02-01 Eugeni Dodonovintel: query for LLC support
2012-01-31 Paul Berryintel: Fix build of Intel DRM on x86 systems
2012-01-30 Jeremy HuddlestonDon't build Intel DRM if $CHOST is not i?86-* or x86_64-*
2012-01-30 Chad Versaceintel: Fix bufmgr_gem->gen for gen > 4
2012-01-27 Eric Anholtintel: Add minimal decode for remaining gen7 packets...
2012-01-27 Eric Anholtintel: Add decode for gen7 constant buffer packets.
2012-01-27 Eric Anholtintel: Add decode for gen7 state pointers.
2012-01-27 Eric Anholtintel: Add support for parsing gen7 URB packets.
2012-01-27 Eric Anholtintel: Make most of the logic for 965 3d packet length...
2012-01-27 Eric Anholtintel: Move the logic for getting 965 3d packet length...
2012-01-27 Eric Anholtintel: Add support for parsing 965 3d packets using...
2012-01-27 Eric Anholtintel: Parse the correct length for gen7 3DSTATE_MULTIS...
2012-01-27 Eric Anholtintel: Put the "gen" shorthand chipset identifier in...
2012-01-27 Eric Anholtintel: Avoid the need for most overflow checks by using...
2012-01-27 Eric Anholtintel: Make instr_out take the decode context.
2012-01-27 Eric Anholtintel: Use the context to simplify BR01 decode.
2012-01-27 Eric Anholtintel: Use the context to simplify BR00 decode.
2012-01-27 Eric Anholtintel: Plumb the context through the decode callchain.
2012-01-27 Eric Anholtintel: Drop the code for counting parsing failures.
2012-01-27 Eric Anholtintel: Track the current packet location in the decode...