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2019-11-14 Gowtham TammanaMerge pull request #1 in PSDKLA/omapdrmtest from GFXFOR... master
2019-11-07 Eric Rueiutil: update LDFLAGS for Mesa-based EGL
2018-09-26 Ramprasad Ndisplay-kmscube: Add support for UYVY texture
2018-07-19 Prasad, RamYUVRGBdisplay:Add application to display uyvy
2018-07-17 Ramprasad Ndisplay-wayland: Add UYVY buffers support
2018-06-15 Prasad, Ramdisplay-wayland: Replace scaler with viewporter
2018-01-30 Vishal MahaveerAndroid: fix build issue with Android O
2017-09-14 Amai Prashanth... viddec3test: dce_buf_lock & unlock of OutBuf_fd
2017-09-14 Subhajit Pauldisplay-wayland: enable cropping support
2017-09-07 Amai Prashanth... viddec3test: fixed --inloop Segmentation fault issue.
2017-09-07 Prasad, Ramviddec3test:Handling outBufsInUseFlag for interlaced...
2017-07-28 Ramprasad Nviddec3test: Set correct padding width height for MPEG4
2017-07-26 Benoit Parrotv4l2: Make sure v4l2_format stack variable is initialized
2017-07-26 Benoit Parrotcapturevpedisplay: Use single plane for input format
2017-07-26 Benoit Parrotvpe-common: Use single plane buffer for NV12 by default
2017-07-26 Benoit Parrotcapturevpedisplay: Use single plane buffer by default
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