descriptionGLSDK development repositories - Temporary repository for meta-ti staging instead of Use this only until is fully set up.
last changeFri, 28 Jun 2013 17:16:17 +0000 (13:16 -0400)
2013-06-28 Siddharth Heroorrecipes-kernel: Add GLSDK specific kernel tree for... master
2013-06-25 Denys Dmytriyenkou-boot: add support for SPL UART variant
2013-06-21 Denys Dmytriyenkoinit-ifupdown: move interfaces file from netbase to...
2013-06-21 Denys Dmytriyenkoomap3-sgx-modules: remove unnecessary patches for x11...
2013-06-21 Denys Dmytriyenkolibgles-omap3-x11: add missing X11 version of the recip...
2013-06-21 Denys Dmytriyenkolibgles-omap3: don't RCONFLICT/RREPLACE no-x version...
2013-06-21 Prabindh Sundaresonomap3-sgx-modules-x11: Separate X11 SGX driver package...
2013-06-21 Prabindh Sundaresonlibgles-omap3-x11: Separate X11 SGX driver package...
2013-06-21 Prabindh Sundaresonlibgles-omap3: Package files with right permission
2013-06-21 Prabindh Sundaresonlibgles-omap3: Add missing RPROVIDES
2013-06-21 Prabindh Sundaresonlibgles-omap3: Remove copying of unused header files
2013-06-21 Prabindh Sundaresonlibgles-omap3: Remove OpenVG references
2013-06-21 Prabindh Sundaresonlibgles-omap3: Remove unsupported core build option...
2013-06-21 Prabindh Sundaresonomap3-sgx-modules: Remove X11 related build and packaging
2013-06-21 Prabindh Sundaresonlibgles-omap3: Remove X11 related build and packaging
2013-06-12 Denys Dmytriyenkolinux-ti-staging: update to ti2013.04.02 release
9 years ago DEV_SDK_06_01_00_01 SDK release
9 years ago ti2013.04.02 LCPD Core SDK release ti2013.04.02
9 years ago ti2013.04.00 LCPD Core SDK release ti2013.04.00
10 years ago v2012.05-yocto1.2 2012.05 release, compatible with...
9 years ago dylan
9 years ago master
9 years ago danny
9 years ago denzil