Added buf_lock and buf_unlock APIs in copycodec and yuvcopy test cases.
[glsdk/omapdrmtest.git] /
2013-12-11 Nikhil Devshatwardmabuftest: Enable dmabuftest app
2013-09-05 Chandramohan[DMABUF] dmabuf changes according to the IPC3.X
2013-05-22 Vincent StehléNew display kmscube
2013-05-22 Hervé Facheomx cam: add test app
2012-05-10 Rob Clarkadd --disable-x11 option
2012-05-10 Vincent StehléPreserve user $CFLAGS
2012-04-03 Víctor Manuel Jáqu... pass kernel source path
2012-03-30 Xavier BoudetAdd linux-headers include dir
2012-01-26 Rob Clarkfix typo in checking for libdri2
2012-01-26 Rob ClarkOnly enable v4l2/dmabuf tests if supported
2012-01-26 Rob Clarkadd viddec3 decoder test
2011-12-09 Rob ClarkInitial commit