sdcard_image bbclass: add ext4 support note
[glsdk/meta-ti-glsdk.git] / recipes-bsp /
2011-11-04 Joel A FernandesU-boot 2011.10rc: Refresh PMIC patch with Rev A1 fixes
2011-11-04 Joel A Fernandesu-boot 2011.10rc: Fix pmic shut down over USB power
2011-11-02 Koen Kooiu-boot 2011.10rc: tweak loadaddress for faster boot
2011-11-01 Koen Kooiu-boot 2011.10rc: update SRCREV and rediff patches
2011-10-21 Khem Rajsigngp: Point S to WORKDIR
2011-10-21 Joel A Fernandesu-boot 2011.10rc: Read EEPROM header correctly for...
2011-10-21 Koen Kooiu-boot 2011.10rc: remove beaglebone machine ID patch
2011-10-21 Koen Kooiomap3-sgx-modules: use MACHINE_KERNEL_PR
2011-10-21 Koen Kooiuboot 2011.10rc: rediff RO patch
2011-10-21 Denys Dmytriyenkou-boot 2011.10rc: update to the latest revision
2011-10-20 Koen Kooiu-boot 2011.10rc: update with latest rev
2011-10-19 Denys Dmytriyenkou-boot 2011.10rc: update with latest rev and new SRC_URI
2011-10-18 Koen Kooiu-boot 2011.10rc: make uboot pass beaglebone machine...
2011-10-18 Denys Dmytriyenkou-boot-2011.10rc: update to cover ti33x SOC boards...
2011-10-17 Koen Kooiu-boot 2011.10rc: move to latest rev, disable d-cache
2011-10-16 Koen Kooiu-boot: switch beagleboard and beaglebone to RO rootfs...
2011-10-13 Koen Kooiu-boot 2011.10rc: raise bootdelay to 1 for the time...
2011-10-13 Koen Kooiu-boot 2010rc: switch to Toms latest branch, rediff...
2011-10-12 Koen Kooiu-boot 2011.10rc: update to latest Joel, rebase Jasons...
2011-10-11 Koen Kooiu-boot 2011.09: add support for loop-through expansion...
2011-10-11 Koen Kooiu-boot 2011.09: switch to proper 2011.09 tag and add...
2011-10-09 Koen Kooiu-boot 2011.09: probe ddc bus for eeproms as well on...
2011-10-09 Koen Kooiu-boot 2011.09+git: Add Jasons patches to clean up...
2011-10-08 Koen Kooiu-boot: add 2011.09+git for beaglebone 1st and 2nd...
2011-09-26 Jason Kridnermeta-ti: x-load: add config header support for BeagleBoard
2011-09-20 Jason Kridneru-boot: added version 2011.09
2011-08-24 Koen Kooiu-boot git: add omapl138 support
2011-08-05 Koen Kooimatrix: move into a seperate dir
2011-08-03 Koen Kooix-load git: bump SRCREV
2011-08-02 Koen Kooiomap3-sgx-modules: add patch from Steve Sakoman to...
2011-07-26 Koen Kooimatrix-gui-e 1.3: add patch to fix build failure with...
2011-07-26 Koen Kooimatrix-gui 1.3: add patch to fix build failure with...
2011-07-26 Koen Kooimatrix-gui-common: sync with OE .dev and clean out...
2011-07-26 Koen Kooimatrix: sync with OE .dev
2011-07-20 Chase Maupinu-boot: add missing patch for am37x-evm
2011-07-20 Koen Kooix-load: add 1.46-psp
2011-07-20 Koen Kooisigngp: add util needed for old x-loader versions
2011-07-20 Koen Kooix-loader git: update to 1.5.1
2011-07-20 Koen Kooiu-boot git: add am3517-evm support
2011-07-11 Koen Kooix-load: add patch to fix EHCI in panda u-boot
2011-07-11 Koen Kooiu-boot 2011.06: add tftpboot support for pandaboard
2011-06-28 Koen Kooiu-boot: update 2011.06rc to 2011.06 final
2011-06-28 Koen Kooix-load: readd deploy task
2011-06-28 Koen Kooiu-boot: readd deploy task
2011-06-27 Koen Kooiomap3-sgx-modules: bump PR for OE-core kernel.bbclass fix
2011-06-23 Koen Kooiu-boot: add 2011.06rc recipe for beagle and panda
2011-06-16 Koen Kooiu-boot 2010.06-psp: add support for 814x and 816x
2011-06-10 Koen Kooiu-boot: inherit deploy to fix spurious rebuilds in...
2011-06-10 Koen Kooix-load: inherit deploy to fix spurious rebuilds in...
2011-06-07 Koen Kooix-load: add support for beagleboard C5
2011-05-30 Koen Kooiomap3-sgx-modules: add version
2011-05-24 Koen Kooix-load: bump SRCREV for OMAP4 fixes
2011-05-21 Koen Kooimove kernel recipes in to the proper dir
2011-05-15 Paul Eggletonformfactor: add beagleboard formfactor file
2011-05-09 Koen Kooilinux-omap4: sync with OE .dev
2011-05-09 Koen Kooilinux-omap4: do not use multikernel
2011-05-07 Koen Kooilinux-omap-psp 2.6.32: sync with .dev
2011-05-07 Koen Kooilinux-omap-psp 2.6.32: catch up with latest bitbake...
2011-04-28 Koen Kooilinux-omap-psp 2.6.32: work around https://bugzilla...
2011-04-19 Koen Drop FAKEROOT usage in favour of...
2011-03-30 Koen remove package_stagefile_shell call
2011-03-25 Koen Kooix-load git: update to 1.5.0
2011-03-17 Koen Kooilinux-omap-psp 2.6.32: sync with .dev
2011-03-16 Chase Maupinmatrix-tui: add version 1.1 of matrix-tui
2011-03-16 Chase Maupinmatrix-gui-e: Add support for dm368-evm machine
2011-03-16 Chase Maupinmatrix-gui: Add support for dm368-evm machine
2011-03-16 Chase Maupinmatrix-gui-common: update SRCREV and add device support
2011-03-15 Chase allow variable make targets
2011-03-10 Koen Kooiu-boot git: sync beagleboard with OE .dev
2011-03-10 Koen Kooilinux-omap 2.6.37: sync with OE .dev
2011-03-08 Koen Kooix-load: fall back to xM when detecting beagleboard...
2011-02-08 Koen Kooiu-boot git: sync with OE for beagleboard
2011-02-08 Koen Kooilinux-omap 2.6.37: sync with OE
2011-02-08 Koen Kooilinux-omap-psp 2.6.32: switch to git protocol
2011-02-01 Koen the current fetcher2 in yocto started...
2011-01-30 Koen Kooiu-boot git: fix double override typo
2011-01-28 Koen Kooix-load: sync with OE
2011-01-28 Koen Kooiu-boot: fix conflicting patch name
2011-01-24 Koen Kooilinux-omap4: sync with OE
2011-01-24 Koen Kooilinux-davinci git: disable perf, it doesn't cross-compile
2011-01-24 Koen KooiTI BSP: sync linux-omap 2.6.37 with OE
2011-01-24 Koen Kooilinux-omap-psp 2.6.32: disable perf, it doesn't cross...
2011-01-23 Koen include perf include from yocto
2011-01-18 Koen KooiTI BSP: sync linux-omap 2.6.37 with OE
2011-01-13 Koen KooiTI-BSP: import matrix from OE
2011-01-12 Koen Kooilinux-omap: update to 2.6.37-final
2011-01-12 Koen KooiTI BSP: add support for the OMAP4430 pandaboard
2011-01-08 Koen KooiP: add support the Always Innovating Touchbook
2011-01-08 Koen KooiTI BSP: add support the AM37x EVM board
2011-01-08 Koen Kooilinux-omap-psp 2.6.32: sync with OE
2011-01-08 Koen Kooiu-boot: add license checksum
2011-01-08 Koen Kooixload: remove signgp dep and add license checksum
2011-01-07 Koen KooiTI BSP: add kernel license checksum
2011-01-03 Koen KooiTI BSP: add USRP-E100 support
2011-01-03 Koen KooiTI BSP: add hawkboard support
2011-01-03 Koen KooiTI BSP: add support the OMAP35x EVM board
2011-01-03 Koen KooiTI BSP: deploy can be empty, so make...
2011-01-02 Koen KooiBSP: rename beagleboard to TI