2014-03-27 Mrinmayee Hingolikardrmmode_display: Add LCD output name master
2014-03-11 Mrinmayee Hingolikaromap_driver.h: Enable has_dmm for DRA7xx
2013-12-18 Anand BalagopalakrishnanAdd support for DRA752 in the DDX
2013-12-18 Mrinmayee Replacement macro for AC_CHECK_FILES...
2013-05-22 Nikhil DevshatwarDEBIAN: debianization glsdk-6_00_00_07
2013-05-15 Xavier BoudetFix WIP: dri2video (v5)
2013-05-15 Rob Clarkdri2: fix clipping with dri2video
2013-05-15 Vincent Penquerc'hdri2: fix various leaks
2013-05-15 Rob ClarkWIP: non-multiplanar dri2video
2013-05-15 Rob ClarkWIP: dri2video (v5)
2013-05-15 Rob Clarkdri2: fix some leaks
2013-05-15 Xavier BoudetUBUNTU: Add Headers for dev package
2012-10-15 Rob ClarkNEWS: Bump version to 0.4.2
2012-10-09 Rob Clarkmake-dist fixes
2012-10-06 Rob ClarkNEWS: Bump version to 0.4.1
2012-10-06 Rob Clarkfix ScreenInit -> CloseScreen -> ScreenInit
2012-10-05 Rob Clarkremove miInitializeBackingStore() call
2012-10-05 Rob Clarkremove some unused headers
2012-09-30 Rob Clarkfix multi-display + rotation
2012-09-27 Rob Clarkfix multi-display
2012-08-30 Rob Clarkadd EnableDisableFBAccess to compat-api
2012-08-23 Ricardo Salveti... omap: add support for PlatformProbe
2012-08-23 Rob Clarkxrandr rotation
2012-08-06 Rob Clarkdri2: fix multi-drawable flip confusion
2012-06-20 Rob ClarkNEWS: Bump version to 0.4.0
2012-06-18 Rob Clarkdri2: implement triple buffering
2012-06-18 Rob Clarkdri2: don't keep fb_id
2012-06-17 Rob Clarkomap: finish port to compat API
2012-06-16 Rob Clarkomap: port to compat server API.
2012-06-13 Frederic Plourdedri2: turn vblank error into a WARNING
2012-04-21 Rob Clarkdri2: block close-screen until flips complete
2012-04-21 Rob Clarkexa: fix double free of scanout bo
2012-04-21 Rob Clarkdri2: don't attempt to re-allocate scanout buffer
2012-04-21 Rob Clarkdri2: hold extra buffer ref during swap
2012-04-16 Rob Clarkdri2: don't exchangebufs if blit
2012-04-14 Rob Clarkexa: fix double free of scanout bo on resize
2012-04-14 Rob Clarkdri2: send proper swap-type back to client
2012-04-14 Rob Clarkdri2: cleanup flip/exchange logic
2012-03-05 Rob ClarkMerge pull request #1 from vstehle/vincent/5432-sgx
2012-03-05 Vincent StehléAdd support for OMAP5430 and OMAP5432
2012-02-22 Rob Clarkfix vanishing cursor bug
2012-01-27 Rob Clarkxv: use fourcc_code
2012-01-27 Rob Clarkfix XV scaling with src crop
2012-01-23 Rob Clarkadd XV support
2012-01-23 Rob ClarkHandle clipping properly for HW cursor
2012-01-13 Rob Clarkshuffle things around for submodules..
2012-01-13 Rob Clarkupdate man page
2012-01-13 Rob Clarkadd HW cursor support using drm-plane
2012-01-13 Rob Clarkdrmmode: cleanup/reindent
2012-01-13 Rob Clarkupdates to build with 1.12.0 RC 1 xserver
2012-01-13 Rob Clarkprobing support
2012-01-13 Rob Clarkfix issue initialization order vs damage
2012-01-13 Rob Clarkdri2: add missing FreeScratchGC() call
2012-01-13 Rob Clarkfix potential modeset crash
2011-10-14 Rob ClarkAdd tiled buffer support.
2011-09-25 Rob Clarkmisc build issues
2011-09-21 Rob Clarkmove omap_drm stuff to libdrm
2011-09-16 Rob ClarkDRI2 support
2011-07-20 Rob Clarkinitial commit