display-kms: Fix compile warning
[glsdk/omapdrmtest.git] / util / display-kms.c
2017-07-26 Benoit Parrotdisplay-kms: Fix compile warning
2017-05-11 Nikhil Devshatwardisplay-kms: Call SetCrtc at init time
2017-03-14 e-ruei1@ti.comdisplay-kms and display-kmscube: handle usecase where...
2016-04-28 Nikhil Devshatwardisplay-kms: Add no master support
2014-08-15 Karthik Ramanandisplay-kms: Removed unnecessary include of libdce
2014-03-20 Amarinder Bindraviddec3test: Close the duplicate fd's created from...
2013-12-13 Chandramohandisplay-kms: removed debug printf from post_vid_buffer
2013-12-11 Nikhil Devshatwardisp-kms: Add noScale flag for overlays
2013-10-03 Amarinder Bindradisp-kms: Add support for deletion of the devices
2013-10-03 Amarinder Bindradisp-kms: Add support for dual display
2013-10-03 Amarinder BindraRevert "dual display fix"
2013-09-22 Amarinder Bindradual display fix
2013-09-06 Chandramohan CFixed Memory leak in display pipeline
2013-09-05 Chandramohan[DMABUF] dmabuf changes according to the IPC3.X
2013-05-22 Hervé Fachedisplay kms: align width on 128 bytes to please Ducati
2012-08-30 Hervé Fachedisplay-kms: add option to disable multiplanar
2012-08-28 Vincent Stehlédisplay: add close "virtual" function
2012-08-27 Vincent Stehlédisplay: new multiplanar qualifier
2012-03-30 Vincent Stehléfliptest: request OMAP_BO_SCANOUT buffers
2012-03-01 Rob Clarkfixes for proper stride for tiled buffers
2012-01-26 Rob Clarkadd missing #include's for config.h
2012-01-26 Rob Clarkadd video buffer support
2011-12-09 Rob ClarkInitial commit