linux-3.0: add support for 'uLCD' expansionboard
[glsdk/meta-ti-glsdk.git] / recipes-ti /
2011-08-16 Koen Kooiti-linux-utils: ensure fixdep exists before trying...
2011-08-16 Koen KooiTI recipes: only use PACKAGE_ARCH = "${MACHINE_ARCH...
2011-08-16 Enrico Buteragstreamer-ti: bump srcrev to fix runtime error, build fix
2011-08-16 Enrico Buteragstreamer-ti: import from oe classic and fix build
2011-08-16 Enrico Buteradmai: fix build and update omap3 srcrev to 642
2011-08-16 Enrico Buterati-codecs-omap3530: disable c6accel, build fix, add...
2011-08-16 Enrico Buterati-dsplink: fix module packaging
2011-08-16 Koen Kooic6accel: update to
2011-08-16 Koen Kooic6accel: fix LINUXLIBS_INSTALL_DIR
2011-08-16 Koen Kooic6accel: fix toolchain path
2011-08-16 Koen Kooiti-c6accel: add license checksum
2011-08-16 Koen Kooiti-codec-engine: fix -dbg packaging
2011-08-16 Koen Kooiti-c6accel: fix patch
2011-08-16 Koen Kooic6accel: move to a seperate dir
2011-08-16 Koen Kooidmai: don't break parsing for machines that don't set...
2011-08-16 Koen Kooiti-cgt6x: move license checksum to recipe
2011-08-16 Koen Kooidmai: move into a seperate dir
2011-08-16 Enrico Buteraxdctools: fix toolchain hardcoded paths
2011-08-16 Enrico Buterati devtools: fix LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
2011-08-16 Enrico Buteraxdctools: remove broken version
2011-08-16 Enrico Buteraxdctools: remove broken version
2011-08-16 Enrico Buteraimport codec engine and dependencies from oe classic
2011-08-05 Koen Kooimatrix: move into a seperate dir
2011-07-07 Koen Kooiadd hdvpss
2011-07-06 Koen Kooiadd syslink
2011-07-06 Koen Kooiadd ipc
2011-07-06 Koen Kooiadd sysbios
2011-07-06 Koen Kooiadd cgt470 4.6.6
2011-07-06 Koen Kooiti-paths: add syslink bits and sort it alphabetically
2011-07-06 Koen Kooiti-xdctools: update to
2011-06-23 Koen Kooiti-edma3lld: add from OE .dev
2011-06-23 Koen Kooiti-biosutils: add 1.02.02 from OE .dev
2011-03-30 Koen Kooiti-dsplink: use new module infrastructure
2011-03-28 Koen use proper STAGING variable
2011-03-16 Koen Kooiti-local-power-manager: add license checksum and fix...
2011-03-15 Koen Kooiti-local-power-manager: avoid parse errors when variabl...
2011-03-14 Koen Kooirecipes-ti: initial check in of dsplink stack