2018-04-10 Subhajit Paulegl-multi-thread: Add example application for multi... master
2018-04-10 Anand BalagopalakrishnanRemove eglPixmap and eglImage applications
2018-04-10 Anand BalagopalakrishnanAdd README file and call out disclaimers / set expectations
2016-02-06 Anand Balagopalakrishnanremove gbm header files from application
2015-08-19 Subhajit PaulAdded EGL Fence support
2015-08-18 Subhajit Pauladded DRA7xx specific pixmap example
2015-08-18 Subhajit Paulremoving omap3 specific eglPixmap example
2014-09-09 Anand BalagopalakrishnanMove the texture2D operation to the vertex shader
2014-09-04 Daniel Levineglimage: Fix memory alignment to PAGE_SIZE
2014-06-27 Anand BalagopalakrishnanSupport for 2x2 matrix of NV12 buffers
2014-06-26 Anand BalagopalakrishnanFixed the t-coordinate inversion
2014-06-26 Anand BalagopalakrishnanFixed a bug for calculating size of video buffer in...
2014-06-25 Anand BalagopalakrishnanFixed the texture coordinates to map the entire texture...
2014-06-25 Anand BalagopalakrishnanAdd support for reading YUV buffer from a file
2014-06-14 Anand BalagopalakrishnanUpdated the readme file for Jacinto6
2014-06-14 Anand BalagopalakrishnanEGLImage example for Jacinto6 with DRM
2013-11-19 Anand BalagopalakrishnanUpdate the directory names and remove 'test'
2013-11-18 Prathap MSgfx-apps : Adding eglimage and pixmap unit tests omap3