ipc: Remove compiler warnings
[ipc/ipcdev.git] / packages / ti / ipc / ipcmgr / IpcMgr.c
2018-10-23 Sam Nelsonipc: Remove compiler warnings
2015-08-07 Ramsey HarrisSDOCM00114069 IPC custom build does not include files...
2015-02-27 Robert TivyMerge branch '3.30' into ipc-next
2015-02-25 Ramsey HarrisSDOCM00114354 IPC Manager needs a public header file
2014-10-17 Robert TivyMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/ipc-3.23-next...
2014-09-03 vwan@ti.comFix recovery mechanism for late-attach use-case in QNX
2013-12-13 Chris RingIpcMgr: Fix comment typo
2013-04-01 G AnthonyRPMessage: Renamed MessageQCopy module to RPMessage.
2013-04-01 G AnthonyTransportRpmsg: Renamed TransportVirtio to TransportRpmsg.
2013-03-06 Chris RingMerge remote-tracking branch 'ramsey/ready' into 11_eng
2013-03-05 Chris RingMerge remote-tracking branch 'vincent/
2013-03-05 Chris RingMerge remote-tracking branch 'arnie/
2013-03-05 Chris RingMerge tag 'test_omx_omap5' into cleanup
2013-03-01 G AnthonyIpcMgr: Commented usage of various IPC startup functions.
2013-02-28 Arnie ReynosoMerge remote-tracking branch 'gil/' into...
2013-02-26 G AnthonyRename: git mv src packages to complete application...
2013-02-26 G AnthonyRename: Renamed packages to src to allow application...
2013-02-23 Arnie ReynosoInitial commit