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2011-10-08 Koen Kooisdcard_image bbclass: make it work with older losetup...
2011-10-08 Jason Kridnerclasses: sdcardimage: move to 4GiB image
2011-10-08 Koen Kooiti-hw-bringup-image: import from meta-angstrom
2011-09-26 Jason Kridnermeta-ti: x-load: add config header support for BeagleBoard
2011-09-26 Jason Kridnermeta-ti: linux-3.0: beagle: defconfig: add some gadget...
2011-09-26 Jason Kridnermeta-ti: linux-3.0: beagle: defconfig: add TSC2007
2011-09-26 Jason Kridnermeta-ti: linux-3.0: beagle: defconfig: enable CONFIG_OM...
2011-09-25 Joel A Fernandessdcard_image: Helper class to create SD Card images
2011-09-21 Koen Kooiti-msp430-chronos: import from OE classic
2011-09-20 Jason Kridneru-boot: added version 2011.09
2011-09-17 Koen Kooixserver-xf86-config: add config for OMAP3 SOC_FAMILY
2011-09-16 Jason Kridnerlinux-3.0: patch.sh: adjusted tags and error handling
2011-09-16 Jason Kridnerlinux-3.0: patch.sh: manually update git remotes
2011-09-16 Jason Kridnerlinux-3.0: fix BeagleBoard-xM eth mac using die id
2011-09-16 Jason Kridnerlinux-3.0: added bbtoys ulcd support
2011-09-16 Koen Kooigstreamer-ti: use MEMARGS variable instead of hardcodin...
2011-09-16 Koen Kooilinux-3.0: add patch helper script
2011-09-02 Koen Kooilinux 3.1rc: lock down to omap3 machines
2011-09-02 Koen Kooigstreamer-ti: add native system unit file
2011-09-01 Koen Kooilinux 3.0: remove flaky ABB patches
2011-09-01 Koen Kooitask-ti-test: import task-arago-test.bb from arago git
2011-09-01 Koen Kooilinux 3.0: update to 3.0.4
2011-09-01 Koen Kooilinux 3.1: update to 3.1rc4+
2011-09-01 Tasslehoff... linux-omap_2.6.39: remove patch that prevented board...
2011-09-01 Koen Kooilinux-omap-psp 2.6.32: fix multiline comments
2011-08-26 Koen KooiREADME: change pull request location
2011-08-24 Koen Kooiu-boot git: add omapl138 support
2011-08-24 Koen Kooilinux 3.0: make userpace governor the default on beagle
2011-08-24 Koen Kooilinux 3.1: update to rc3
2011-08-22 Koen Kooilinux 3.0: fix uLCD poweron for beagleboard
2011-08-18 Koen Kooiti-linuxutils: use MACHINE_KERNEL_PR
2011-08-17 Koen Kooilinux-3.0: update to 3.0.3-stable
2011-08-17 Koen Kooilinux-3.0: fixes
2011-08-17 Koen Kooilinux-3.0: add support for 'uLCD' expansionboard
2011-08-16 Koen Kooiti-linux-utils: ensure fixdep exists before trying...
2011-08-16 Koen KooiTI recipes: only use PACKAGE_ARCH = "${MACHINE_ARCH...
2011-08-16 Enrico Buteragstreamer-ti: bump srcrev to fix runtime error, build fix
2011-08-16 Enrico Buteragstreamer-ti: import from oe classic and fix build
2011-08-16 Enrico Buteradmai: fix build and update omap3 srcrev to 642
2011-08-16 Enrico Buterati-codecs-omap3530: disable c6accel, build fix, add...
2011-08-16 Enrico Buterati-dsplink: fix module packaging
2011-08-16 Koen Kooic6accel: update to
2011-08-16 Koen Kooic6accel: fix LINUXLIBS_INSTALL_DIR
2011-08-16 Koen Kooic6accel: fix toolchain path
2011-08-16 Koen Kooiti-c6accel: add license checksum
2011-08-16 Koen Kooiti-codec-engine: fix -dbg packaging
2011-08-16 Koen Kooiti-c6accel: fix patch
2011-08-16 Koen Kooic6accel: move to a seperate dir
2011-08-16 Koen Kooidmai: don't break parsing for machines that don't set...
2011-08-16 Koen Kooiti-cgt6x: move license checksum to recipe
2011-08-16 Koen Kooidmai: move into a seperate dir
2011-08-16 Enrico Buteraxdctools: fix toolchain hardcoded paths
2011-08-16 Enrico Buterati devtools: fix LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
2011-08-16 Enrico Buteraxdctools: remove broken version
2011-08-16 Enrico Buteraxdctools: remove broken version
2011-08-16 Enrico Buteraimport codec engine and dependencies from oe classic
2011-08-16 Koen Kooilinux-davinci: remove obsolete patches
2011-08-16 Koen Kooilinux-davinci: clean up contents a bit
2011-08-16 Denys Dmytriyenkoam180x-evm: add config for AM180x machine
2011-08-16 Denys Dmytriyenkolinux-omapl138: import 2.6.37 PSP kernel from Arago
2011-08-16 Koen Kooilinux 3.1rc: bump to rc2
2011-08-11 Joel A Fernandeslinux-3.0: rtc-twl: Updated Sakoman patches with newer...
2011-08-10 Koen Kooilinux 3.1rc: bump SRCREV
2011-08-09 Joel A Fernandeslinux 3.0: Add patch from OE to set dto to max value...
2011-08-06 Koen Kooiomap3: bump MACHINE_KERNEL_PR for 3.0 -> 3.0.1 upgrade
2011-08-05 Koen Kooilinux-3.0: update to 3.0.1
2011-08-05 Koen Kooimatrix: move into a seperate dir
2011-08-05 Koen Kooilinux-3.1rc: update to latest SRCREV
2011-08-03 Koen Kooix-load git: bump SRCREV
2011-08-02 Koen Kooiomap3-sgx-modules: add patch from Steve Sakoman to...
2011-07-31 Koen Kooilinux 3.0: add more sakoman patches, refresh others
2011-07-28 Koen Kooilinux 3.1rc: add a recipe to track 3.1rc
2011-07-27 Koen Kooilinux 3.0: add patch to fix SGX driver
2011-07-27 Koen Kooilinux 3.0: silence 'mmcblk0: retrying using single...
2011-07-26 Koen Kooibeagleboard: switch to 3.0 kernel
2011-07-26 Koen Kooimatrix-gui-e 1.3: add patch to fix build failure with...
2011-07-26 Koen Kooimatrix-gui 1.3: add patch to fix build failure with...
2011-07-26 Koen Kooimatrix-gui-common: sync with OE .dev and clean out...
2011-07-26 Koen Kooimatrix: sync with OE .dev
2011-07-26 Joel A Fernandeslinux-omap: Fix MMC timeout Errors
2011-07-23 Koen Kooilinux 3.0: add support for OMAP3 720MHz devices
2011-07-22 Koen Kooiremove tune files and use oe-core ones
2011-07-22 Koen Kooimachine files: start removing TARGET_ARCH
2011-07-22 Koen Kooilinux 3.0: bump SRCREV to v3.0 final
2011-07-21 Koen Kooilinux 3.0: enable 1GHz for beagle and add 2 MADC patche...
2011-07-21 Koen Kooilinux 3.0: add support for RTC on zippy/zippy2 boards
2011-07-21 Koen Kooilinux 3.0: updates
2011-07-21 Koen Kooimulti-kernel: parallel_make fix has moved to linux.inc
2011-07-21 Koen Kooilinux.inc: enable parallel make for modules as well
2011-07-20 Chase Maupinu-boot: add missing patch for am37x-evm
2011-07-20 Koen Kooilinux 3.0: initial recipe that will track 3.0rc till...
2011-07-20 Enrico Buteralinux-omap 2.6.39: fix rootfs over nfs
2011-07-20 Koen Kooilinux-omap 2.6.39: remove multi-kernel features, it...
2011-07-20 Koen Kooiadd machine config for am3517-evm
2011-07-20 Koen Kooix-load: add 1.46-psp
2011-07-20 Koen Kooisigngp: add util needed for old x-loader versions
2011-07-20 Koen Kooilinux-omap-psp 2.6.32: fix am3517-evm build
2011-07-20 Koen Kooix-loader git: update to 1.5.1
2011-07-20 Koen Kooiu-boot git: add am3517-evm support
2011-07-19 Koen Kooilinux-omap 2.6.39: add MUSB patch to improve mass stora...