2019-11-14 Gowtham TammanaMerge pull request #1 in PSDKLA/omapdrmtest from GFXFOR... master
2019-11-07 Eric Rueiutil: update LDFLAGS for Mesa-based EGL
2018-09-26 Ramprasad Ndisplay-kmscube: Add support for UYVY texture
2018-07-19 Prasad, RamYUVRGBdisplay:Add application to display uyvy
2018-07-17 Ramprasad Ndisplay-wayland: Add UYVY buffers support
2018-06-15 Prasad, Ramdisplay-wayland: Replace scaler with viewporter
2018-01-30 Vishal MahaveerAndroid: fix build issue with Android O
2017-09-14 Amai Prashanth... viddec3test: dce_buf_lock & unlock of OutBuf_fd
2017-09-14 Subhajit Pauldisplay-wayland: enable cropping support
2017-09-07 Amai Prashanth... viddec3test: fixed --inloop Segmentation fault issue.
2017-09-07 Prasad, Ramviddec3test:Handling outBufsInUseFlag for interlaced...
2017-07-28 Ramprasad Nviddec3test: Set correct padding width height for MPEG4
2017-07-26 Benoit Parrotv4l2: Make sure v4l2_format stack variable is initialized
2017-07-26 Benoit Parrotcapturevpedisplay: Use single plane for input format
2017-07-26 Benoit Parrotvpe-common: Use single plane buffer for NV12 by default
2017-07-26 Benoit Parrotcapturevpedisplay: Use single plane buffer by default
2017-07-26 Benoit Parrotvpe: Remove unnecessary G_FMT call
2017-07-26 Benoit Parrotdmabuftest: Fix spacing and compile warning
2017-07-26 Benoit Parrotcaturevpedisplay: Fix compile warning
2017-07-26 Benoit Parrotfilevpedisplay: Fix compile warning
2017-07-26 Benoit Parrotv4l2: Fix white-space issue and compile warning
2017-07-26 Benoit Parrotvpe-common: Fix white-space issue and compile warning
2017-07-26 Benoit Parrotdisplay-kms: Fix compile warning
2017-07-26 Benoit Parrotvpe-common: Disable crop
2017-05-11 Nikhil Devshatwardisplay-kms: Call SetCrtc at init time
2017-05-10 Ramprasad Ndisplay-kmscube: Add support for RGB texture
2017-05-10 Ramprasad Nfilevpedisplay: Change argument numbers for kmscube...
2017-05-05 Ramprasad Ndisplay-wayland:Create a thread to dispatch events
2017-05-05 Ramprasad Ndisplay-wayland: Add frame-listener and dispatch
2017-03-16 Denys also check for libavcodec library
2017-03-14 e-ruei1@ti.comdisplay-kms and display-kmscube: handle usecase where...
2016-12-16 Ramprasad Nviddec3test:Window position setting no more supported...
2016-12-16 Ramprasad Nviddec3test:fd is initialized in display-wayland
2016-11-26 Subhajit Pauldisplay-kmscube: refined to use dma-buf import feature
2016-11-26 Subhajit PaulRevert "configure: disable kmscube"
2016-11-18 Gou, Hongmeividenc2test: add JPEG encoder
2016-10-31 Karthik RamananMakefile: Fix libraries link order.
2016-09-30 Pooja Prajodviddec3test: Fix dual decode Segfault in prerolling
2016-09-29 Pooja PrajodAdd signal handler for viddec3test and videnc2test
2016-09-07 Nikhil Devshatwardmabuftest: Fix latency profiling using monotonic time
2016-07-05 Vishal MahaveerAndroid: add initial support for Android build
2016-05-24 Karthik Ramanandemux: fix segmentation fault with avformat_close_input
2016-05-17 Nikhil Devshatwardisplay-wayland: Add scaler interface
2016-05-17 Karthik Ramananutil/viddec3test: Update use of deprecated APIs and...
2016-05-17 Denys Dmytriyenkoutil/demux: update use of deprecated API
2016-05-17 Anand Balagopalakrishnanconfigure: disable kmscube
2016-05-11 Nikhil Devshatwardisplay-wayland: Wayland backend implementation
2016-04-28 Nikhil Devshatwardisplay-kms: Add no master support
2016-02-11 Pooja PrajodAdd more checks to detect certain process call errors...
2015-08-24 Harinarayan... viddec3test: move a global variable to demux structure
2015-08-03 Nikhil Devshatwarvpe: Correct the colorspace field
2015-08-03 Nikhil Devshatwardisplay-kmscube: fix race condition for buffer to face...
2015-08-03 Nikhil Devshatwarvpe: Pass correct colorspace to s_fmt ioctl
2014-12-10 Nikhil Devshatwardmabuftest: Use single planar buffers
2014-11-14 Nikhil Devshatwarcapturevpedisplay: Request interlaced capture and pass...
2014-10-01 Nikhil Devshatwarv4l2: Add latency measurement
2014-10-01 Nikhil Devshatwardmabuftest: Return from thread if streamon fails
2014-10-01 Nikhil Devshatwardmabuftest: Remove switch thread logic
2014-10-01 Nikhil Devshatwardisplay-kmscube: Render full video buffer
2014-10-01 Nikhil Devshatwardisplay-kmscube: Render multiple videos on cube faces
2014-09-01 Pradeep Venkatasubbaraovidenc2: Adding encoding completion msgs
2014-08-30 Anand BalagopalakrishnanUse the EGLImage configuration provided by eglext.h
2014-08-15 Karthik Ramanandisplay-kms: Removed unnecessary include of libdce
2014-08-01 Pradeep Venkatasubbarao[VIDENC] Adding Video encoder
2014-07-30 Nikhil DevshatwarVPE: util: Add NV12 support to VPE library
2014-06-30 Nikhil Devshatwarutils: Wait after the buffer is posted
2014-06-18 Karthik RamananAddition of new demo "kmscube with video"
2014-04-09 Amarinder Bindraviddec3test: Fix for double free corruption error for...
2014-04-09 alaganrajcapturevpedisplay: added usage details
2014-04-09 alaganrajfilevpedisplay: added usage details
2014-04-04 Nikhil Devshatwardmabuftest: Remove misplaced error message
2014-03-30 alaganrajcapturevpedisplay: Integrating vpe with vip and display...
2014-03-30 alaganrajfilevpedisplay: vpe process the input from file and...
2014-03-30 alaganrajutil: vpe: vpe specific common functions
2014-03-27 Pradeep VenkatasubbaraoAdded buf_lock and buf_unlock APIs in copycodec and...
2014-03-27 Amarinder Bindraviddec3test: Removed print statement for all cases...
2014-03-25 Nikhil Devshatwardmabuftest: Capture simultaneously display one
2014-03-25 Nikhil Devshatwarv4l2: Fix conflict between libdrm and v4l2 fourcc
2014-03-25 Nikhil Devshatwardmabuftest: Use 6 buffers instead of 3
2014-03-21 Pradeep Venkatasubbaraoviddec3test:Add support looped test
2014-03-21 Pradeep VenkatasubbaraoViddec3test: Fix flush issue in co-planar buffers.
2014-03-20 Pradeep VenkatasubbaraoAdapt copycodectest and yuvcopytest to libdce
2014-03-20 Amarinder Bindraviddec3test: close file descriptor created for input...
2014-03-20 Amarinder Bindraviddec3test: Close the duplicate fd's created from...
2014-03-20 Amarinder Bindraviddec3test: Add support for multi-thread for multiple...
2013-12-13 Chandramohandisplay-kms: removed debug printf from post_vid_buffer
2013-12-13 Pradeep VenkatasubbaraoAdded updated
2013-12-13 Pradeep VenkatasubbaraoAdded copycodectest and yuvcopy test source files
2013-12-11 Nikhil Devshatwardisp-kms: Add support for dual capture
2013-12-11 Nikhil Devshatwardisp-kms: Add noScale flag for overlays
2013-12-11 Nikhil Devshatwardmabuftest: Don't call omap_bo_dmabuf multiple times
2013-12-11 Nikhil Devshatwardmabuftest: Enable dmabuftest app
2013-10-09 Amarinder Bindrautil/demuxer: Fix the memory leak
2013-10-08 Nikhil Devshatwarv4l2capturedisplay: New capture and display app
2013-10-03 Amarinder Bindraviddec3test: Add the flush mechanism after end of file
2013-10-03 Amarinder Bindradisp-kms: Add support for deletion of the devices
2013-10-03 Amarinder Bindradisp-kms: Add support for dual display
2013-10-03 Amarinder BindraRevert "dual display fix"
2013-09-22 Amarinder Bindradual display fix
2013-09-06 Chandramohan CMakefile Fix for build issue