2011-09-23 Tapani Pällixf86drm.h : wrap C code for C++ compilation/linking
2011-09-22 Daniel Vetterdrm/i915: y tiling on i915G/i915GM is different
2011-09-22 Daniel Vetterdrm/intel: don't clobber bufmgr->pci_device
2011-09-21 Matt Turnermodeprint.c: use PRIu64 for printing uint64_t
2011-09-18 Marcin Slusarznouveau: assert argument cannot have side effects
2011-09-18 Marcin Slusarzdrm mode: fix drmIoctl wrapper
2011-08-01 Ben Widawskyintel: shared header for shader debugging
2011-07-20 Yuanhan Liuintel: fix the wrong method check for bo_get_subdata
2011-07-12 Chih-Wei HuangSpecify the return type explicitly.
2011-06-04 Chris Wilsonconfigure: version bump for 2.4.26 release
2011-06-04 Chris Wilsonintel: Add interface to query aperture sizes.
2011-05-14 Chris Wilsonlibkms: All current BO_TYPE are 32bpp
2011-04-11 Chris Wilsonconfigure: version bump for 2.4.25 release
2011-04-04 Ilija Hadziclibdrm: (revised) vblank wait on crtc > 1
2011-04-04 Chris Wilsonintel: Also handle mrb_exec fallback with ring == I915_...
2011-03-29 Dave Airliedrm_mode: fix types on recently added ioctls
2011-03-26 Daniel VetterCleanup gen2 tiling confusion
2011-03-21 Javier Jardónbuild: Update autotools configuration
2011-03-04 Dave Airlielibdrm: oops fix get cap return value.
2011-03-04 Dave Airlielibkms: add dumb support
2011-03-04 Ben SkeggsImplement drmGetCap() to query device/driver capabilities
2011-03-04 Dave Airliedrm: add dumb interface
2011-03-04 Kristian HøgsbergBuild modetest for all chipsets, always build modeprint
2011-03-04 Matt Turnerdon't try to build modetest without libkms
2011-03-01 Chris Wilsonconfigure: Bump version to 2.4.24
2011-03-01 Chris Wilsonintel: Add I915_PARAM_HAS_RELAXED_DELTA
2011-02-22 Daniel Vetterintel: Fixup for the fix for relaxed tiling on gen2
2011-02-22 Daniel Vetterintel: fix relaxed tiling on gen2
2011-02-17 Benjamin Franzkemodetest: Do no flip twice to a current front buffer
2011-02-17 Benjamin Franzketests/modeprint: Output masks as hex numbers
2011-02-17 Benjamin Franzketests/modeprint: Remove needless dependency on drm_intel
2011-02-17 Benjamin Franzkemodetest: Create buffers using libkms
2011-02-17 Benjamin ac_define HAVE_RADEON
2011-02-17 nobledlibkms/radeon: Add backend
2011-02-14 Chris Wilsonintel: Remember named bo
2011-02-14 Chris Wilsonintel: Set the public handle after opening by name
2011-01-12 Chris Wilsonintel: compile fix for previous commit after rebasing
2011-01-12 Chris Wilsonintel: Fallback to old exec if no mrb_exec is available
2010-12-21 Ben Skeggsnouveau: fix up reloc_emit() to accept NULL target...
2010-12-21 Ben Skeggsnouveau: split pushbuf macros specific to nv04-nv50...
2010-12-21 Ben Skeggsnouveau: nvc0 drm has no concept of "notifier block"
2010-12-19 Chris Wilsonintel: Export CONSTANT_BUFFER addressing mode
2010-12-10 Chris Wilsonconfigure: Bump version to 2.4.23
2010-12-10 Chris Wilsontests: Update for ENOENT returns from unknown handles
2010-12-07 Chris Wilsonintel: Reorder need_fence vs fenced_command to avoid...
2010-12-07 Dave Airliedrm: don't do the create the node ourselves if we have...
2010-12-03 Chris Wilsonintel: If the command is fenced inform the kernel
2010-12-02 Marek Olšákradeon: silence valgrind warnings by zeroing memory
2010-11-25 Chris Wilsonintel: Add a forward declaration of struct drm_clip_rect
2010-11-22 Chris Wilsonintel: Compute in-aperture size for relaxed fenced...
2010-11-22 Francisco Jereznouveau: Add implicit pushbuf flush before gpuobj destr...
2010-11-09 Eric Anholtintel: Fix drm_intel_gem_bo_wait_rendering to wait...
2010-11-07 Albert Damenintel: initialize bufmgr.bo_mrb_exec unconditionally
2010-11-02 Eric Anholtintel: Drop silly asserts on mappings present at unmap...
2010-11-02 Eric Anholtintel: Remove gratuitous assert on bo_reference.
2010-11-01 Eric Anholtintel: Shove the fake bufmgr subdata implementation...
2010-11-01 Eric Anholtintel: Remove stale comment.
2010-10-31 Francisco Jereznouveau: Avoid unnecessary call to CPU_FINI.
2010-10-29 Chris Wilsonintel: enable relaxed fence allocation for i915
2010-10-27 Adam Jacksons/drmStrdup/strdup/
2010-10-26 Chris Wilsonintel: Prepare for BLT ring split.
2010-10-21 Francisco Jereznouveau: Define the HAS_PAGEFLIP getparam.
2010-10-12 Francisco Jereznouveau: Let the user choose the push buffer size.
2010-10-12 Francisco Jereznouveau: Define buffer object usage flags.
2010-10-01 Chris Wilsonintel: Downgrade error warnings to debug
2010-09-29 Carl WorthIncrement version to 2.4.22
2010-09-25 Chris Wilsonintel: Replace open-coded drmIoctl with calls to drmIoctl()
2010-09-21 Ben Skeggsnouveau: fix drm version check some more
2010-09-19 Ben Skeggsnouveau: fix thinko in drm version check
2010-09-09 Chris Wilsonmodetest: Fix drawing routines to use stride.
2010-09-09 Jesse Barnesmodetest: align fb pitch to 64 bytes
2010-09-07 Jesse Barnesmodetest: add edp and TV connector names to the connect...
2010-08-26 Eric AnholtAvoid use of c++ reserved keyword "virtual" when using...
2010-08-24 Chris WilsonFree the property blob along the error path.
2010-08-18 Ben Skeggsnouveau: accept both 0.0.16 and 1.x.x
2010-08-06 Benjamin Herrenschmidtlibdrm: Fix PCI domain domain support
2010-08-03 Dave AirlieCopy headers from kernel drm-core-next
2010-07-01 Chris Wilsondrm mode: Return -errno on drmIoctl() failure
2010-07-01 Fernando CarrijoPurge macro NEED_REPLIES
2010-06-29 Chris Wilsonintel: Suppress the error return from setting domains...
2010-06-24 Chris Wilsonintel: Limit tiled pitches to 8192 on pre-i965.
2010-06-22 Chris Wilsonintel: Only adjust the local stride used for SET_TILING...
2010-06-22 Chris Wilsonintel: Restore SET_TILING for non-flinked bo.
2010-06-22 Chris Wilsonintel: '===' != '=='
2010-06-22 Chris Wilsonintel: Sanitise strides for linear buffers and SET_TILING
2010-06-21 Chris Wilsonintel: Print out debugging message following ENOSPC
2010-06-21 Chris Wilsonintel: Scan the cache for old bo once every second.
2010-06-21 Chris Wilsonintel: Force stride to be 0 for I915_TILING_NONE.
2010-06-21 Chris Wilsonintel: Defer tiling change to allocation.
2010-06-21 Chris Wilsonintel: Track tiling stride
2010-06-10 Eric AnholtBump version to 2.4.21 for release.
2010-06-10 Eric AnholtFix radeon distcheck.
2010-06-10 Eric Anholtintel: Fix several other paths for buffers pointing...
2010-06-10 Eric Anholtintel: Add more intermediate sizes of cache buckets...
2010-06-09 Chris Wilsonintel: Convert to untiled pitches if surface is too...
2010-06-08 Eric AnholtAllow a buffer to point at itself and still get relocs.
2010-06-06 Zou Nan haiintel: Add support for kernel multi-ringbuffer API.
2010-06-03 Jesse Barnesadd vbltest to .gitignore
2010-06-01 Daniel Stonelibkms: Fix include paths
2010-05-26 Eric AnholtEnable silent automake rules.