ex02_messageq: Update to get rid of linker warning
[ipc/ipc-examples.git] / src /
2019-12-04 Sam Nelsonex02_messageq: Update to get rid of linker warning master
2019-12-02 Sam Nelsonex02_hello: Fix issue with unused variable
2019-12-02 Sam Nelsonex02_message: Fix memory map and ordering of power...
2019-11-25 Sam Nelsonex02_messageq: Fix warning of unused variable
2019-11-25 Sam Nelsonex02_messageq: Add power management to the example
2019-10-11 Sam Nelsonmakefile: Update to decide target based on core number
2019-10-11 Sam Nelsonex02_messageq: Remove r5f-1 from the list
2019-10-11 Sam NelsonR5F: Add make file option to specify core 0 or core 1
2019-09-20 Sam Nelsonex02_messageq: Fix issue with timer configuration
2019-09-17 Sam NelsonAM57x: Proper fix for timer configuration for dsp2
2019-07-31 Sam Nelsonexample: DRA7XX: Update Timer configuration for DSP2
2019-07-31 Sam Nelsonexamples: Update memory map to match update in Linux dts
2018-11-15 Sam Nelsonexamples: Add interdependencies in makefile
2018-11-15 Sam Nelsonam65xx: Enable Split mode support for RTOS host example
2018-10-23 Sam Nelsonex02_messageq: Remove carveout entries from resource...
2018-10-23 Sam Nelsonex02_messageq: update to get Split mode r5f working
2018-10-23 Sam NelsonMPU_settings: Update mpu settings to match memory map
2018-10-23 Sam Nelsonmemory_map: Update A53 linker command file
2018-10-23 Sam Nelsonmemory_map: Update R5F linker command files
2018-08-23 Sam Nelsonam65xx: Update to add sciclient dependency
2018-08-23 Sam NelsonAM65XX: update to configure separate timer for split...
2018-08-23 Sam Nelsonex11_ping: Rename config file for linux host
2018-08-22 Sam Nelsonex11_ping: am65xx: Only include r5f-0
2018-08-22 Sam Nelsonam65xx: Update to add idle function to R5f
2018-08-22 Sam Nelsonam65xx: Add startup section to avoid boot issues
2018-08-09 Sam NelsonOmapl138: Revert previous commit on cache settings
2018-08-09 Sam NelsonSysMin: Use ti.trace.SysMin instead of xdc.runtime...
2018-08-09 Sam NelsonAM6X: Add messageQ and ping examples for AM6X
2018-05-15 Sam Nelsonex02_messageq: Update DSP Timer configuration
2018-05-15 Sam Nelsonexamples: Add support for AM572X & AM571X platform
2018-05-04 Sam Nelsonomap cfg: Remove incorrect MAR setting
2018-05-04 Sam Nelsonconfig: Update AMMU config files
2018-03-05 Sam Nelsonex46_graph: Add dependency on transport build
2018-01-25 Sam Nelsonmakefile: Update to allow independent compilation of...
2017-09-20 Sam Nelsonmakefile: Update linker fpu library path for new gcc...
2017-09-14 Angela StegmaierAndroid: Makefile: move IPC Example binaries to vendor...
2017-07-12 Angela StegmaierAdd back building of TDA3XX examples
2017-02-03 Sam Nelsonexamples: Update makefile with dummy target
2016-12-13 Sam Nelsonexample: makefile : ex01 hello: Correct install_rov...
2016-12-13 Sam Nelsonmakefile: Cleanup compiler flags
2016-12-13 Sam Nelsonexamples: makefile: Update definitions for building...
2016-11-28 Sam Nelsonexamples: Fix issue with ARFLAGs
2016-11-28 Sam Nelsonexamples: ex13_notifypeer: Add release part to be built...
2016-11-28 Sam Nelsonexample: Add install_rov target
2016-11-28 Sam Nelsonexample: Remove debug code
2016-11-28 Sam Nelsonexamples: ex13_notifypeer: Fix issue with directory...
2016-11-28 Sam Nelsonexample: Update makefile to create examples only for...
2016-11-22 Sam Nelsonexamples: Update to install rov files
2016-11-22 Sam Nelsonmakefile: Update to remove restriction on parallel...
2016-11-22 Sam Nelsonexamples: Update to help build IPC examples in linux...
2016-11-16 Sam Nelsonexample_makefile: Add compilation of release mode
2016-11-07 Sam Nelsonexample_makefile: Add back compilation of release mode
2016-11-05 Sam Nelsonexamples_makefile: Add -pthread to compiler flags
2016-11-05 Sam Nelsonexample_makefile: Update gcc runtime library location
2016-10-28 Sam Nelsonreadme: Update to the same proclist in makefile
2016-10-28 Sam Nelsonmakefile: Add copyright
2016-09-13 Sam Nelsonmakefile: Update to make install work
2016-08-10 Sam Nelsonex02_messageq: Update to include dsp2 in default proc...
2016-07-21 Sam Nelsonex11_ping: Update to remove eve processors from default...
2016-06-27 Sam Nelsonexample: Update makefile to remove "tr" usage
2016-06-10 John Godbeyex02_messageq-Added SMP for K2
2016-05-27 John Godbeyex02_messageq-Remove SMP for K2
2016-05-25 Sam Nelsonexamples: Update example products.mak and readme.txt
2016-05-20 Angela Stegmaierex68_power: Remove usage of INTMEM
2016-05-18 John Godbeyex02_messageq-Enable SMP for A15
2016-04-29 John Godbeyex02_messageq: Fixed MultiProc config for Linux
2016-04-28 John GodbeyInitialize transport factory before parsing args
2016-04-28 Sam Nelsonmakefile: Update to build only OS specific examples
2016-03-10 Sam Nelsonex02: Update messageq example with updated non-cached...
2016-02-25 Sam Nelsonmessageq: k2e linux: Move code to external memory
2016-02-25 Sam Nelsonexample: Add DSP directories for linux build as well
2016-02-24 Sam Nelsonmakefile: Update to fix issues with extract
2016-02-16 Sam Nelsonipc_examples: Add templates and scripts to create IPC...