2020-11-05 Gerardo Gomez... Quarterly update for TI’s Plugin for AWS IoT 4.30 master v3.0.1-ti-4.30 v3.0.1-ti-4.30.00
2020-04-09 Gerardo Gomez... Quarterly update for TI’s Plugin for AWS IoT 4.10 v3.0.1-ti-4.10 v3.0.1-ti-4.10.00 v3.0.1-ti-4.10.01
2019-12-04 Gerardo Gomez... Quarterly update for TI’s Plugin for AWS IoT 3.30 v3.0.1-ti-3.30 v3.0.1-ti-3.30.00
2019-03-12 Steven ConnellQuarterly update for AWS IoT 2.20 Plugin v3.0.1-ti-2.20 v3.0.1-ti-2.20.00
2018-11-07 Steven ConnellQuarterly update for AWS IoT 2.10 Plugin v3.0.1-ti-2.10 v3.0.1-ti-2.10.00
2018-08-12 Chris RingAdd CC32XX and MSP432E4 device support v3.0.1-ti-2.00 v3.0.1-ti-2.00.00
2018-05-10 Gordon WangRelease v3.0.1. (#179) v3.0.1
2018-05-07 hugues bouvierFixing coverity issue
2018-05-07 Gordon WangRemoved C++ sample.
2018-05-04 hugues bouvierFix to issue #35 (#177)
2018-05-04 hugues bouvierAdded warning comment in API to tell users to make...
2018-05-01 Gordon WangRemove header inttypes.h from SDK source files. (#173)
2018-04-24 hugues bouvierFix integration test bugs reported by Coverity. (#167...
2018-04-20 Gordon WangAdd Travis CI and Coverity automation.
2018-04-17 Gordon WangRelease v3.0.0. (#160) v3.0.0
2018-04-17 Gordon WangFix gcc warning about size_t format specifier. (#159)
2018-04-13 hugues bouvierFixing other potential memory corruption (#155)
2018-04-06 Gordon WangFix potential buffer overflow in parseStringValue....
2018-04-05 Henri YandellAdding standard files (#153)
2018-03-28 Gordon WangChange MQTT connect to return more helpful error codes...
2018-03-26 hugues bouvierRelease v2.3.0. v2.3.0
2018-03-26 dcgawsUse AWS IoT Core support for MQTT over port 443 (#141)
2018-03-26 Vladimir Petrigombedtls_wrap: Fix unitialized variable usage
2018-03-26 Steve HarrisAdd Jobs support
2018-01-12 Angus GrattonThing Shadow: Fix potential overflow of shadow buffer...
2017-12-26 Reddy, VarunRelease v2.2.1 v2.2.1
2017-12-21 Reddy, VarunFix for issue with new client metrics
2017-12-19 Rhodri-DaviesInitialise msgParams.isRetained to 0 in publishToShadow...
2017-12-19 Karl NicholasmqttInitParams.mqttPacketTimeout_ms initialized (#118)
2017-12-06 Reddy, VarunRelease v2.2.0 v2.2.0
2017-11-23 Reddy, VarunPrepare for v2.2.0 release
2017-11-23 Reddy, VarunAdd SDK metrics string into Connect packet
2017-11-23 Reddy, VarunUpdated default connection keep-alive interval to 600s
2017-11-07 Varun ReddyFix stack overflow when debug enabled in MbedTLS wrapper
2017-11-02 MattFixed warning when compiling (#105)
2017-11-01 Varun ReddyFix infinite publish exiting early
2017-10-24 Varun ReddyPrevent messages on /update/accepted from incrementing...
2017-10-24 Varun ReddyFix for broken deleteActionHandler in shadow API
2017-10-18 Rahul Singh... Merge pull request #102 from XNiiNJA/patch-1
2017-10-18 Grant OberhauserCorrected markdown headers
2017-10-17 Varun ReddyFix return type of _aws_iot_mqtt_internal_is_topic_matched
2017-10-17 Varun Reddyclearing SubscriptionList entries in shadowActionAcks...
2017-10-12 Varun ReddyWait for all messages to be received in subscribe publi...
2017-10-11 Varun ReddyDestroy TLS instance even if disconnect send fails
2017-10-11 Reddy, VarunRemove unistd.h
2017-10-11 Reddy, VarunRemove extraneous assignment
2017-09-27 Nikita NerkarFixed compilation warnings
2017-09-27 feiMQTT: Fix username and password are confused
2017-09-27 Jaakko LaurikainenMQTT: Fixed MQTT header constructing and parsing
2017-09-27 Varun ReddyIgnore delta token callback for metadata
2017-09-27 Chad BrewbakerPull request #29: Three small fixes
2017-09-26 Harout Hedeshianjsmn: update jsmn to latest commit
2017-09-21 Rahul Chauhan- Remove Download link for tarball from PortingGuide
2017-09-20 Rahul ChauhanBug Fixes:
2017-09-20 Rahul ChauhanUpdate README with Notice about new branching strategy...
2016-09-15 chaurah Release of version 2.1.1 v2.1.1
2016-06-23 Rahul ChauhanFix porting guide tarball link v2.1.0
2016-06-23 Rahul ChauhanAdd missing Makefiles
2016-06-23 chaurah Release of version 2.1.0
2016-05-05 Rahul ChauhanAdding Makefiles for samples and test v2.0.0
2016-05-05 chaurah Release of version 2.0.0
2016-04-22 bhadrip Release of version 1.1.2 v1.1.2
2016-04-02 bhadrip Release of version 1.1.1 v1.1.1
2016-02-11 bhadripIndentation fix: added New line
2016-02-10 bhadrip Release of version 1.1.0 v1.1.0
2015-10-22 PaniPaho name changed to Eclipse Paho v1.0.1
2015-10-09 Panimodified and cleaned paho naming to Eclipse Paho
2015-10-09 Henri YandellAdding link to Eclipse Paho
2015-10-08 Panishadow_sample.c cert path modified v1.0.0
2015-10-08 Christoph SaalfeldUpdate
2015-10-08 Christoph SaalfeldUpdate
2015-10-08 Christoph SaalfeldUpdate
2015-10-08 PaniImproved code comments, Version Updated to 1.0.0, addit...
2015-10-07 Christoph SaalfeldStructure and wording updated
2015-10-07 PaniModified thing Name and updated download links to the...
2015-10-07 PaniInitial Upload of all the source files
2015-09-23 Amazon Web... Initial commit