TCI6636: Change MultiProc names to match TCI6638
[ipc/ipcdev.git] / packages / ti / sdo / ipc / family / Settings.xs
2013-07-01 Judah VangTCI6636: Change MultiProc names to match TCI6638
2013-06-09 Ramsey HarrisAdded support for new platform: ti.platforms.evmDRA7XX
2013-04-22 Judah VangUpdate Mailbox usage, Add support for NON-SMP BIOS
2013-04-05 Chris RingOMAP5: Update ti.platforms.omap54xx.* to correct device...
2013-04-01 G AnthonyTransportRpmsg: Renamed TransportVirtio to TransportRpmsg.
2013-03-12 Chris RingMerge commit 'cff00' into 12_eng
2013-03-12 Chris RingTCI6638: Add support for ti.platforms.evmTCI6638K2K
2013-02-26 G AnthonyRename: git mv src packages to complete application...
2013-02-26 G AnthonyRename: Renamed packages to src to allow application...
2013-02-23 Arnie ReynosoInitial commit