recipes-kernel: Add GLSDK specific kernel tree for omap-a15
[glsdk/meta-ti-glsdk.git] / conf / machine / include /
2013-03-08 Denys Dmytriyenkoomap4, pandaboard: unify and cleanup configs
2012-11-28 Nicolas Dechesneconf/machine: omap4: update configs after xorg upgrade
2012-10-25 Nicolas Dechesnepandaboard: use xf86-video-omap by default in XSERVER...
2012-04-18 Denys change to require
2012-03-05 Koen Kooilinux-omap4: update to 3.1.0 (latest ti-ubuntu branch)
2012-03-04 Koen KooiSOC_FAMILY: add to MACHINE_OVERRIDES locally
2011-12-29 Koen KooiMerge branch 'master' of git.angstrom-distribution...
2011-12-24 Koen Kooipandaboard: new machine config to support both omap4430...