2014-04-09 Nikhil Devshatwarv4l2_cap: Dump captured content to a file instead of... master
2014-04-09 Nikhil Devshatwarv4l2_cap: Enable v4l2_capture test suite for dra7xx
2014-03-17 Alejandro HernandezUpdate alsa tests tags
2014-03-17 Alejandro HernandezUpdate fbdev tests tags
2014-03-17 Alejandro HernandezAdd audio alsa configuration for am43xx-epos
2014-03-17 Carlos HernandezSet test scope of powermgr tests tags
2014-03-17 Carlos HernandezDelete powermgr_suspend_nousbhost tests
2014-03-14 Carlos Hernandezcommon: Restart rtcwake on late int
2014-02-27 Yan Fix a bug in getting partition...
2014-02-24 Carlos HernandezUpdate scope for PM resume test
2014-02-20 Alejandro HernandezALSA: Add AM43xx platforms to volume and switch tests
2014-02-19 Carlos Wrap wget
2014-02-19 Carlos Wrap wget
2014-02-19 Carlos HernandezDefine Wget, a wrapper for wget
2014-02-19 Carlos HernandezAdd site_info file
2014-02-19 Carlos Hernandezrunltp: Remove extra results printout
2014-02-12 Carlos Hernandezpowermgr_cpufreq: Fix timeout error on heavyduty test
2014-02-12 Carlos Hernandezcommon/ Avoid calling top from idle
2014-02-10 Carlos Hernandezfunctions: Fix bug in call to cpuloadgenerator
2014-02-10 Yan Add function to get partition number...
2014-02-05 Carlos Hernandezpowermgr_cpufreq: Modify basic cpufreq test
2014-02-03 Carlos Add regulator names for am43xx
2014-02-03 Carlos Hernandezpowermgr_cpufreq: Fix scope tags
2014-02-03 Carlos Relax dynticks pass criteria
2014-02-03 Carlos Hernandezddt/system_cpufreq: Fix test tag for MMC test case
2014-01-31 Carlos Hernandezruntest/ddt/sgx: Eliminate hardcoded path
2014-01-30 Yan Liumtd_common: increase the search range of mtd partitions
2014-01-30 Yan LiuChange scope to XL for mmc stress test
2014-01-30 Yan LiuModified gpio-pm-tests to add more testcases
2014-01-30 Yan Liublk_device_modular_dd_rw: Add logic for FS_TYPE
2014-01-30 Yan LiuAdd more power state name in log_pm_count function
2014-01-19 Yan Liunandtest: modified the nand test cases
2014-01-17 Yan LiuPull out ipc_test_suite until the build issues are...
2014-01-14 Yan Liugpio-pm-tests: escape the double quote so that only...
2014-01-14 Yebio MesfinMakefile updated to fix ipc build problem.
2014-01-10 Yan LiuAdd logic to determine the pass fail of mtdtests. Also...
2014-01-09 Peter corrections for sound...
2014-01-09 Yebio Mesfiniommu functional testing kernel module.
2014-01-08 Carlos HernandezFix @requires on ddt/system_tests
2014-01-08 Carlos HernandezMinor fixes on dynticks test
2014-01-07 Yan LiuFilter out ipc_test_suite for unsupported platforms
2014-01-03 Roger Quadrosusb: usb_stress_io: Reload necessary modules with appro...
2014-01-03 Roger Quadrosusb: usb_perf_raw: Check for CONFIG_USB_TEST and CONFIG...
2014-01-03 Roger Quadrosusb: usb_perf_raw: Add ISO performance tests
2014-01-03 Roger Quadrosusb: usb_perf_raw: Reload necessary modules with approp...
2014-01-03 Roger Quadrosusb: Improve test parameters for better...
2014-01-03 Roger Quadrosusb: Improve throughput accuracy
2014-01-03 Roger Quadrosusb: remove undefined check_config
2014-01-03 Roger Quadrosusb: testusb: Fail if operation not supported
2013-12-20 Yan LiuAdd gpio test support in for am43xx-gpevm
2013-12-18 Yan LiuAdd emmc into am43xx-gpevm platform file
2013-12-14 Yan Liuchange nand stress test type to XL to increate the...
2013-12-12 Aparna BalasubramanianMD5 and SHA modes to use async mode tests
2013-12-10 Yebio MesfinFile defines Scenarios for IPC related test.
2013-12-10 Alejandro HernandezList Audio devices in alsa test cases
2013-12-10 Yebio MesfinIPC: MailBoox loopback test.
2013-12-10 Aparna BalasubramanianChanging scope and modifying hardware requirements...
2013-12-10 Aparna BalasubramanianChecking interrupt count for crypto tests
2013-12-09 Carlos HernandezAdd cpuidle stress tests
2013-12-09 Carlos HernandezAdd Linaro's cpuidle tests
2013-12-09 Yan Liummc_tarball test: change the tarball source
2013-12-08 Aparna BalasubramanianForcing musb module to be removed before suspend
2013-12-07 Carlos HernandezModify usb eth test case names
2013-12-07 Carlos Hernandezddt/usbhost_eth_ping: Make tests name compliant
2013-12-07 Carlos Hernandezddt/system_usbhost: Add missing test scenario metadata
2013-12-07 Carlos Hernandezddt/smp_watchdog_cpu_affinity: Add @name annotation
2013-12-07 Carlos HernandezUpdate README-DDT
2013-12-04 Yan LiuModified gpio script to be able to test any gpio banks
2013-12-04 Yan LiuAdd more spi performance test to test larger size
2013-12-04 Yan LiuAdd qspi modular support for am43xx-epos
2013-11-26 Carlos HernandezAdd Linaro's cpufreq tests
2013-11-26 Carlos Fix kill_memtest function
2013-11-26 Carlos Add test_status_show()
2013-11-25 Aparna BalasubramanianPowermgr - suspend/resume scenarios with usb
2013-11-25 Aparna BalasubramanianModule names for ti_cpsw and musb
2013-11-19 Yan LiuAdd qspi modular support into ltp-ddt for dra7xx-evm
2013-11-19 Yan LiuFix bug in nandtests
2013-11-15 Aparna BalasubramanianEth LTP - change of scope from M to L
2013-11-13 Aparna BalasubramanianMD5 crypto tests to am43xx and dra7xx targets
2013-11-13 Aparna BalasubramanianEnhance usbhost audio device search logic
2013-11-12 Aparna BalasubramanianMakefile for crypto directory
2013-11-12 Aparna BalasubramanianAdding sha224, sha384, and sha512 tests.
2013-11-11 Aparna BalasubramanianCrypto wrapper and test changes
2013-11-11 Yan LiuAdd gpio ltp-ddt support for am43xx-epos
2013-11-11 Yan LiuFix the typo errors in am43xx platform files to make...
2013-11-07 Yan LiuAdd gpio test support in ltp-ddt
2013-11-06 Lokesh Vutlawatchdog: Fix the buffer and buffer size for write...
2013-11-05 Aparna BalasubramanianWrapper for crypto tests
2013-10-29 Yan LiuAdd -q option to flash_erase command in nandecc test...
2013-10-29 Aparna BalasubramanianTypo in eth_parallel_processing
2013-10-25 Yan LiuFixed a bug in blk_device_filesystem script; also modif...
2013-10-25 Aparna BalasubramanianModifying MUSB modular config name
2013-10-24 Aparna BalasubramanianLTP-DDT: platforms files for am43xx derivatives
2013-10-24 Yan LiuAdd gpio to beaglebone and beaglebone-black platform...
2013-10-23 Yebio MesfinFiles are updated to match brightness index value.
2013-10-23 Carlos HernandezAM335x-SK: Add crypto to platform file
2013-10-22 Yan LiuFix flash erase command error
2013-10-22 Yan LiuModified nand related scripts to make it easier debug;
2013-10-21 Yan LiuAdd flash erase to make sure the nand test will be...
2013-10-19 Yan LiuAdd gpio support for BB-black, SK and BBW