am65xx: Remove dependence on DEVMEM entry
[ipc/ipcdev.git] / packages / ti / ipc / remoteproc / rsc_table_am65xx_r5f.h
2020-01-31 Sam Nelsonam65xx: Remove dependence on DEVMEM entry
2019-08-01 Sam Nelsontests: Update memory map to match update in Linux dts
2018-10-23 Sam Nelsonam65x: Update resource table for split R5F cores
2018-10-23 Suman AnnaRemoteproc: AM65xx: Remove all RSC_CARVEOUT entries
2018-08-21 Sam Nelsonrsc_table: am65xx: Update trace buffer size to 0x8000
2018-08-09 Sam NelsonK3: Add support for K3 AM65XX device