TransportRpmsg: Add NULL check to avoid NULL pointer access
[ipc/ipcdev.git] / packages / ti / ipc /
2019-10-05 Sam NelsonTransportRpmsg: Add NULL check to avoid NULL pointer...
2019-10-05 Sam NelsonVirtQueue: Avoid mismatch of types in comparison
2019-08-01 Sam Nelsontests: Update memory map to match update in Linux dts
2019-05-21 Suman AnnaRemoteproc: OMAPL138: Use FW_RSC_ADDR_ANY for vrings...
2019-05-21 Suman Annaomapl138: VirtQueue: Add vdev status synchronization...
2019-05-21 Suman Annaomapl138: VirtQueue: Fixup mapVAtoPA() and mapPAtoVA()
2019-05-21 Suman AnnaRemoteproc: OMAPL138: Remove unused macros from resourc...
2019-05-21 Suman Annarsc_types: Add the definition of FW_RSC_ADDR_ANY
2019-05-21 Suman Annarsc_types: Use the correct integer type in fw_rsc_vdev
2019-05-21 Suman AnnaResource: Fix compile warning in Resource_getTraceBufSize()
2018-12-01 Sam Nelsontrace: Update to remove direct dependence on SysMin
2018-11-14 Sam Nelsontests: R5F Memory map cleanup
2018-10-23 Sam Nelsontests: Remove misleading memory comments
2018-10-23 Sam Nelsonipc: Remove compiler warnings
2018-10-23 Sam Nelsontests: R5F Split mode support
2018-10-23 Sam Nelsonam65x: Update resource table for split R5F cores
2018-10-23 Suman AnnaRemoteproc: AM65xx: Remove all RSC_CARVEOUT entries
2018-10-23 Sam Nelsontests: Update MPU configuration for non-shared memory
2018-09-14 Sam Nelsonrsc_table: Update to fix backward compatibilty with...
2018-08-22 Sam Nelsontests: Add idle function to test code
2018-08-22 Sam Nelsonping_rpmsg: OMAPL138: Add program section for tracebuf
2018-08-21 Sam Nelsonrsc_table: am65xx: Update trace buffer size to 0x8000
2018-08-21 Sam Nelsonrsc_table: Remove unused carveout definitions
2018-08-21 Sam NelsonResource: Handle AM65xx case correctly
2018-08-21 Sam Nelsonrpmsg: Fix to handle Keystone 2 correctly
2018-08-21 Sam Nelsontracebuf: Update trace buffer size to 0x2000
2018-08-21 Sam NelsonResource: Fix backward compatibility issue
2018-08-21 Sam Nelsonrpmsg: Fix compilation warning
2018-08-11 Sam Nelsontransports: Add TransportRpmsg.c to package for AM65XX
2018-08-09 Sam Nelsontests: Update tracebuf sections for K2 and omapl138
2018-08-09 Suman AnnaTEMP: Tests: ping_rpmsg: Override checkFrequency flags
2018-08-09 Suman Annaremoteproc: Use ti.trace.SysMin instead of xdc.runtime...
2018-08-09 Sam NelsonMessageQ: Update MesssageQ header for 64 bit addresses
2018-08-09 Sam NelsonK3: Add support for K3 AM65XX device
2018-08-09 Sam NelsonResource: Update to handle resource table area using...
2018-05-07 Suman AnnaResource: Rename the IpcMemory name in Resource.xs 3.47 ipc-3.47-next
2018-04-24 Sam Nelsonipc: static analysis issues on NULL pointer access
2018-04-24 Angela Stegmaiertests: DRA7XX: Fix clock configuration in gatempapp.cfg
2017-11-20 Angela StegmaierAndroid: Fix compilation warnings
2017-09-01 Angela StegmaierMmRpc: Fix Compilation Warnings
2017-08-03 Angela StegmaierMmRpc: Add Input Paramter Checking to APIs
2017-06-30 Angela StegmaierQNX: Tests: Add NameServer and GateMP to Fault Test
2017-05-23 Angela StegmaierQNX: Mx: Fix Compilation Warnings
2017-04-24 Angela StegmaierExamples: DRA7XX: Enable PM for DSP test images
2017-04-12 Suman AnnaRemoteproc: OMAP-L138: Fix up resource table
2017-04-04 Sam Nelsonfault: BIOS: Renamed test application fault to messageq...
2017-03-31 Sam Nelsonrpmsg: Add Rpmsg NS 2.0 to OmapL138 platform
2017-03-31 Angela StegmaierLinux/Android: MessageQ - Fix Implicit Declaration...
2017-01-20 Angela StegmaierDeh: DRA7XX: Add DEH and Watchdog to DSP2 tests
2017-01-19 Suman AnnaTests: ping_tasks: Use different description names...
2016-09-07 Suman AnnaTests: Enable RPMSG_NS_2_0 for all Keystone 2 platforms
2016-06-29 Angela Stegmaiertests: gatempapp: update sr0 addresses to align with...
2016-05-18 Angela StegmaierRemove INTMEM Type to match Linux K4.x
2016-05-18 Angela StegmaierTests: Update Tests to Remove INTMEM type usage
2016-02-18 Sam Nelsonipc: Remove warnings found with MISRA checkers
2016-02-12 Angela Stegmaiertests: gatempapp: update cmem and sr0 addresses to...
2016-01-27 Sam Nelsontests: Update messageq_multicore to use ti.ipc.remotepr...
2015-12-21 Angela StegmaierMmRpc: MmServiceMgr: Use Any Address for Port
2015-12-15 Angela StegmaierMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/3.40' into ipc...
2015-11-16 Sam Nelsontests: Remove reference to tci6638.Interrupt module
2015-11-16 Sam NelsonMultiproc: Remove internal API MultiProc_rprocSetId
2015-11-16 Sam Nelson66AK2G: Linux: Add support for K2G
2015-11-04 Suman AnnaRemoteproc: TCI66xx: Fix up resource tables
2015-10-06 Sam Nelsonipc: transport: Add TCI6638 to use _rpmsg2 library
2015-10-06 Sam Nelsontci6638: rpmsg: Add define RPMSG_NS_2_0 for Keystone2...
2015-10-06 Sam Nelsontci6638: VirtQueue: Remove per core patch of the vring...
2015-10-05 Angela StegmaierEnable Examples Compilation with C++ Compiler
2015-10-05 Angela StegmaierMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/ipc-3.40-next...
2015-10-01 Angela StegmaierTests: ping_rpmsg: Update Test with Proper Socket Usage
2015-09-29 Ramsey HarrisMove Interrupt and NotifyCircSetup modules into tci663x
2015-09-29 Ramsey HarrisFix test dual_transports to comply with MessageQApp
2015-09-17 Ramsey HarrisSDOCM00115347 Keystone 2 Interrupt module doesn't valid...
2015-09-15 Ramsey HarrisEliminate config warning raised by ti.sdo.ipcmgr
2015-09-11 Ramsey HarrisSDOCM00077054 NameServer UG needs to document calling...
2015-09-10 Ramsey HarrisSDOCM00118895 Missing access qualifier FAR in RPMessage...
2015-09-08 Ramsey HarrisSDOCM00118895 Missing access qualifier FAR in RPMessage...
2015-08-19 vwan@ti.comEnable PM in test_omx test executables on DRA7xx DSPs
2015-08-17 vwan@ti.comAdd power management support to DRA7xx DSP (part 3)
2015-08-07 vwan@ti.comAdd power management support to DRA7xx DSP (part 2)
2015-08-07 Ramsey HarrisSDOCM00114069 IPC custom build does not include files...
2015-07-24 Robert TivyMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/3.36' into ipc...
2015-07-22 Ramsey HarrisAdd log events to NameServer and NameMap
2015-07-09 Ramsey HarrisInclude RPMessage in the configuration model 3.36 ipc-3.36-next
2015-07-09 Robert TivyAdd support for device TMS320C66AK2H12
2015-07-09 Ramsey HarrisSDOCM00115097 RPMessage (Linux) has large data footprint
2015-06-26 Robert TivyAdd Power module to gatempapp.cfg
2015-06-25 vwan@ti.comAdd power management support to DRA7xx DSP
2015-05-08 Robert TivyGeneral cleanup in fault test
2015-04-30 Robert TivyAdd Deh & Watchdog config for Vayu DSP1 and IPU1 in...
2015-04-25 Robert TivyAdd fault tolerance for TransportRpmsg socket failure
2015-04-24 Ramsey HarrisNew MultiProc API to update processor mapping
2015-03-20 Ramsey HarrisAdd Ipc attach phase to Linux implementation
2015-03-17 Ramsey HarrisCorrect the argument name in MessageQ_openQueueId
2015-02-27 Robert TivyMerge branch '3.30' into ipc-next
2015-02-27 vwan@ti.comAvoid changing the entry point on cores not loaded...
2015-02-27 Robert TivyFix incorrect generation of --diags option usage
2015-02-26 Ramsey HarrisAdd new IpcMgr.h header file to package release
2015-02-26 Ramsey HarrisReduced MessageQ port offset from 0x800 to 0x80
2015-02-26 Ramsey HarrisSDOCM00114985 Macro to extract destination address...
2015-02-25 Ramsey HarrisSDOCM00114354 IPC Manager needs a public header file